6 Self Chastity Tips: Your Guide To Solo Chastity!

Ideally, you will have a keyholder to hold your chastity key. But that's not always possible (especially if you are single). As a result, self chastity is the next best thing.

That is not to say that self chastity can't be very fun too! After all, chastity cages were made for sexual fun even if you don't have a partner right this moment.

The biggest issue with self chastity is that you are your own keyholder. As a result, the temptation to unlock yourself is VERY high.

In fact, it turns the experience into a fun mental game against yourself! You really can't get that when you have someone else hold your key.

Anyways, self chastity can be very difficult sometimes, so I wanted to share some tips to help you stay in chastity longer.

So, here are 6 self chastity tips for your next lockup!

How to measure for self chastity

Now, before I go over my tips for self chastity, I also need to talk about something very important too.

And that is measuring yourself for your cage.

A proper fit for your chastity device is super important if you want to wear the cage for longer periods of time.

Wear a chastity belt that is too big and you will slip out of it constantly.

Plus, a cock cage that is too big makes going to the bathroom very difficult - as it will be hard to pee straight out of the pee-hole of the cage.

This can make things very messy when you go to the bathroom and obviously personal hygiene will suffer.

Similarly, a chastity belt that is too small may be very uncomfortable. In fact, it may even cut off circulation (very bad)!

As a result, ensure you have a comfortable fit before you commit yourself to self chastity.

Check out this blog post on how to properly measure yourself for chastity.

General self chastity tips

Okay before getting into specific tips, I wanted to go over general tips for solo chastity.

Generally, the goal of self chastity is to either: (1) lock yourself for longer periods of time and/or (2) to prevent yourself from unlocking yourself before the intended release date.

These tips will help you accomplish that.

The first thing is to take it easy - especially if you are not very experienced with self chastity.

Don't shoot for a very long lockup period at first. You need to get used to the cage and the whole chastity experience first.

Instead of shooting for 30 days, shoot for something manageable like 2 days.

Baby steps.

Then as you get more and more experienced, you can slowly increase the lockup periods.

Remember, self chastity is MUCH harder than having a keyholder because a keyholder can hold you accountable for the desired lockup period.

Self chastity requires A LOT of self discipline because you are your own keyholder. And sometimes you are your own worst enemy!

In many ways, it is a mind game with yourself!

Self chastity is a lot harder than having a keyholder, but it can be rewarding in many ways. The key (no pun intended) is just maintaining self discipline!

1. Give the key away

Okay, the first piece of advice I have is to give your key away.

Now that doesn't sound like "self chastity", right?

Well, you aren't giving it to a "keyholder" in the traditional sense of the world.

You are giving it to someone to hold on to it temporarily. For example, give it to a co-worker or a friend or a neighbor.

Obviously you won't tell them what the key is for, but just let them know that it's for something important.

You could also tell them that it is for a PO box or something similar.

To increase the odds of succeeding with your self chastity lockup period, you need to add "barriers" to unlocking yourself.

A barrier is something that stands in the way (and even makes it annoying) for you to unlock yourself.

By giving the key to someone else, you are adding another barrier to unlocking yourself when you are horny.

If you simply had the key at home, you may find yourself tempted to pull out the key and open the cage after watching some porn!

But if someone else had the key, you would have to call or message them, set up a time to meet, and then go meet them to get the key back!

Hopefully by that time you will have cooled down and realize the big mistake you were going to make!

2. Put it in a safety deposit box

Another way to keep yourself longer in chastity is to make it a hassle to get your key.

This is one of my favorites because it gives you enough time to really think about whether or not you want to go all the way there to get your key.

So the idea is to open up a safety deposit box 1 to 3 hours away from your home. You put the key there (for safe keeping from temptation).

I find that a 1 to 3 hour drive is a BIG hassle so you won't do it unless you're either really horny or it's an emergency.

Hopefully during the car drive, you will come to your senses and turn around before you unlock yourself early!

Further, I would say the safety deposit box is an "annoying" option because some banks require employees to open the door and help you to your box!

The safety deposit box just adds another barrier for you from unlocking yourself early.

AND you know your key will be 100% safe in that box. After all, what are the odds the bank will get robbed and someone takes your key? haha

6 Self Chastity Tips Your Guide To Solo Chastity!

3. Chastity timer trick

Another way to remove the temptation of unlocking yourself early from chastity is to put the key into one of those clear kitchen safe self timed containers.

Basically, you put the key into the container and set the key for the length of your desired lockup.

No matter what you do, you won't be able to get the key out until the timer runs out!

Now, this one can be a little bit of torture because you cannot open the container until the timer runs down. And you'll be able to count literally the minutes/seconds until so!

You know what they say, time slows down when you're counting the seconds!

But I have found that this is a VERY effective strategy for remaining in the cage for your desired lockup period.

Keep the container somewhere around your kitchen or bedroom where it will be safe.

4. Don't watch too much porn

One thing you may have to adjust in your daily life is jerking off and watching too much porn.

Obviously it's fun and all, but too much of a good thing can be bad!

Jerking off or watching too much porn can increase the temptation of cumming or releasing yourself from chastity early.

It really is a mind game.

You'll start to reason with yourself...

"Just this one time."

"I'll just let myself out for just a minute or two."

"It wouldn't be so bad if I came today, right?"

Keep those thoughts out of your head! Be strong and stick with the planned lockup period that you had for yourself.

After watching porn or jerking off in the cage, take a cold shower to calm things off down there.

5. Put it in the freezer

Another way to keep your chastity key safe when practicing self chastity is to freeze your key.

…not just in an ice cube or anything too! I mean a GIANT ice cube!

Fill up a storage container with water and put the key in the middle. You may have put it on top of a piece of fruit or something to ensure it is exactly in the middle.

Alternatively, you can fill the container up to the middle and freeze that part first before putting the key in and then freezing the rest of the container.

The idea is that when you want to be unlocked from the cage, you will have to let the ice melt in order to get your key!

Again, this creates a big barrier when you want to get out. As a result, you will be much more likely to stay in the cage.

Of course, if you were super horny, you could probably take a hammer and smash apart the ice to get out.

But at the same time, you may damage the key or even break it when attempting this. So it's probably best to just let it melt...

Depending on how big the ice cube is, it may take a few minutes or maybe even a few hours to fully defrost that key!

6. Start wearing panties

While you are practicing self chastity, now is THE perfect time to switch over to panties.

Stop wearing boxers and briefs and start wearing panties.

Panties are not only better to keep your locked up cock and balls safe, but they are also great for sissies.

And panties come in much different (and better) colors than boxers/briefs anyways.

Plus, panties are often softer than men's underwear so they are way more comfortable.

Trust me, after you start wearing panties you won't be able to go back!

One thing that limits a lot of guys from doing long-term chastity is comfort. So you want to make sure your chastity experience is as comfortable as possible - and panties help accomplish this.

P.S. check out our entire line of sissy panties here!

Self Chastity Tips - Final Thoughts

Overall, self chastity is a great option if you don't have a partner but still want to experience the wonders of chastity.

The self chastity experience is different from having a true keyholder, but it is still super fun.

Hopefully these self chastity tips help all of you who are in solo chastity right now!

Remember, it's better to lock it up than disappoint a woman. So lock it up if sooner rather than later :)


  • I have mine in a big block of ice. It takes about seven hours to melt to where I could get it. I just love the feeling of not being able to just take it off.

    Sissy Brittany
  • I like the idea of mailing to yourself.

    Especially since there is the small chance of the key getting lost in the mail (exciting)

    Can also mark

    Hold for pick up

    How about marking the envelope – chastity key enclosed

  • Just started self chastity, it’s been three days now. Had to take the cage off so that I could take a bath. Strange thing is, it felt wrong to have the cage off and I didn’t feel the need to pleasure myself. Haven’t yet wanted to just take it off to get release.

  • Great information! I am just starting chastity and Your information on chastity is very useful to me thank You!

  • The storage in a block of ice is borrowed from storage of a key for release from self bondage. It is not so good for a chastity key. Hands free the block of ice can be melted fairly quickly with hot water in a sink.
    I’d like to add…
    Put the key in a block of plaster.
    Drive a few hours away and nail a key to a tree or fence post. Nail an additional key a mile farther. Now it will take another day trip to get the keys. If someone cuts down your tree you have another about a mile away. You can do this with keys to identically looking locks in different directions. Now you may have to make several day trips.
    Put your keys in a waterproof box. Bury the box in your garden under some seasonal plant. You may have to ruin your garden.
    DON’T PLACE THE KEYS IN IN A KEY CASE ATTACHED TO YOUR NEIGHBORS CAR. I read of this happening to someone. It worked well because the car was largely parked in the garage. When it was outside he have to wait until the quiet of night. But then his neighbor sold the car.
    Another just dropped the keys in a can of paint. They were not easy to get and the chore of cleaning up the spilled paint was a deterrent.
    Just keeping the key at work does it for many. Usually the temptation does not hit while busy at work.
    See the android app Chastikey.


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