4 Fun Ways To Enhance Chastity In Your Female Led Relationship

Looking for some fun ways to enhance chastity in your female led relationship?

Well, you have come to the right place!

You know how people say "you don't need alcohol to have fun, but it fucking helps"?

Well, chastity is kind of the same way!

Chastity is merely a tool and its usefulness to your relationship depends on how you use it.

So in this blog post, I wanted to share 4 different ways you can use your chastity cage to really enhance your sex life.

1. Keep a chastity calendar

Keeping a chastity calendar is a great way to spice things up when it comes to chastity for many reasons.

First, it sets a clear date on when your chastity slave can expect to get out of chastity.

And every day, he can cross off one day until he is closer to his release!

It kind of reminds me of those old movies where you would see prisoners cross off a day until they finally get released from jail.

The concept here is the same.

And this is actually kind of a mental torture because he will be able to actually see on a piece of paper when he will be released from chastity!

Now, obviously a chastity release date can be flexible depending on his behavior.

For example, if he is bad, you can add more days to the lockup period.

If he serves particularly well, you can take off some days.

A chastity release date should always be fluid :)

Another reason why the chastity calendar is fun is because you can add special events during the week.

For example, maybe Mondays are reserved for tease and denial sessions.

This means you will tease him in the cage until he has blue balls! Talk about fun, right?

You can also reserve Wednesdays for eating you out, etc. The possibilities are basically limitless.

You can also have specific days where he is to be let out of the cage to shave and clean the cage as well - after all, hygiene in chastity is super important!

Keeping a physical calendar like this will really enhance the chastity experience and make it fun for both parties.

And it doesn't cost much too! You can get a cheap calendar at your local store or even print one online.

2. Keep a chastity journal

Another thing you can do to enhance the chastity experience is to have your chastity slave keep a "chastity journal."

Now, this can be a physical journal or it can be a digital one. I personally prefer the digital one because it is a lot easier to keep around when you want to doodle in it.

So...why in the world should you have your slave keep a chastity journal?

Well for one, it's kind of funny having your slave jot down his thoughts about being in the cage.

It adds a certain element of humiliation and amusement (for you).

Secondly, it makes your slave's chastity experience a little harder - no pun intended.

When you are forced to think about how horny you are and how you can't do anything, it makes the experience "seem" longer - kind of like staring at a clock all day.

So....what should you have your chastity slave document in his journal?

Well, it could be as simple as summarizing his day - such as what he did today and how his balls feel, how he served you today and what he could do better, etc.

Another funny thing you can also do is make him read out every journal entry out loud to you after he finishes writing it haha

Now THAT would be super humiliating!

4 Fun Ways To Enhance Chastity In Your Female Led Relationship

3. Draft a chastity contract

A chastity contract is great because not only does it outline the responsibilities of both parties (keyholder & chastity slave), but it's also a fun activity to draft one.

In fact, your chastity slave may find himself bursting from the cage as you go through all of the details.

After all, there's nothing like literally creating a document that says "you own me and I am your slave", right? :)

And it REALLY makes the experience feel a lot more real because of the "legal document".

In general, a chastity contract should include a few main things:

  • Lockup period
  • Duties and obligations of the keyholder and chastity sub
  • List of punishments (or "rewards" depending on how you look at it)
  • Terms of the contract termination

The great thing about a chastity contract is you can tailor it to the specific needs of your FLR.

If a chastity contract isn't something you have discussed in your FLR, I would bring it up soon!

Trust me, it takes the kink to a whole different level :)

P.S. if you need help drafting a chastity contract, check out this sample template.

4. Keep a "grading system"

Another fun thing to implement in your chastity relationship is a grading system.

You remember in grade school where they would grade you on a variety of elements?

Well, the idea is the same here!

For example, you can have metrics such as:

  • Obedience - How obedient was your chastity slave? Did he obey without question? Did he make a lot of fuss when asked to do things? Obedience is important in a dom-sub relationship, so it must be graded!
  • Service - When you asked your chastity slave to perform a task did he really do a good job of doing it? Or did he half ass it? Obedience is not enough for a chastity slave - he must perform all tasks to the standard that you set.
  • Chores - Usually you should give your chastity slave chores around the house. This way you can keep him busy and get some work done too! Plus, it exerts your power over him. Obviously all of the chores should be completed when you said they should be done and completely to your standard as well.
  • Sexual performance - Now, obviously your chastity slave can't have sex when he's locked in the cage. But that doesn't mean he can't please you sexually! He can still eat your pussy, massage/worship your feet, massage your body, etc. Give him a grade on his sexual performance - i.e. how he sexually pleases you. And if he's not up to standard, punish him and give him some pointers to improve. After all, men can be slow learners sometimes!
  • Amusement - Finally, a chastity slave should also be amusing. After all, providing joy to his keyholder is a chastity slave's dream! How has he amused you this week? Did he beg pathetically? Did he do something so stupid that you had to punish him? Did you make him do a dance? If he hasn't been amusing you, then you need to do something to change it!

I personally think a rating of 1 to 10 is a good range to use (1 being bad and 10 being perfect).

Keep a spreadsheet so you can track his performance across all these metrics!

Remember, what gets tracked gets improved!

Fun Ways To Enhance Chastity In Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a ton of ways to enhance your chastity experience in your FLR.

Above all else, chastity should be FUN for both parties in the relationship!

Hopefully this blog post gave you some fun ideas.

My personal favorite is the chastity calendar because it is super easy to implement and can be very tormenting for your chastity slave.

Which one was your favorite?

Comment below and let me know!

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