10 Cruel Cock Cage Games: Tease & Torment Your Slave In Chastity

Looking for some cruel cock cage games to tease and torment your slave?

Well, you've come to the right place!

One of my favorite things about chastity is it makes your sex life SO much more interesting.

If you are locked up, the power exchange of totally being under someone else's control is so intoxicating. It's such a high.

If you are locking up your partner, you'll get a rush out of controlling his every thought. You are his owner now!

Anyways, people always ask me what kind of cruel chastity games you can play in your marriage. So, I decided to write this post to give you some ideas!

1. Play hide and seek with his key

I love this cock cage game because you can use it to make your slave REALLY desperate.

You are going to play hide and seek with his chastity key. Take his key and hide it somewhere in the house.

Then, give him a certain amount of time (say 15 or 20 minutes) to try and find the key otherwise he will be locked up for another week.

You can have a lot of fun with this game. For example, you can tell him if he's hot or cold when he's walking around the house frantically!

You can also give him a countdown time - like saying "only 5 minutes left before you're locked up for another week!"

And if you want to be extra cruel, you can put fake keys around the house. He will find one and try to unlock the cage...but it won't work!

There are too many fun ways to torment your cuck with this little game of hide and seek.

Ready to play? :)

2. Throw his key on the beach

Everyone deserves to have some fun on a beach vacation, right? :)

Here is another fun chastity game to play with your cuck slave especially if you are on vacation.

Take his key and inform him that you're going to turn him into a dog by playing fetch with it.

Throw his key as far as you can into the sand and have him go and fetch it - he has to crawl to it on his hands and knees!

If he can't find the key oh well, he'll be locked in chastity for the foreseeable future!

Now, if you don't want to go to the extreme like that, you can toss a fake key (just don't let him know so he thinks that is the only real key you have left).

Let's see how long he tries to search for the key before he gives up!

3. Freeze his key

Here's a super fun cock cage game to try with your slave:

Freeze his key in the bottom of a cup of water in the fridge.

Wait a few hours until it has completely frozen over. Then, take it out and have him unfreeze the block of ice to retrieve his key with just his bare body.

Sounds like fun, right? It'll be super funny to see which body part he uses to try and melt it!

To be a little cruel, have him put his balls against ice too, just to tease him a little bit haha!

If you want to be nice, do this on a hot summer day so at least he can use the ice to cool off. I think it would be too cruel to do this during the winter.

Anyways, set a time limit like say 30 mins.

If he doesn't melt the ice in time, he will continue to be locked away!

4. The humiliating screensaver

Order your slave to kneel before you in the bedroom after stripping down to nothing.

Then, tease his locked up dick with your foot and get him really riled up.

After that, write something humiliating on his chest like:

  • Bitch boy
  • Cuck
  • Slave
  • Loser

You know...something like that!

After that, take his phone and take a picture of him kneeling before you like a proper slave.

That photo will be the new background image on his phone.

He must keep that photo for the next month. You will periodically check the phone to make sure he hasn't changed the image at all.

If you found out he changed it, add an extra week to his chastity sentence for every infraction.

Sounds pretty hot and humiliating, right?

Who wants to try t his!

5. Let him out - but with a catch...

This is one of my favorite cruel chastity game ideas because it's mean - like REALLY mean!

Surprise your cuck by telling him you will let him out of the cage at the end of the week if he serves you well and is on his best behavior.

Then, at the end of the week, take the key and unlock him from the cage.

Watch the sigh of relief on his face as his cock is finally free from the cage.

Then, order him to stand right there while you go back into the room and take out a smaller chastity cage (like one from our micro cage collection)!

Inform him that you are ONLY letting him out of his old cage to put him into the new, smaller cage.

The look on his face will be so funny!

Talk about cruel, right?

He should know better than to let his guard down like this!

10 Cruel Chastity Cage Games To Tease & Torment Your Slave

6. The cum shot

Here's a really fun chastity key game if you really want to make your husband eat his own load before you lock him up again.

After all, a good cuckold should be trained to eat cum, right?

Order him to jerk off and put his key in a shot glass. He will be ordered to shoot his load into the glass and then slurp it all down.

When he is done, have him lick the key too.

And if you really want to tease him, put your feet in his face and smother him while he jerks (especially if he has a foot fetish).

Making him clean off his key like this is such a submissive act.

Once he is soft again, lock him back up in his cage for another week (or two)!

7. Milk him in chastity

As I have written about before, milking your slave in chastity is one of the funniest (and cruelest) things you can do!

A chastity orgasm is so frustrating and heart breaking. And it's funny to watch him squirm too.

You'll see his balls get bigger and bigger - and his foreskin will try to ooze out of the cage.

One of my favorite things to do is to grab his swollen balls and just massage him.

Squeeze them a little and let him feel a little pain in his stomach! Get some baby oil and rub it around too.

Once you do this for a while, you'll be able to make him cum in the cage!

To make things even easier, you can also stimulate his prostate with a prostate massager like the Cuck Heaven or even your finger.

It'll be one of the most frustrating orgasms of his life! He'll never forget a chastity tease like this...

8. The cruel chastity tease

This one is so cruel I'm not sure I should have put it on the list, but why not! hehe

One thing I just love to do is tease and edge a slave and then make him run an errand.

For example, you could do something like this...

Tie him or handcuff him to the bed and then put a blindfold on him.

Then, strip him down and then edge and deny him over and over again. When he can't take it anymore, take some ice cubes and shrink his dick back down so you can stuff him back into the chastity cage.

When he's nice and safe in chastity once again, take his blindfold off and kiss him.

Then order him to run to the store to get you some wine or ice cream or some mundane errand just for the hell of it.

Making him do something completely unrelated while he's so high off the edging session is such a cruel thing to do!

This has got to be my favorite chastity tease idea :)

9. Tease him under the table

When you go out to dinner with vanilla friends or family, it is a perfect time to tease and torment your chastity slave.

For example, make him wear a remote control butt plug that you can turn it on at a moment's notice.

Play footsie under the table and give him an "over the pants" footjob under the table.

When people aren't looking, whisper nasty and dirty things into his ear.

Teasing and denying him in plain sight when your friends and family are around is super hot.

You'll have a ton of fun watching him grimace in absolute agony (but in a good way).

10. Go to a strip club together

Here's a super fun idea...

Go to the strip club together with your cuckold husband while he is locked in chastity.

To make things even more frustrating for him, make him take a Viagra pill and also put him in a spiked chastity cage.

Then, go to the strip club together and have fun with the girls! If you really want to tease him and drive him crazy, order a lap dance together and tell the stripper that he's locked in chastity.

She'll probably have a shocked look on her face and laugh so hard.

Cruel Cock Cage Games For Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a ton of cruel chastity games to try when you are in a female led relationship.

These games can be sensual and act as foreplay. Or they can be a cruel and humiliating tease and denial session.

So, which chastity idea did you like the most? Which one do you want to try?

Let me know in the comments!


  • My new Goddess brought me to a strip club while wearing my pretty pink pussy cage and pink dog collar. She paid for a lap dance in the champagne room and told the stripper to bring a friend! I was so humiliated and I had a sissygasm.

    Sissy Miki
  • My wife, strips me down and ties me to our bed, puts on some porn, put my remote butt plug in my butt, nipple clamps and gives me a viagra. She then goes out with friends for hours leaving me helpless and occasionally plays with my plug, if I cum in my cage and she finds me messy when she gets back I get the paddle the number of swats depends on a random number generator app.

  • The one game when you both go to a strip club is wild. So many different scenarios can be brought into it. Especially if your key holder informs the strippers?

  • A fun thing for my wife to do is mail the key to herself through the postal service

  • Games all sound good thing is I only get unlocked for medical reasons.


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