7 Chastity Cage Cleaning Tips: Maintain Hygiene While Locked Up

One of the most important things when it comes to chastity is personal hygiene. No one (let alone your partner) wants to be around someone with a stinky and dirty cage!

Unfortunately, chastity cages can sometimes be a magnet for urine, sweat, and other germs and bacteria!

But that doesn't mean it's impossible to stay clean!

Personal hygiene and proper grooming is really important when it comes to chastity - whether you're doing a short-term lockup or a long-term one.

And maintaining good personal hygiene will also allow you to stay in chastity for longer periods of time.

In this blog post, we will cover 7 chastity cage cleaning tips so you don't have to worry about grossing out your partner :)

Chastity personal hygiene is super important!

When it comes to chastity, personal hygiene is a really important topic - and one that isn't talked about enough.

Even though chastity is meant to be fun (and it really is), you still need to take care of yourself.

A chastity cage is typically in a warm/damp area of your body. And that can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria in certain cases.

If you don't clean yourself and your cage, you could develop rashes, infections, or other nasty consequences!

Now, I'm not telling this to scare you or give you nightmares or anything. Instead, this is meant to be informative so you can spend more time in chastity and experience more fun!

That's the purpose of this blog post: to give you tips on maintaining a clean cage so you can better focus on being a better slave to your keyholder!

1. Cage removal for thorough cleaning

Our first chastity cage cleaning tip is to remove the cage!

Cleaning your cage is a super important part of chastity. And for some reason, some people who practice long-term chastity think that "long-term" or "permanent" chastity means the cage never comes off.

That couldn't be further from the truth!

True "permanent" chastity is actually nearly impossible and unhealthy!

It is very important to take your cage off on a regular basis (at least once a week) to thoroughly clean it.

No matter how skilled you are in cleaning yourself while the cage is on, there's nothing like taking it off yourself and cleaning it.

Take apart the cock cage, the ring, etc. and wash it under the faucet with soap.

After that, dry everything with a towel so there is no moisture left on any component of the cage.

Remember, moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria. So you want to let every component of the cage dry off before putting it back on.

While you are waiting for your trusty cage to dry off, hop in the shower to clean your manhood.

Without the cage off, it should be fairly easy to clean everything. Lather up some soap and thoroughly clean yourself off. And resist the urge to masturbate while in the shower.

If you have a keyholder, she should physically supervise each step of this process to ensure you aren't doing anything naughty!

If you are in self-chastity (i.e. holding your own key without a keyholder), then you will have to use the honor system. But just remember, every time you are naughty without the cage on, a puppy dies!

2. Shave frequently

Another thing that can really impact your personal hygiene when it comes to the chastity cage is pubic hair.

Long pubic hair can get caught in your chastity cage and create an uncomfortable experience as the cage can tug and pull on your hair.

Further, your piss/sweat can easily get on your pubic hair over time and create some very unpleasant smells. Gross, right?

And most importantly, your keyholder probably won't appreciate a hairy bush when she requests a chastity spot check!

As a result, it is important to shave on a regular basis. I find that it is best to combine your shave with your weekly chastity cage cleanings (i.e. when you take off the cage to clean it).

Pubic hair is bad, so shaving it off is one of the best things you can do to keeping yourself clean for those long chastity lockups!

Besides, I tend to think that men look a lot better shaved and locked in chastity than with a hairy bush!

3. Pee sitting down

One of the hardest things to adjust to when you're wearing a chastity belt is using the bathroom.

Peeing while standing up can be a difficult challenge. Even if your peehole is lined up correctly with the cage, a stray spray could result in you peeing on yourself accidentally.

And if you are at work, it's definitely not a fun thing to deal with - trust me on that one!!

Further, if you are in a public bathroom, the last thing you want is someone peeping over and seeing your cage...unless you're into that kind of humiliation :)

So the best way to solve this problem is to pee sitting down. This gives you the most privacy and comfort to take care of business down there.

This way the pee just drips out of your cage and it doesn't leak back inside to your balls or anywhere else.

And look on the bright side - if you pee sitting down, you won't forget about putting the toilet seat back down for your wife and be punished!

Plus, it's a good way to start becoming a sissy!

In the event you do have a little accident in the bathroom (i.e. if your pee hole isn't lined up properly), don't worry.

Hover over the toilet and let it all drip out. Then, do your best to take some tissue paper or cotton balls to dry it all inside.

When you get home, take a shower to rise off all the excess urine in the cage.

7 Chastity Cage Cleaning Tips Maintain Hygiene While Locked Up

4. Run it under the shower head

If you have a portable shower head in your bathroom it is really a godsend when it comes to cleaning your cage.

Lather your cage and your balls with soap and then take the shower head and gently use it to wash all the soap away.

Just be very careful on making sure the water temperature is comfortable. Too hot and it won't feel good; and too cold and you'll be screaming like a little girl!

Do this several times in order to get all of the soap away and thoroughly clean the hard to reach spots.

Also, if you still have some soap in your cage, you can take a q-tip and clean the rest off that way.

Doing this shouldn't take more than 2 or 3 minutes of your time in the morning when taking your shower.

And it will really help in keeping everything clean down there as it is very easy for your chastity belt to attract sweat, piss, and other odor causing bacteria.

5. Bottle and soap

Another way to clean the hard to get places in your cage (without taking it off) is to get a bottle of water.

Mix in some soap and warm water. Then poke a little hole on the top and use it to squirt the mixed soap/water onto your cock and balls.

Aim the hole in the hard to get places behind your cage. This is a great way to clean yourself if your shower head doesn't have the best pressure.

Do this on a daily basis while you take your shower in the morning and you'll be able to maintain a pretty good healthy personal hygiene routine even with the cage on.

The best part is it really doesn't take long to do this and you'll be able to keep yourself nice and clean without any smelly odors!

6. Remove any moisture

Any time you get out of the shower or wash your cage, you need to remove all the moisture from the cage.

Remember, bacteria is attracted to wet and damp spots.

Take a dry towel and wipe down the exterior of your cage along with your balls. Then, take some cotton balls to dry the inside of your cage.

Another thing that some people like to do is use a hair dryer to dry the inside of the cage. Just be sure to put it on the lowest setting so you don't risk overheating or even burning your skin.

Just use the hair dryer for a few seconds before removing it from your skin. Keep repeating this process until the cage is nice and dry.

Removing moisture from the cage is really important so you should never just take a shower and let the cage dry on its own.

7. Get a proper fit in the cage

One of the easiest ways your cage gets dirty is when you pee.

With an improperly fitted cage, it is really easy to urinate on yourself and accumulate urine all over your cage.

This is because if you wear a cage that is too big, it will be very hard to line up your peehole with the opening of the cage.

When the cage is too big, it's easy for your cock to flip around and lining it up properly makes is a complete nightmare.

As a result, I would highly recommend picking a cage that is 0.25 to 0.5 inches shorter than your flaccid cock measurement.

Check out this post for a guide on how to properly measure yourself for chastity.

Once you have a good fit with the cage, it becomes SO much easier using the bathroom. Trust me on this one.

Chastity Cage Cleaning Tips - Final Thoughts

No matter how you dice it, keeping your chastity cage clean can sometimes be an annoying chore.

However, it is important to be healthy and to have safe fun with your chastity cage.

Hopefully these chastity cage cleaning tips help your morning routines! Remember, chastity should be safe AND fun.

P.S. if you have any other great cleaning tips don't be afraid to share them with others in the comments!


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