What Is Your First Week In Chastity Like? Here's What To Expect!

Are you new to chastity and wondering what your first week in chastity is like?

Well, this blog post will cover the main things that you'll experience to give you a little insight on what to expect when you put on that wonderful belt.

Now, when it comes to wearing a chastity cage for the first time, you need to understand that it is a pretty big change.

After all, you're attaching a conntraption to your cock and balls!

Even going to the bathroom (I would highly recommend pee sitting down by the way) and showering/cleaning yourself will be different.

Given this exciting new point in your relationship, I wanted to go over what to expect and give you some tips to wearing the cage for the first time.

Choosing your lockup period

Before you put on the cage, I would discuss the lockup period with your partner.

In fact, you may even want to sign a chastity contract with your partner!

If you are self locking, set yourself a goal before you put the chastity belt on and lock it.

Having a lockup period is a good idea because it sets the boundaries of your first time in chastity.

Go easy at first. I would recommend setting a 12 hour to 3 day lockup.

See how it feel first - as it does take some time to get used to.

Remember, chastity is a marathon, not a sprint!

So you have to "train" a little bit before you can go for the longer lockups.

And don't worry if you can't stay in chastity for months (or years) on end like some veterans out there.

The point of chastity above all else is to HAVE FUN!

Excitement from getting your cage

Alright, one of the first things you'll feel when you put on the chastity cage is excitement!

You'll feel your heart beating faster and faster and all the blood will rush to your penis.

In fact, it's perfectly normal to be hard when you try to get into the cage for the first time!

Obviously it will be super hard (no pun intended) to fit in the cage when you are hard so I would recommend taking a cold shower to calm yourself down.

If you have a keyholder, you can turn this into a fun game: how can she get you soft to stuff in the cage?

One thing she can do is light ballbusting or CBT to calm your little pecker down.

Once you get into the cage, it's all over because you'll be owned by her!

The chastity contract is signed and you will be completely at her mercy!

Adjusting to normal stuff...

During the first week of chastity you'll experience an adjustment period.

For some people it's pretty easy, but for others it may be a little more difficult.

One thing some people have trouble adjusting to is sleeping at night.

Going to sleep after a long tease and denial session is pretty difficult. And it's even harder when you're hard in chastity!

In fact, because you aren't used to having a prison on your cock, you'll likely wake up multiple times during the course of the night.

This can also be the case if you get hardons randomly through the night.

As a result, you may experience a decline in sleep quality.

Another thing you may have trouble with is using the bathroom!

That's right, even peeing becomes something you need to adjust to when it comes to chastity.

For example, before you could just shoot your stream wherever you want.

But when you are locked in chastity, if you aren't careful (and align your cock with the peehole), you could pee all over yourself!

Obviously that's no fun at all, especially if you are at work.

What's the best solution?

Well, I'd recommend sitting down to pee. It makes everything MUCH easier and this way you leave the toilet seat down for your wife/girlfriend.

After all, we wouldn't want to make her angry when she has the key, right?

Finally, if you are an active person - playing sports, running, biking, etc. there may be an adjustment period too.

Chastity doesn't stop you from having an active lifestyle, but there is an adjustment period.

It's kind of like wearing a cup all of the time!

Obviously, if you are involved in contact sports like martial arts, football, etc. you should take the cage off for safety reasons.

Big blue balls

Another thing you'll notice during your first week of chastity is...BLUE BALLS!

...like constant blue balls!

It's the kind where you feel it in the pit of your stomach. And then your balls become super sore and uncomfortable and almost painful.

When your wife grabs your (or rather her) balls you'll feel the sensitivity!

Blue balls is perfectly normal when you are locked in chastity.

In fact, during long-term lock ups, your balls will naturally swell up with cum!

It's normal.

Blue balls is great because you'll eventually love it. You'll love how uncomfortable it feels and you'll love how it makes you much more submissive.

So embrace it, because blue balls is sexy!

What Is Your First Week In Chastity Like? Here's What To Expect!

Change in your mental psyche

Another thing you'll notice within your first week of chastity is the change in your attitude.

In fact, it is something you'll notice right away!

It's funny how a small thing like that can make BIG changes in your life, right?

Well, that's the beauty of it!

Chastity forces you to focus on all the important aspects of your life - like taking care of your keyholder/wife/girlfriend.

She owns you now and you have to please her to get out.

That is why chastity is so great for marriages!

While you are locked in chastity, you'll feel like there's an invisible hand guiding you to slave for your keyholder.

You'll do just about anything for her.

While you are locked up, your pleasure will come from giving her pleasure.

Her pleasure is your pleasure!

If you are "alpha" in your vanilla life, you'll soon find yourself in a submissive position.

And if you are already submissive, well you will become even more submissive!

Getting hard all the time

One of the interesting things about chastity is you'll get hard ALL THE TIME!

And it's not like you are turned on or anything.

You'll find yourself straining against the cage watching the morning news or just thinking about what you want to eat for lunch.

It's crazy if you really think about it.

I guess it's your subconscious thinking about naughty things haha

It feels crazy.

You can't jerk no matter how much you want. And sometimes you'll even turn yourself on without even trying to!

Other times you'll get hard in the cage just because you're in the cage.

I mean the total frustration of not being able to touch yourself is such a turn on and will get you hard within an instant.

And you'll be constantly leaking in the cage because of this.

But the frustration is what makes chastity so interesting, right? :)

Hard to focus at times

Is you are a chronic masturbator, getting locked in chastity is like going off coffee (or any drug) cold turkey.

It is SUPER hard in the beginning.

You'll likely find it hard to focus on normal things in like, like doing work.

However, don't be alarmed. It is only temporary. Your mind is racing because you can't do the things you normally could before.

But like I said, it is only temporary. Your body and your mind will get used to it soon enough.

And once you do, the "freedom" is pretty liberating.

Not only do you stop thinking about jerking off or watching porn, but you will have MUCH more time on your hands.

I mean just think about it. How many hours did you jerk off and watch porn last week?

Maybe 3 hours? Maybe 5+ hours?

Well, that time can be better spent now! Maybe you'll pick up a new hobby. Maybe you'll go workout more.

Or maybe you'll focus on pleasing your wife or girlfriend more.

Whatever the case, you'll find you'll have much more free time and be able to focus on other aspects of your life.

In a way, chastity is like a gift.

Playing chastity games

One of the great things about introducing chastity into your female led relationship (FLR) is you can introduce a whole new element to your sex life.

For example, you can tease and deny your partner in the cage.

Or you can be a little more cruel and give him a frustrating sissygasm in the cage.

Chastity introduces a lot of fun (mostly denial, edging, and frustration) into your sex life.

Once you introduce chastity into your relationship, it is really hard to go back to the way things were!

You'll know when you try :)

When you are locked in chastity, there is a whole new world of frustration and denial to explore with your partner.

In fact, despite not having sex, your sex life will be even more exciting!

The chastity games are endless!

When does this all normalize?

So...when does all of this stuff normalize?

Well, it really depends. But I would say by week 2 or week 3, things should start getting easier (on a relative basis).

After getting used to the cage you'll be able to sleep better. In fact, weeks 2 - 3 and onward get a lot easier.

Now, that doesn't mean things get easy by any means because your wife/girlfriend can be a cruel tease! But your body begins to adjust and you'll find it becomes easier to sleep.

Going to the bathroom becomes easier because you are used to the process.

And so on...

One thing that some couples complain about is a drop in sexual drive after a few weeks of chastity.

This is because you are constantly denied and thus develop a little bit of a lower sex drive.

I find that the best way to counter this is to maintain a very active sex life.

By this, I mean lots of tease and denial sessions, experimenting around with different femdom scenes and fetishes, trying out new things, etc.

Oh and of course, eating your wife's/girlfriend's pussy is also a great way to maintain that sex drive!

If you really want to avoid this, I'd recommend getting a copy of our Chastity Games book.

It includes 200 naughty ways to tease your slave in chastity to maintain a healthy and fun FLR!


  • I tried introducing cock cage to my wife and she said it was a complete turn off. I she had come up with the idea, she would have liked it. But it made me sound beta too. I had the same problem as you with looking at porn and then not being able to get it up. But that’s what porn does, too much of it. And being close to menopause, she wanted to have sex daily. Every day, almost, she dressed up and we did it. But eventually I couldn’t get it up anymore, for two reasons: 1. Too much watching porn and 2. Every day got boring. Too much of a good thing.
    The key to getting her involved it to somehow let her come up with the idea. Maybe skirt about sexual games and see if you can get her to think of chastity play. Not easy to do, but if you suggest it she will repel. Good luck. P.S. We are separated and I moved to another state so I can wear a cock cage, just no keyholder wife.

  • I’m not a cuck. I’m a senior sub male and serve a Mistress. Most of the time I’m not in a cock cage but, my Mistress has me wear one (I have 4 different ones) when I serve her. The most time I’ve spent in one was 4 days. I’m always shaving pubic hair so I take the cage off to do that.

    Joe Sommer
  • Jim, there are plenty of ways you can introduce chastity into a relationship without crossing over to the cuck side of things. It took my wife a while to warm up to it, at first she just thought it was weird and why would a guy want to lock his stuff up, but then noticed my attitude in general and towards her changed (for the positive). We also started using a harness/strap-on with a dildo that’s significantly larger than me, though, as you are already larger, you may not need/want a larger dildo, but the mind-fuck of pleasuring her with a harness and you’re not ‘getting yours’ is an interesting dynamic as well.

    I also prefer to wear a cage as it keeps me from playing with it and helps me out in a number of ways. Just ask her about it, or (if she’s fairly open minded) just have it on one night before you start cuddling/kiussing, etc. And if she’s game, proceed with pleasuring her, but you don’t get unlocked. Show her what it’s all about and make sure she gets off good, so she’s not overly missing it. That may help warm her up to the idea a bit. Trial and error.

    Good luck.

    Jason Z.
  • I want to start off by saying I don’t think I could be a cuck. When I’m jealous I do get kind of horny, but I mostly get angry and I don’t think I could actually go through with it. I have a decent sized cock at 6 1/2 inches hard, which I know is no big meaty fuck stick, but I’ve never got any complaints. My fiance even even says it feels like it can get up to 8 inches sometimes (which I don’t really believe, because even when I measured it with a raging hard on it was still just below 7 inches lol.) Anyways sorry for rambling, I just wanted to make that clear since we were on a cuck website I didnt want that to influence any awnsers for the question I’m about to ask. I’ve been thinking about bringing up possibly getting into chastity with my fiance but I worry about what she may think of me for wanting to do something so beta with her. Im planning on saying that I think it will help with my porn addiction (which is actually true) to start. But I guess my main question is does anybody have any ideas of how I could warm her up to the idea? My porn addiction is starting to fuck with our sex life. Sometimes I cant even get it up for her because I’ve either worn my poor cock out with porn all day or I get so anxious thinking about “what if my cock doesn’t get hard for her?” That it just stays soft, and I’m just sitting there with my little 2 1/2 inch flaccid dicklet like a moron. So any good advice on this would be much appreciated, thanks!

    Jim E

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