10 Foot Slave Ideas: Foot Foreplay Ideas With your Footslave

Interested in foot slave ideas to "make" your husband/boyfriend worship your feet?

Well, you've come to the right place!

A foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes out there and it's a fun one :)

And there's nothing like commanding a grown man to worship your feet like a proper slave.

It really plays into the power exchange that makes the female led relationship so thrilling.

Footslave Worship Ideas For Your FLR

There are so many things you can do with your feet to tease and really mind fuck your slave.

It's great for foreplay and even better if he's locked away in chastity

This blog post will cover:

  • Footslave ideas to tease & torment your partner
  • How to transform your husband/boyfriend into a proper footslave
  • How to dominate and control your footslave

Here are 10 great ways to make your slave worship your divine feet...

1. Sweaty foot worship...

One of my favorite ways to tease your footboy is to make him worship your post workout sweaty feet.

Just another incentive to work out and get in shape, right? :)

After you hit the gym or go for a run, have him kneel down like a good bitch and sniff your sneakers.

Make him peel off your sneakers with his mouth and then stuff the shoe over his nose and make him inhale...like REALLY inhale!

If you can't hear him sniffing it doesn't count!

Then smother his face with your sweaty and dirty socks. Rub your intoxicating scent all over his face and make him submit to your feet.

After that, order him to clean your feet with his tongue and really make him work for it too!

2. Public feet worship

Are you into public humiliation?

Then you're going to love this idea!

Make your cuckold husband worship your feet in public. It can be anywhere.

It can be at a bench in the park or the parking lot at the mall or even just at the restaurant or at the local beach (great for the summer).

This is also a great way to tease him.

You can do something simple like having him massage your feet in public or even just putting your feet on his "lap" and feeling him get hard against his cage!

But if you are more daring, have him go and actually worship your feet in public!

Yes, I'm talking about sucking your toes or licking your soles in front of anyone who might be passing by.

That'll really get the adrenaline flowing haha.

Being a little kinky in public is just super erotic.

3. Footjob in public

Similar to the idea above, I think teasing him with your feet in public is a very sexy idea.

Remember how you used to play footsie with your crush in school?

Well, it's the same idea here!

Next time you are at a restaurant, sit across from each other so you can really tease him with your feet.

Rub your heels against his ankles and then around his knees. Then take things further by slipping off your heels and putting your feet right on his cock.

Feel his cock pulse as you as you rub ever so softly. I bet he'll have a ton of trouble completing his order haha!

This is even more fun if you have him locked in chastity.

Of course, letting him cum is entirely at your discretion...

I wonder what he'll do to try to hide the spot in his pants...maybe even "spill" some water on himself? haha

4. Trample him...

Another fun thing you can do is trample your slave in the park (or other semi public spot).

I like this idea a lot because not only is it super kinky to do this in public, but it is also displaying your dominance over him!

One of my favorite things to do is trampling on a hike. This is perfect because you can go off the trail to a semi-hidden spot.

And you also get great exercise while you're hiking so it's a win-win scenario!

Of course, if you want to make things a little more intimate, you can also trample him in the comfort of your own home.

If that's the case, I'd recommend putting on a sexy pair of heels to do it. Not only does this make it a lot more painful, but you'll also look sexy as hell too!

But be careful with heels, if he's not used to trampling, he won't be able to take it for long!

In that case, its better to switch to bare feet :)

10 Foot Slave Ideas Foot Foreplay Ideas With your Footslave

5. Try on shoes at the store

A girl can never have too many shoes, right?

Make your slave take you to the local mall and shop for shoes!

Usually the nice stores will have a sales rep change your shoes for you. But let them know you already have someone for that :)

In fact, you should say something like "no thanks, but I already have a slave for that!"

Make your slave change your shoes while you shop for something nice on his credit card!

You can really tease him by making him kneel in front of everyone at the store to take off your shoes.

Also, you can make him kiss your feet every time he takes off your shoes!

Talk about one lucky slave haha

6. Goddess foot rubs/foot massages

One of the great things about dating (or being married) to someone with a foot fetish is that you can pretty much get a foot rub or massage anytime you want!

After a long day at work, make your slave kneel down and massage/worship your feet while you relax on the couch.

Or if you want something a little more intimate, have him draw you a hot bath while you tease his cage and make him massage your feet!

Of course if he is new at this you'll have to give him some instruction on how you like it - i.e. which part of the foot you like to get massaged and how much pressure to put.

If you really want to turn him into a good footslave, make him take some massage classes at the local community college!

7. Shoe slave cleaning duty

One thing you can have your slave do is worship and clean your shoes.

Line up your shoes and have him clean all the dirt off with his tongue. After all, a Goddess's shoes need to be spit shined!

If you are into cuckolding, you can make him do this outside the room so he can hear you and your bull fucking!

After he has finished his work, inspect all of your shoes and see if he did a good job.

If he did a good job, reward him. If he didn't do a good job, he obviously needs to be punished!

8. Strap your shoe to his face

Another thing you can do to your slave is strap a shoe to his face - ideally one of your old sneakers.

Make him spend a day at home doing some cuckold chores while smelling your foot scent!

If you have him locked away in chastity, this is even more of a big tease.

And best of all? You really don't need to do any work other than strapping your sneaker to his face!

He'll also look pretty funny with your shoe over his face. But don't worry, he'll love it...A LOT :)

9. Human sock laundry service...

When you have a loyal footslave why would you ever need to do laundry for your socks ever again?

Just put your socks into his mouth and have him suck all the sweat, dirt, and grime out!

You can also to the same thing with your pantyhose, panties, and much more.

A loyal footslave should be on standby at all times and ready to clean all of your foot sweat at a moment's notice.

If you find that he didn't do a good job cleaning your socks try this instead...

Soak your socks in a cup of water. Then squeeze all of the sweat out and make him drink the water like a good boy.

I call it...sock tea hehe!

This is definitely a footslave idea you NEED to try at least once :)

10. Jerk off with your dirty socks!

Want a fun way to reward your footslave? Have him jerk off with your sneaker or dirty sock!

Let's start with the socks first. Have him kneel down and put the sock over his dick like a condom.

Then have him take the other sock and put it against his nose.

Then order him to smell your sock while jerking off into the other one. I'm sure he'll blow his load pretty fast!

After he cums, order him to put the sock into his mouth and suck all the cum out like a true bitch.

You can also do something similar by having him fuck your sneaker/flat/heels instead.

In fact, it's a super funny thing to see haha

Footslave Ideas For Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Overall, a foot fetish is a great fetish to explore in your female led relationship (FLR).

It's very versatile and you can use it to not only tease him, but also during sex :)

So go out there and try these kinky footslave ideas to make your sex life exciting again!

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  • Lovely ideas… some of them I’m already being subjected to by my Mistress. Thanks for putting it together.


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