How To Measure And Choose The Right Chastity Cage

Wondering how to measure and choose the right chastity cage?

Stepping into chastity for the first time is always exciting. There's nothing that gets your blood pumping like your first time putting on that cage!

But when it comes to cages there are so many different designs, colors, and materials so it is easy to get analysis paralysis.

So, we wanted to help you develop a process to picking the perfect cage for your first time.

Above all else, a chastity cage should be comfortable for long-term wear. As a result, our process first focuses on finding and measuring yourself for a new cage.

Components of a chastity cage

Wondering how to put a chastity cage on or how to wear a chastity cage?

A full chastity cage set actually consists of several different parts. Rarely do they ever come as one completely attached unit.

The majority of chastity cages consist of two primary parts: the cock cage itself and the base ring.

The base ring goes over your testicles. Typically, you will need to slip your testicles through the solid ring.

After that, you will slip your penis into the cock cage. The cock cage goes over your penis and keeps you from getting a full erection.

Finally, once you have both pieces on, you will lock the device and hand the key to your keyholder.

To get a really good and proper fit for a chastity cage, you need to take measurements for the base ring and the cock cage.

How should a chastity cage fit?

Selecting a chastity cage for the first time can be a daunting task.

There are just so many different types of designs, materials, and such!

So in this blog post, we're going to show you how to pick out the perfect chastity cage and how to measure yourself too.

The ideal chastity cage will be tight and snug, but not uncomfortable (when soft) and it WILL NOT restrict blood flow at all.

You will notice when a cage (more specifically the ring) is too tight if you notice color changes to your testicles. If you notice that at all, take the ring off immediately as it is not safe.

Remember, a chastity cage should be comfortable while soft and slightly uncomfortable while hard!

A properly fitted chastity cage can be worn for very long periods of time (months on end) as long as you take the proper safety and sanitary precautions.

Measure the length first!

Let's talk about measuring yourself for a chastity cage.

The first thing you want to measure is your penis length.

Take a straight ruler and place it against the base of your member (while flaccid) and lay it flat on top of your penis. Then measure it out all the way to the tip.

Now, everyone is different when it comes to how snug they want the cage to be.

Some people purposefully pick a cage that is slightly bigger than their measurement because they want to be able to grow a bit in there.

Other people want the cage to be a little snug.

Personally, we advocate picking a cage slightly smaller than your measurement.

As a general rule, subtract 0.25 inches to 0.5 inches from your penis measurement when selecting a cage length.

For example, if you measure 4 inches flaccid, you should pick a cage between 3.50 in and 3.75 in.

If you measure 3 inches flaccid, you should pick a cage between 2.50 in and 2.75 in.

As you become more experienced with chastity cages, you will be able to wear smaller and smaller cages like the Cuck Compressor!

In fact, for very experienced chastity enthusiasts, it may even be possible to fit in a cage smaller than one inch despite being 3 - 4+ inches flaccid!

All it takes is practice :)

Measure the ring size next

After you measure your penis, you need to measure your balls (specifically the circumference) to determine which ring size would best fit you.

A perfectly sized ring will fit snugly behind your testicles, but will not cause pain, irritation, or stop blood flow (super important).

At Cuck In Chastity, many of our cages automatically come with several different ring sizes.

One important thing to remember is that as you stay in chastity, your balls will naturally swell up from the build up of semen.

For some men, the swell up is more noticeable than others (don't worry, it is perfectly normal). So if you are planning on staying in chastity for a long time, you may want to pick out a cage with several different ring sizes.

The first thing you need to do is to measure the circumference of your testicles. And the best way to do this is to use a measuring tape.

You can easily get one from a sewing kit. If you don't have that, you can use a piece of string and record its length against a straight ruler.

Take the tape and wrap it behind your penis just behind the testicles.

Once you have your measurement simply divide it by pi (3.14) to obtain the diameter.

All of our rings are measured based on the diameter of the ring.

For example, if you measure a circumference of 157 mm, take that and divide it by 3.14.

This means you will fit a ring size of 157 mm / 3.14 = 50 mm.

Standard ring sizes are: 35 mm, 40 mm, 45mm, and 55 mm.

Yes, there are some cages with ring sizes that are smaller or larger than that, but those ring sizes are the most common.

If your measurement is between two different ring sizes, we would recommend selecting the larger of the two sizes first.

After practice, your testicles become more accustomed to being confined and you may find it easier to slip into smaller rings.

How To Measure And Choose The Right Chastity Cage

Steel vs. Plastic Chastity Cages

Now that you have your measurements, it's time to pick out your chastity cage!

When it comes to chastity cages, there are A LOT of different options.

One thing you need to consider is the design of the material.

Chastity cages are usually made out of three types of material: metal, resin/plastic, and silicone.

Cuck In Chastity carries primarily metal (stainless steel) and resin cages.

There are a lot of pros and cons for each type of cage.

Metal cages are great for a long-term wear. Further, they are very durable and secure.

If you wear a steel cage, it's very unlikely that your testicles will slip out.

In addition, steel cages are obviously heavier than silicone or plastic cages. The extra weight is something some people like as it makes the chastity experience feel more "real."

In contrast, plastic cages are perfect for beginners.

If you are completely new to chastity, then plastic cages are perfect for you to experiment around with.

In general, plastic cages weigh less than steel cages and are easier on your skin. For someone who has never had their dick locked up before, it's much more comfortable.

Further, resin cages come in many different colors! In fact, at Cuck In Chastity, we carry pink, purple, blue, and black chastity cages!

So if you're looking for something to your collection, check out our resin cages!

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Tips for wearing your cage:

Getting your first cage is exciting!

Everything feels totally new and you're exploring a new area of kink.

But when it comes to wearing chastity, there is an "adjustment" period as well since you aren't used to having something locking your manhood in place.

So here are a few quick tips to making your transition into chastity easier:

1. Sit down to pee

Trust us on this one, don't try to pee standing up.

It is SUCH a hassle to do it that way! And if you mess up, you are virtually guaranteed to pee all over yourself and your pants.

So if that happens at work, it's not going to be a pleasant day.

The best way to use the bathroom while locked in chastity is to sit on the toilet.

Just line up your peehole to the open slit at the end of your cage and let loose.

Because you are peeing sitting down, there will be less risk of any "splash damage".

2. Regular cleaning is a must:

Cleaning your manhood while locked in chastity is a BIG must.

Your chastity cage is a sponge for sweat, dirt, and urine. As a result, it needs to be cleaned regularly for sanitary reasons.

While you take a shower in the morning, rub your cock/balls and the cage with soap and rinse it under the shower head. And every week, take the cage off temporarily for a thorough cleaning.

Just because you are locked in chastity doesn't mean you can just disregard personal hygiene!

Another thing you will want to do while you take the cage off is to shave your pubic hair.

If your pubic hair grows too long, it can become uncomfortable in the cage as everything gets tangled up. Shave it off regularly

3. Sleeping may take an adjustment period

Another thing you'll notice is that you may have a few bad nights of sleep.

This is totally normal as chastity prevents you from getting a full erection.

Normally when you sleep you get hard naturally. As a result, you may find yourself just waking up randomly at night.

Don't worry, it will pass as your body gets used to wearing the cage over time.

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4. Start wearing panties

One thing you don't want to happen when you wear a chastity cage is to have a noticeable bulge in your pants.

A lot of guys are really self conscious about it and rightfully so!

You never want to have someone point to your crotch and say "what's that?"

Further, if you wear boxers with your cage, it will be fairly lose. This means the cage can flail around if you walk and you might be able to hear the lock click and clack.

As a result, it's important to wear something tight that keeps the cage firmly in place!

This is why I would highly recommend wearing panties with your cage.

Not only are they nice and tight, but they are also pretty humiliating to wear! So if you love erotic humiliation, then you need to get a pair with your cage.

If you're interested in making the switch to panties, check out our panty store!

How To Measure And Choose The Right Chastity Cage - Final Thoughts

Overall, picking a chastity cage is really important, especially if you are going to be wearing it for long periods of time.

Remember, above all else, a chastity cage should be safe and fun. So hopefully this guide will help you measure and choose the right cage.

Introducing chastity to your relationship is super exciting so I hope you enjoy it!

Stay kinky out there!


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    THAT proceded to longer time she started having longer hotwife dates lije from.friday they sundY nights
    .Them she said i need to beovked up a few days before her dates. So now im locked up 3/5 days when shes in a hotwife date wedkend .When she wantsto torment me she plays with my caged cock telling me just youll.beicked up.this weekend while i"m getting fucked and you cant even get hard Hope you have a good weekend i know i will.She has me wear a CB 6000 when she wants to really push my buttonsshe added the point of intrigue which push into my cock causing me even more frustration knowing shes getting well fucked

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  • Hi all! I wear a plastic cage that has an open ring that allows me to slide it up behind my balls. Then I put locking pins through the top of the ring and that will lock the ring in place. Giving my balls a nice tight fit. It’s difficult for me to push my balls and cock through a metal ring cause my balls will shrink making it difficult to keep the ring on. Lastly I wash my cock twice a day when in chastity. I’ll open just the cage part. Wash everything, dry it and then lock the cage again. This makes me feel better wearing the cage long term.

  • I have 3 different cock cages. I serve a Mistress but, she is over 50+ miles away. So I only wear the cock cage when I serve her. I’m married and the wife doesn’t know about me being a sub male. A 45mm ring fits just right. The length isn’t too important to me, since I don’t wear it that long. My Mistress likes me wearing a steel cock cage that has my cock confined in about 1 inch. She says it looks good like that.

    Joe Sommer
  • I luv how the holy trainer v2 ring forms to my body when wearing a snug pair of panties, but I have a problem with all of my rings, loose or not, if I sleep on it wrong, I get spider vains and dark skin on my scrotum, it usually goes away a few minutes after sitting up, but the veins are getting thicker..


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