7 Devious Chastity Spot Check Ideas: Anywhere, Anytime!

You know what is fun? Giving your slave a random chastity spot check!

That's right, a chastity spot check is a great chastity game for your female led relationship (FLR).

Not only does it keep your partner on his toes, but it is also a reminder of who really owns his cock!

So if you are a FLR practicing chastity in your relationship, I would highly recommend trying some of these ideas out. It's a great way to make the relationship even more exciting!

Here are 7 naughty chastity spot check ideas to try! Remember: it can happen anywhere, anytime!

What is a chastity spot check?

So...what in the world is a chastity spot check? And why is it needed?

Well, a spot check is basically exactly what it sounds like!

It is a situation where you inspect your partner's cage to ensure he is still wearing it and that he hasn't been trying to get out.

If he's been locked in chastity for a while, it's also a good time to see if he has been jerking off or cumming without your permission.

When he hasn't cum in a long time, his balls will get bigger. So if he cums in the cage without your permission, you may notice that his balls have gotten "smaller."

The inspection is meant to be fun and act as a tease, but it is also for health reasons too.

It allows you to check the cage to make sure his balls aren't getting too tight or cutting off the circulation.

Types of chastity spot checks

There are a lot of different chastity spot checks that you can do so I want to cover 3 different types (which happen to be my favorite)

1. Personal inspection

The first type of chastity spot check is when you personally inspect your chastity slave's cage (i.e. when you are physically present for the inspection).

Order him to drop his pants so you can inspect the cage. Has he been playing with himself? Is he leaking? Has he been practicing personal hygiene?

If the answer is no to any of those, punish him!

Personally inspecting his chastity cage is also a great way to tease him! For example, you can tease him with the key by dangling it in his face!

There are few things quite as fun as giving him a chastity cage inspection, teasing him a bit, and sending him off to run errands for you with blue balls!

2. "Digital" inspection

Now, you don't always have to be physically around in order to give your slave a chastity spot check.

That's where the "digital" inspection comes in handy.

For example, you can give him one while he's at work or while he's away on a business trip.

In this type of chastity spot check you should give him a time limit to complete the task since you aren't physically there to supervise.

For example, give him 2 minutes from when you send the text/command and he must run to the bathroom and take a picture for you!

3. Digital inspection version 2.0

A third type of chastity spot check is similar to the second one, but it's basically incorporating something random into the picture.

For example, he must scribble the date on a piece of paper and put it right next to his locked up balls and take a picture for you.

Or you can make him hold up a paperclip in the picture or some other random object (you get the idea).

Basically, you just want to ensure that he is really there taking a picture of his locked up dick and not using an old photo or something!

And it turns the whole process into a fun little game...

Chastity Spot Check Ideas!

Okay, now for the part you've been waiting for!

Let's discuss some of the ways in which you can give your slave a chastity spot check...

1. When he is at work

One great way to tease your slave at work is to give him a chastity spot check.

After all, you need to keep him "busy", right?

Give him a spot check when you know he's busy at work. Maybe he's in a meeting and will need to excuse himself to go to the bathroom in order to take a picture for you.

Or maybe he's on his lunch break and you want him to do the spot check then.

In my experience, the more inconvenient the chastity spot check, the better!

If your husband/boyfriend has his own office, it may be interesting to make him close the blinds and have him do the chastity spot check right at his desk!

Talk about excitement, right?

7 Devious Chastity Spot Check Ideas: Anywhere, Anytime!

2. While traveling

Is your chastity slave on a business trip?

Maybe he went to Vegas with some friends?

Or maybe he's out of state visiting family?

Well, don't let him think just because he's far away from you that he's completely out of your grasp!

When he's far away, give him a random chastity spot check.

For example, inform him that after he checks into his hotel, he is to send a few pictures or videos of his locked up dick.

If he's on a business trip, ask him for a video or do a quick FaceTime or skype call to inspect the cage for yourself.

If he's visiting family or friends from out of town, do the same thing! Request a spot check randomly while they're getting lunch or dinner or in the middle of something.

This is a really good way to mind fuck him.

3. While out with friends

Just because you allow your chastity slave to go out with his friends doesn't mean you aren't going to toy with him!

When you let him go out with his friends to the bars or to a sports game or even to someone's house, that is the perfect time to request a chastity spot check!

Order him sneak away from the party and go into the bathroom to snap a picture for you.

And if you want to REALLY fuck with him, make him do it several times over the course of the night!

I mean how funny would it be to have him do 3 chastity spot checks while watching the football game with his friends?

To make things interesting, make each check a different kind of chastity spot check. The first one may be to put a beer can next to his cage.

The second one will be a video of him showing his balls and singing a song.

And the third one will be a video of him on his knees thanking you for locking you in chastity.

The chastity spot checks will get progressively more humiliating!

4. While out with you

Another fun way to do a chastity spot check is to do it in public.

Well not "directly" in public like at the mall or anything, but in a semi-public spot.

Good locations include:

  • A public bathroom
  • In the parking lot
  • At the park
  • At the beach
  • Under the table at the restaurant

The idea is to "surprise" him with a chastity spot check in pubic at random!

You'll have to undo the zipper on his pants and pull away his underwear (ideally panties) to make sure he is still locked safely away in chastity for you!

5. The scavenger hunt

Here's a really fun way to give your slave a chastity spot check. And it's kind of like a scavenger hunt.

The idea is to basically send him to buy or obtain an obscure item to put next to his cage and take a picture for you for his chastity spot check.

For example, order him to put a golf ball next to his cage. Or send him to the grocery store to get a banana.

After that, he will do the regular chastity spot check with whatever object you desire!

The great thing about doing a chastity spot check like this is it keeps your slave on his toes!

He knows you own him. And he knows it won't be as simple as going to the bathroom to take a snapshot of his balls (or rather, YOUR balls)!

6. At a social gathering

Another great time to do a chastity spot check is when you are at a party or gathering together.

For example, you could do it at a friend's birthday party, or during a football game at a friend's house, or even at a family gathering.

While your husband/boyfriend is busy chatting up with friends/family and enjoying a beer, discretely come up to him.

Whisper into his ear seductively that you want to do a chastity spot check. That's when you sneak away to the bathroom together where you can inspect him closer.

Take some time to really tease him in the bathroom and get him nice and hard before rejoining the party!

If you are at a bar or something, you can make things even more interesting by going to the men's room (or the women's room if you are very daring) and doing the check there!

7. Cage + panty check

As I have mentioned before, putting your slave in panties while wearing chastity is a great thing.

After all, not only are panties feminizing and humiliating, but they are also functional too!

Panties keep his locked up cock and balls nice and tight so they don't get too loose and bounce around.

One thing you can do is set him on a panty wearing schedule. For example, Mondays is pink panties, Tuesday is black panties, Wednesday is purple panties, and so forth.

Make him do a chastity spot check photo with his locked up cock and panties.

If he's wearing the wrong color panties on the wrong day, you will punish him!

Chastity Spot Check Ideas - Final Thoughts

Overall, a chastity spot check is a fun little game to incorporate into your FLR.

And that's because there are a lot of fun ways to administer a spot check like this.

Hopefully this gives you some great ideas to try in your own relationship!

So...which idea did you like the most? And which ones have you tried already?

Leave a comment and let us know!


  • Even 30 years ago, I underwent forced feminization from my Dena, Mistress and Sole Owner.
    It should be noted that underwear at that time was no less sexy than it is now. With Petushina (Celemulrie) Kleta it was more difficult. I didn’t like my female image. However, I confess – I was excited every change of clothes. Beautiful panties, stockings, fishnet tights and overalls have a magical property. I don’t know why this is happening.

  • Like Phil above, I get so horny wearing my cage and adding panties..omg ! Do I leak. Trying hard to get my wife involved

  • A good check would be to have him with his friends and you call Tell to hand the phone to the friend you want to fuck and tell him to leave so you can fuck him then he takes the phone and you tell him what you did..

  • Sure ,I get horny when locked up,and DO leak!Fortunately my panties are tiny,and tight,so any’errors’ are contained.
    The soft,lacy fabric of my panties,always keeps me horny ❤️


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