Cuckold Obedience Training: 10 Cuckold Duties To Instill In Your Husband

Cuckold obedience training is needed if you want to transform your man from an ordinary husband into a great cuckold husband!

For some men, cuckold duties aren't exactly something they pick up right away.

As a result, I have compiled this blog post with a great list of ideas on how to train your husband to serve you and your bulls.

This post will cover:

  • Cuckold duties for your husband/boyfriend to perform
  • Cuckold husband obedience training to modify his behavior
  • Tips on how to train a cuckold properly

Obviously I am not claiming that this is a comprehensive list, but it is a good start. And you can add things you personally want to the list as well.

1. Making the bed

Step one of cuckold training is probably one of the most underrated tips on this list.

Obviously no one wants to fuck on a dirty bed or one that hasn't been made properly.

As a result, a good cuck husband should wash his superior's sheets, blankets, and pillow cases on a regular basis (and obviously after every time his wife and her lover fucks).

Not only that, but he should also make the bed on a daily basis. This also means familiarizing yourself with how many pillows your wife likes, what kind of sheets she likes (i.e. the material), and much more!

Make the bed every single morning for your hotwife. Make sure everything is nice and neat as you never know when one of her lovers may be coming over!

That way when she brings someone home, they have a nice bed to really make messy for you to clean up after!

2. Booking hotels

A good cuck should also book hotels for his wife and her lovers.

There's nothing quite like a dirty hotel hotwife sex session to really spice up your weekend.

If you really want a one night stand, you can't really beat hotel sex (trust me).

As a result, cuckold husband should familiarize themselves with what kind of hotels their wife likes (i.e. hotel brands, locations, etc.)

And many hotels have rewards credit cards. As a result, learn the points system for every one so you can maximize your money spent. This is really important if you stay at hotels a lot.

So get your husband started on learning the points system as part of his cuck training program!

Another thing to keep in mind when booking your wife hotels is to surprise her once in a while. That takes a lot of initiative and adds to the spontaneous nature of a cuckold marriage.

After all, everyone loves a surprise present, right?

It's a great feeling to be able to put a smile on your wife's face.

For example, tell her you booked a hotel in the city for the weekend and to dress up cause you're going to the bars to hunt for young studs!

Or maybe do a little staycation a few hours away at a resort. You'll book couples massages and hang out during the day.

But at night, you'll be on the prowl for a sexy one night stand!

3. Menial femdom chores

A good cuckold should also serve his wife's bull from time to time. After all, what's cuckold training if it doesn't involve chores?

Obviously your a cuckold's first concern is his wife - pleasing her and doing anything you can to make her happy.

But at the same time, serving your wife's bull(s) can also be a fun and very humiliating experience!

After all, what could be more humiliating than doing chores for the man fucking your wife?

There are two things you can (and should) do for your wife's lover:

The first is washing his car. This is such a humiliating thing to wash the car of the man fucking your wife!

This is even better if you are required to do this while he's inside fucking her!

Another thing to do is ironing his clothes.

Picture this...

It's the morning after he fucked your wife. And you are to wake up early and cook breakfast for them naked and wearing your chastity cage.

Then you are required to iron his work clothes while he and your wife eat breakfast and have a morning quickie.

Serving a superior man should be part of every cuckold's training program!

4. The designated date driver

One thing I always did in college was having a designated driver when we would go out and party.

My friends and I would come up with fun games to decide who would become the designated driver from playing ping pong to pool to playing darts.

But things are a little different when you are in a cuckold relationship!

Why call an Uber when you have a cuckold husband?

Train your cuck to be a good chauffer for you. This way you and your bull don't have to worry about drinking when you are on a sexy date.

This is truly one of the underrated cuckold duties you benefit from.

And here are some chauffer basics that your cuck should remember:

  1. Always keep your eyes on the road even when they are getting busy in the back seat.
  2. ALWAYS open and close the door for your superiors.
  3. Keep plenty of water (and snacks) in case they want something to drink or eat.
  4. Be nearby so they don't have to wait long for you to get there, circle around the block if you have to or find a place to park nearby.
  5. Never gas up the car while you are driving them unless you are doing a long road trip. Fill up the gas before or after you drive them.
  6. If it is raining, walk out with an umbrella so they don't get wet.

Also, it's fun to make your cuckold really dress up for the part.

For example, you can order him wear a suit like a real chauffer or you can be a little more demeaning and make him wear a sissy outfit or a French maid one too!

5. Massage skills

Massage skills are totally underrated and should definitely be a part of your partner's cuckold training regimen.

As part of his cuckold obedience training, you should train your cuck to obtain amateur massage skills!

For example, one thing you can have him to is take classes at a community college or some kind of local program.

This way you can have him give you a massage while you're bathing in the bath tub or before a big fuck session with your bull!

And you can even have him massage your feet (or your bull's feet) while you two are making out! Talk about humiliation, right? :)

Having a cuckold husband with decent massage skills is a real game changer - no joke!

6. Cleaning the house

This is one of the great benefits of having a cuck: you can turn him into your maid!

I'll tell you something interest...

One time we spent two weeks in Mexico and had a maid for the place we stayed at.

And it was amazing! She came by one a week and cleaned everything. It was super helpful as the place as always spotless.

You can never go back once you have a maid hahaha

So what you want to do is train your cuckold husband to do the chores around the house.

For example, you can make him do things like:

  • Vacuum or mop the floors
  • Do the dishes
  • Shine the windows
  • Clean the gutters
  • Clean the bathroom
  • ...and so much more!

You can also make him wear a sissy outfit like pink panties while he's cleaning!

For a great list of chores to give him, check out this blog post!

7. Cuckold cock sucking training

One of my favorite cuckold duties is having him suck cock. After all, what fun would it be if your husband didn't partake in a little cocksucking once in a while? :)

That's why you should get him started early so you'll be able to have your bulls play with his mouth!

Begin those cuckold cock sucking training sessions today!

For example, make him start small and clean his butt plugs and anal toys.

After that, have him suck on your dildos and clean them with his mouth after you are done cumming on them

Then, you can graduate him to bigger things like your strapons!

Finally, once you have him well trained, he will suck real cocks for you! This is particularly useful if you want to use him as a fluffer between fuck sessions with your lovers!

And one romantic thing that you and your husband can do together is suck your bull's cock!

Seriously, that will take your FLR to a whole different level!

8. Cuckold cum cleanup training

If you want to turn your husband into a sissy cuck, making him clean his own cum is something you need to train him to do!

From now on, whenever he cums (however infrequent it may be), order him to clean it all up.

If he leaks precum from his cage, make him clean that up too!

And also make him clean up after your bulls as well! If you are using condoms, save them and have him clean them out like a good cuckold sissy for you!

Always remember this: male semen does have a decent amount of protein.

In fact...the average protein concentration of male semen is 5,040 milligrams (mg) per 100 ml. One ejaculation usually produces 5 ml of semen.

As a result, the average amount of ejaculation contains around 252 mg of protein.

So make sure your cuckold is getting enough protein in his diet! You can call it his "cuck training diet" haha :)

9. Cuckold sissy maid duties

Cooking is a good skill to have regardless of any other consideration.

Cooking skills for a cuckold is a must! Not only can you have him cook great meals for you, but you can invite your bull over for a night of fun!

And this is also the perfect opportunity to turn your cuckold into a cuckold sissy maid!

Imagine you two sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine while your cuckold husband is slaving away in the kitchen (wearing a sissy maid outfit) and making a gourmet meal for you two!

And you can also make him cook breakfast in the morning for you two as well.

To hone in on his cooking skills, send him to a few local cooking classes! In fact, that would be a great date idea anyways.

Also, community colleges often have some kind of cooking classes so you can send him there cheaply too.

10. Personal shopper

Turning your husband into your personal shopper is a fun thing to do!

I mean what could be better than that?

What does this mean for him?

Well, it means he should always be on the look out for sexy new clothes, lingerie, swimwear, etc. for you! After all, you should be looking super hot for other men to enjoy, right? :)

And it doesn't have to end there too.

You can have your husband shop for gifts for your bulls too!

For example, you can have your cuck buy a cologne you like for your bulls to wear when you go out on dates.

Little things like that make the experience a lot more fun!

Cuckold Training For Obedient Husbands - Final Thoughts

I hope you found these submissive training tips to be helpful.

Training your husband to be a great cuckold is a noble thing to do. And it's super fun as well.

I'm sure you will have a lot of fun doing it.

So...which one on the list are you looking to try the most? :)

Let me know in the comments!

P.S. if you need more cuckold consulting or training guide ideas, be sure to check out our Cuckold Games book!


  • I have always had a thing for strong, confident women. I consider all women Goddesses as well. I’ve been lucky enough to serve the same one for 20+ years. There have been times where my Goddess has played a submissive switch role, but luckily she allows me the pleasure of being locked in chastity and submissive to her mostly (which is in my nature). We have had many encounters with other partners both male and female. While there have been occasions that I’m shared in my normal ‘street Alpha’ role, the times I most relish are when I’m in my other normal, the house ‘submissive’ role. Yes, for us it is role-play sexually, and an Alpha can serve completely in a submissive role to his partner. I do 95% of the household cooking, cleaning and indoor chores, 100% of the outdoor chores and maintenance. I do all the sexual cleanup (including my own), fluffing bulls, am a total cum dump as commanded and service my Goddesses girlfriend’s on demand as well. I am required to be clean shaven from the neck down always. I wear women’s T bar or G string panties solely, and am locked in permanent chastity with few exceptions. Friends and family are 100% aware of our lifestyle. My belly button, nipples and tongue are pierced. My hair is kept long in contrast to my Goddesses short hair. My toenails are always painted, and my fingernails are for special occasions. Our lifestyle is what we have made it, and we are very comfortable as such. We communicate our fantasies, dreams and desires, openly and completely, and strive to fulfill each and every one. It has led to a very rich and fun life for both of us. After all life is what you make it, and you will only get out of it what your willing to invest in it. I invest my all to perform exactly as my Goddess commands, which includes my service on the street as an ex Spec Ops Alpha sheepdog and guardian to all who cannot protect themselves.

  • I have been in a femdom cuckold marriage for 20 years, My owner / wife said in the beginning of our relationship that what she wanted is a complete TPE a full time slave wow I liked the thought of it but I really didn’t know what it meant , my owner said there’s only one thing I have to worry about and that is, I just have to obey without question and believe me I have welts on my ass learning how to obey , chores house work it’s all my responsibility , my owner loves to cook and I clean up behind her ,washing clothes everything that’s my job when I’m home , she’s a business woman she holds her MBA and well she can’t be bothered with household chores menial tasks, I have a job my pay check goes into her accountant direct deposit and I have no access to it well it is hers she owns me so I’m happy for her to have it and she has full control no doubt about that , she enjoys full sexual freedom no strings it’s none of my business unless she thinks I should be involved , by the way my wife is BBC only ,that’s a hard rule and no white penis will ever get inside of her , and she had one night stands and well just one man like this Master that she’s with now they’ve been fucking for a year now, she said she’ll never give me up as her slave and her lovers have been told up front and black studs really enjoy fuckin another guys wife it seems to be a turn on for her lovers and for Mistress Margo and they both really enjoy watching me do clean up him and her and she always has an orgasm when I lick bbc cum out of her well fucked pussy, I am at the point where I love cum I have no problem sucking cock but only BBC my owner and I believe in the Black New World Order and my Master and my owner at one point we’re talking about having a baby and I was willing to take care of the baby but that was a while back and my wife didn’t want to get tied down by being pregnant so they didn’t do it she has a beautiful figure and she didn’t to get all stretched out fat , my wife loves master and he loves her so we’re in the process of having him live with us I mean he is here all the time or she’s over his apartment and it will be easier for me so I won’t have to keep running back and forth because I do house work for him, they lay in bed naked while I’m doing his housework it’s really a great situation and the most important thing that really did it for me my owner is a sadist she loves canes and whips it makes her so horny to really kill me with the riding crop and she always is stretching the limits I have no safe words she sets the limits and I abide, she laughs when she hears this safe word talk she said if you have a safe word it’s not a complete TPE and if your a committed loyal slave cuckold relationship well intrust her with my life I belong to Mistress Margo and Master Micheal , I agreed to this when I said I do I have no complaints I’m really in love with my owner and I know she’ll never love me like a man we both know I’m a punk a sissy I’m a conquered beta male and I embrace it , it’s my calling in life thank you slave cc

    Slave cc
  • Hi Andy and fellow readers,
    Just wanted to share a couple of these chores I’ve been able to do as a cuckold. Of course I have done many chores but after a big snow storm I left for work extra early, drove an hour to my girlfriends house and cleared the snow off of her car and cleaned the windows for her. She had an early morning date with another man for breakfast. I wanted to hide and then follow her but I was able to control my urges. She told me later about breakfast and how she got him off after. Another time I booked a Hotel room for her and her massage therapist. She took pictures before he arrived to show me how she was dressed for him then after told me about all the fun they had.

    CM Steign
  • I do a lot of things on your blog post. I serve my wife like I would serve a Mistress. One thing I won’t do is serve a bull. It’s enough him fucking my wife. Besides, she only sees a bull a couple of times and moves on. She likes her verity and feels if she sees a bull too much it would ruin are marriage. She doesn’t want to do that and we still have sex.

    Joe Sommer
  • I’ve expressed to my wife about my cuckold desires, thinks I’m nuts. But when I told her about my cleanup fantasies she flipped! I love reading or watching anything pertaining to cuckolding and especially cleanup. She always watches me as I lick mine up everytime.


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