How To Humiliate and Demean Your Cuckold Husband

Want to learn how to humiliate and demean your cuckold husband?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Humiliation is a great activity to engage in with your cuckold marriage.

Not only is a great for teasing and foreplay, but it's also a great way to take your cuck down a notch when you want to.

Plus, if you humiliate him the right way, you'll get him super hard and frustrated in the cage.

So here are some ways in which you can humiliate your cuckold husband!

1. Make fun of his physical stature

One of the best ways to demean your cuckold husband is to make fun of his physical stature.

For example, if he is overweight, poke fun of him a little bit. This is also a good way to get him motivated to work out.

If he’s not as muscular as your bull, let him know.

Say something like: "Jason is so much stronger than you. He can lift me up and fuck me all night long."

And if he’s short, remind him of that or wear heels that make you taller than him.

Men are usually a little self conscious about some aspect of their physical appearance, so poking a little fun of that is a great way to tease and humiliate him.

2. Let him know how sexually unsatisfying he is

Have you not had sex with your husband lately?

Or maybe you did and it wasn’t any good.

Let him know how unsatisfied you are with him from vaginal sex to his pussy eating skills.

Say things like: "you only made me cum twice with your tongue last night so I'm going to lock you in chastity for another week."

The point is to make him feel (or at least believe) that he wasn't able to satisfy you.

Also, mind fuck him a little and let him know that you just might replace him if he doesn’t improve!

Or you can threaten to lock him in chastity for even longer or fuck him with a strapon...

3. Make fun of his little penis

Small penis humiliation is always a great way to demean your husband. After all, it is the thing that makes him a “man”.

Start calling his penis silly names like:

  • Pindick
  • Shrimp
  • Dicky

That’ll really get to his head.

And another thing I want you to do is comment on how his dick seems to have shrunk while locked in chastity. That’s a super fun way to mind fuck him.

Also, be sure to compare his little dick to common household items (like a pen or a paperclip).

4. Compare him with your bull

Another fun way to really demean your husband is to compare him with your bull in terms of sexual adequacy.

Let him know how wet you are for your bull(s) and how dry you are as a desert for him.

And when your bull is fucking you, don’t be afraid to tell your cuck husband just how much better he does it than him!

Really any way you can compare your cuck as inferior to another man is a great way to humiliate him.

How To Humiliate and Demean Your Cuckold Husband

5. Make him beg for physical intimacy

Another way to emasculate your husband is to make him beg to have physical intimacy with you.

This could include regular things like hugging, snuggling in bed, holding your hand, kissing, eating your pussy, etc.

Making him ask permission to have physical intimacy enforces the idea that he is beneath you and that it is a privilege to be physically intimate with you.

And it’s also humiliating that your bulls do not need to ask permission to do any of those things with you!

6. Turn him into a good sissy

Another way to emasculate your husband is to make him wear panties all the time.

As I have written about before, panties are the best type of underwear for a slave to wear with his chastity cage.

Not only is it very humiliating, but it’s also very practical, as the tight panties will keep the cage from bouncing around – which is very important if you lead an active lifestyle like playing sports or running or anything of the sort.

In addition, make him be completely naked at all times (except his cage and the panties) while at home.

7. Emasculate him in public

Another way to demean and humiliate your husband is a little public humiliation.

What do I mean by this?

I don’t mean “outing” him in front of people, but I mean embarrassing him a little.

For example, you can say things like “I can’t believe you’re eating that. You’re supposed to be losing weight.”

Or "stop staring at other women like that. I thought we talked about this."

The point is to make people look at your husband and say “yep, he’s definitely whipped”

8. Control his orgasms

Another great way to demean your husband is to control his orgasms.

And I’m not just talking about chastity here. I’m talking about controlling when he jerks, how he jerks, how he cums, when he cums, etc.

Controlling all aspects of his manhood so he knows that you own him…that you own that cock.

This not only ensures that all of your commands are obeyed, but it keeps him on his toes and horny to please you in every single way!

9. Make him ask permission for normal things

Finally, a great way to really humiliate your husband is to have him ask permission to do normal things.

For example, the best way to do this is to make him ask permission to use the bathroom.

It doesn’t matter how bad he needs to go pee, if you say no, he must hold it in!

You can do the same thing to his eating schedule too. For example, he is not allowed to eat breakfast, lunch, etc. without getting your explicit permission.

If he is at work, he must text you and ask permission!

How To Humiliate and Demean Your Cuckold Husband - Final Thoughts

Overall, if you want to humiliate and demean your cuckold husband it isn't very hard.

All you need to do is follow the tips on this list!

Humiliation is a great fetish to explore his submissive side and really tease and torment him (especially if he is locked in chastity).

So have fun with this list and I hope you have fun with it!


  • I am required to always carry a feminine purse at all times in addition to that I wear feminine footwear to coordinate with my hand bag

    Linda's sissy
  • Great article! my Wife always lovingly calls me “cucky” as a pet name but when a Bull is over She is very demeaning to me calling me bitch or slave most of the time. like when Her Bull satisfys Her She will usually say something like “crawl over here on your knees slave and be a good clean up bitch and lick all my lover’s cum from my pussy”


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