9 Naughty Cuckold Tasks: Cuckold Fun For Your FLR

Making your husband/boyfriend perform cuckold tasks is so much fun.

There's nothing quite like having him do something humiliating and expose his lack of "alpha" status!

Some of these ideas are quite tame (especially for the veterans out there), but I also came up with ones that are super kinky.

This blog post will cover:

  • Super naughty cuckold tasks you must try (bucket list worthy stuff)
  • Fun cuckold ideas to tease your husband/boyfriend
  • Kinky cuckold challenges to push you past your comfort zone

Here are 9 super naughty and fun cuck tasks to try this week with your partner!

1. Create a Tinder profile for you

One of the easiest, but naughtiest cuckold tasks on this list is having your cuck husband help create a tinder profile for you!

Here's what I want you to do:

Make him take sexy and downright slutty pictures of you for your profile.

Have him take dozens and dozens of photos with different outfits, locations, etc.

In fact, the photo shoot can be a ton of fun because you can tease him and talk dirty to him!

Then it's time to go to the editing room and pick out your photos together and create your tinder profile.

After that, it's time to get swiping and pick out a cock for you to enjoy!

2. Clean your wedding ring...

One of the most humiliating things you can do is make your cuck eat another man's cum.

But if you want to take the humiliation to the next level here's what I want you to do:

Have your bull cum on your wedding ring - totally cover it so it is almost unrecognizable.

And then have your cuck open his mouth and suck all the cum off, clean it off your ring like a good sissy boy.

How's that for cuckold humiliation and submission? :)

A cuck's gotta get his protein somehow, right? haha

3. Plan a romantic getaway

Turn your cuckold slave into a travel agent of sorts.

Have him plan out a romantic weekend getaway for you and your bull.

Give him a set budget to spend and have him plan something romantic for you.

It could be a weekend away at a cabin filled with fucking in the woods.

Or it could be a weekend of debauchery at a high end hotel in a metropolis. 

Make sure he plans out all the details so the only thing you have to worry about is having fun and making a mess for him to clean up.

When he is ready to present the case to you, have him type and print out an itinerary for your approval!

You can even have him be a chauffer for the big trip :)

4. The most humiliating cuckold task

One of my favorite things to do is making your cuck find guys for you to fuck.

For example, you can have him compile a list of guys in your life that may be worthy of a weekend of fun from your local Starbucks barista to your gym trainer.

Have him compile a list of people and list their pros and cons for your final decision.

If he does a good job with this, reward him in some way.

9 Naughty And Fun Cuck Tasks For the Cuckold Couple

5. Smell another man's scent

After you have been hanging out with a real man all night long, allow cuck to smell you.

Tell him to smell the intoxicating scent of another man on you.

It could be something as simple as another man's cologne on you...or his cum on your tits!

See if your cuck gets hard in his chastity cage from trying this cuck task!

You can also snag your bull's briefs or socks and have cuck smell his scent. In fact, training him to get hard smelling another man's underwear is pretty funny!

6. Clean your bull's dirty items!

Next time your bull arrives, have him drop of some things for cuck to clean.

For example, it could be a dirty pair of gym sneakers or a pair of muddy hiking boots.

It could also be dirty cum stained briefs or a pair of sweaty socks.

Make him clean your bull's dirty things with his slutty little tongue while you two have fun!

When you are finished fucking your bull, you will inspect your cuck's handiwork together!

Having him serve your bull is super humiliating and fun!

Think your cuck is up for this cuckold challenge? :)

7. Prove his gratefulness

Your cuck should forever be grateful for his place in this world: serving a superior couple!

Make him kneel down before you and your bull and recite 5 reasons why he's grateful for being your cuck.

For example, he could say he's grateful a real man is pleasing his wife or that his dick will never displease your pussy again.

I bet your cuck will turn bright red as he's giving his reasons for being grateful!

You can also go old school and have him write down 5 reasons why he is grateful for being cuckolded!

8. Hotel finder

Order your cuck to make a power point presentation of some nice hotels he should rent in your city for you and your bull to fuck in.

Have him rank the hotels based on the quality of the rooms and other amenities (i.e. spa, lounges, bars, etc.).

He will present his findings to you and you'll pick which hotel you want to fuck your bull in!

If the presentation isn't up to your standard, then punish him!

9. Record a sex tape

Okay I think I saved the kinkiest cuck task for last on this list!

Next time you have your bull over for some fun, I want you to make your cuck record it all!

That's right, he's going to help record a sex tape for you.

You can use your phone camera, but I find that a digital camera is a little better.

Make him record the action from when your bull arrives to when he finally cums in your tight little pussy.

Have cuck zoom in on all the action too so you can watch the video together later :)

If you want to punish him in the future, make him watch the video over and over again while he is locked in a hard steel chastity cage!

Now, that's cuckold fun at the highest level, wouldn't you say? :)

Naughty And Fun Cuckold Tasks - Final Thoughts

Overall, cuckold tasks should be fun, humiliating, and get your juices flowing!

Hope you found these ideas fun and are ready to give them a try.

So, which one do you want to try the most? :)


  • Enjoy your blog.

  • The great thing about my husband being permanently denied orgasms is that he raises other men’s children. The oldest is 7 yo old now. She knows mommy has boyfriends.

  • Love the tasks and despite our divorce please remember that you should realize the key for a cuckold like me is to accept your partners wishes and not worry about others. If others think you are a weird, a sissy or a pansy so be it.

    Abby Lee Jones
  • i’m Mistress Erika’s slave, crippled jim. It’d be humiliating to have the cuckold wash the mistress & the bull in the shower. As the two people of value relaxed in the shower, perhaps kissing & caressing each other, the slave would use a warm sponge to wash every inch of their beautiful bodies. It would let them know the washing was complete by silently kissing their feet and waiting to either be dismissed or be ordered to continue washing.

    crippled jim
  • My wife iz really getting off on your blogs. i have been instructed to tell you thank you. She is deciding which device i will soon wear long term. You’ll be getting an order soon. Currently in a pink plastic device but a more permanent “small” metal one will replace it. We’re just getting started but this will be our life from now on. Assignment to set up tinder account today. Thank you Sir Andy


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