How To Put Your Husband In Chastity: 10 Ways To Lock Him Up

Wondering how to put your husband in chastity and control him in your marriage?

If you've found this blog post on this corner of the web, you have probably decided to lock your partner in chastity and journey down the kinky rabbit hole :)

You are one of the few proud kinksters in the world!

Now, one thing a lot of couples ask me is what kind of games they can play with their chastity cage.

Well, it all starts with putting on the cage!

Sure, you could just have your partner (slave) put on the cage for you...but that's kind of boring!

If you want some fun ways to put your partner in chastity, read this blog post!

I'll share with you 10 super exciting ways to cage your man :)


Okay, let's get started...

1. Sit on his face

One fun way to put on your partner's chastity cage is to first restrain him.

The bondage element adds to the power exchange aspect and that is REALLY hot. tie his hands behind his back or handcuff him.

Then, sit on his face and tease him about the cage. Rub your pussy and ass all over his face while smothering him.

Let your bitch know how frustrating it will be to become your chastity slave.

Then, tease his dick a little bit...but not too much because you don't want him fully hard or he won't fit in the cage!

Sit right on his face and have him smell your pussy/ass while you put the chastity cage on him!

When you finally dismount from his face, his cock will be all locked up for you and the key will be dangling in his face.

Congratulations! You now have a chastity slave...

2. Hard...then soft!

This is one of my favorite ways to put him in chastity because it's such a fun little tease. Kind of like a lion playing with the gazelle.

I find another fun way to tease your slave is to make him hard then soft.

Being hard is one of the most annoying things when it comes to trying to fit in a chastity cage!

...So make a fun game out of it!

Stroke his cock, give him a little blowjob or footjob, etc.

When he gets hard, inform him that he will have a certain amount of time (say 2 minutes) to get soft and fit back into his chastity cage.

...and to make things a little more complicated, tease him by kissing him or caressing his skin with your nails to keep him hard.

Watch as he struggles to think non-sexy thoughts to get soft and fit back into his cage!

Inform him that if he doesn't get back into his cage in time, you will add another week to chastity.

Bet that will make him super nervous and get that blood pressure spiking up!

3. Icy hot

One really fun way to make your slave put on the chastity cage is to make it a bit painful!

After all, what's life without a little challenge right? :)

Well, this idea will be kind of cruel to be honest...

Rub some icy hot on your slave's cock and balls. Not too much as you really only need a little (just a small dab the size of a small coin) to achieve the desired effect.

Anyways, give it around 30 - 60 seconds and he should start feeling the pain around his cock and balls!

After he begins to feel it, let him know that he will have 60 seconds to put the cage on, hand you the key, and kneel before your feet...otherwise he will be severely punished!

Watch him squirm around trying to put the keys on. It will be the funniest thing you see all day!

You can make it even more humiliating by recording him trying to put the cage on while his balls are hurting!

4. Just stuff the cage on...

Usually when your slave is hard, it is impossible to get the cage on him...but not today!

Today, you are going to jam his cock in there even if he's hard!

After all, having a hardon should be no excuse to be free from chastity. In fact, it should just be another reason to lock him up!

Now, this may require a little bit of work on your part, but even when he is hard, you can still press the cock cage inward enough to line up the grooves to put the lock in.

I find that locking your slave even while he is hard is something every dominant woman should do.


Well, it REALLY shows him that you own him.

That even when his cock is hard, you own it and will lock it up just because you can.

And it's a fun "little" challenge too - pun intended :)

5. CBT before putting on the cage

Another fun way to put the chastity cage onto your partner is to do a little ballbusting/cbt beforehand!

Not only is this super fun, but it also allows you to "tenderize" his manhood.

What could be more fun? :)

Take some time to squeeze or punch his balls lightly. And don't be afraid to tease him about it too.

For example, you can tell him that you won't stop the CBT session until he begs you to lock up his dick!

What a change in his tune, right? I wonder how much pain he will be able to take until he gives in and starts begging you to lock up that dick!

10 Exciting Ways To Put Your Partner In Chastity

6. Put him in chastity in front of an audience

Another fun way to lock up your partner is to do it in front of an audience.

This really adds to the humiliation aspect of chastity.

Just be sure the parties you are involving in this are consenting to this. After all, it is wrong to subject something to your kinks and fetishes without their consent! do you do this?

And this can be done in a number of ways

For example, you can lock your slave in front of your bull before you fuck him. I think this is my favorite idea because it 10xes the humiliation factor!

In addition, you can also tease your cuck slave about being locked up while he gets to fuck you!

You can also lock up your husband in chastity in front of a girlfriend. That would be super fun, wouldn't you think? :)

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

7. Have another man put him in chastity

This idea is pretty similar to the last one, but with a slight twist!

Instead of you locking your partner in chastity, have your bull do it!

After all, what could be more humiliating than being locked in chastity by the man fucking your wife? hehe...

Oh and after your bull finishes locking cuckboy, have him keep the keys for a few days.

That will really up the humiliation factor and be a ton of fun.

And hey, it's just another excuse to go to his place to get the keys back, right? :)

Combining chastity and cuckolding is always a fun thing to do!

8. Give him a tormenting tease

Here's a really fun chastity game that you can play with your partner...

The game is pretty simple:

Give your cuck 2 - 3 minutes to put on the cage.

Sound simple, right? Well, things are not always so simple when it comes to femdom!

You will spend the entire time teasing him to try to keep him hard as he tries to put on the cage. The only rule is that you are not allowed to touch his genital's (cock and balls) in any way.

Instead, you will have to tease other parts of his body.

For example, you can twist and pinch and bit his nipples. You can kiss him.

...or you can shove a dildo up his ass!

Try to keep him as hard as possible so he fails his mission :)

9. Make him do it blindfolded

This is one of my favorite ideas...

One of the funniest things to do is to make your slave put on his chastity cage while blindfolded!

Put all of the pieces of the cage in front of him (the ring, the cock cage itself, and the keys).

Then, blindfold your slave by putting your panties over his eyes and stuffing his mouth with your socks.

Set a timer for 2 minutes.

Then, order him to put on the cage and lock it during that time.

If he finishes it in time, you will take a week off his chastity sentence. If not, you will lock him up for an additional week.

That'll put a lot of pressure on him to get the job done in time!

P.S. if blindfolding isn't your thing, you can also make him put on the cage with just one hand (his non-dominant hand). This also creates a fun challenge :)

10. Peg him!

This final idea is for all the anal addicts out there!

So for this one you are going to need a strapon. If you don't have it, a simple dildo will suffice.

What you are going to do is peg your cuck in doggy and have him put the chastity cage on while he's getting fucked!

This will add an interesting challenge for him.

After all, if you're pounding him with your cock, his balls will probably be swinging all over the place!

I love this idea because it reinforces the idea of total power exchange. You are literally ordering him to put a cage on his cock while penetrating his man pussy!

Putting Your Husband In Chastity - Final Thoughts

Overall, putting your cuckold husband in chastity is a fun activity that shouldn't be glossed over.

Starting a new chastity lockup period on the right foot will make things go much more smoothly.

Hopefully these ideas inspired you to try something kinky and put your husband in a small chastity cage.

By the way, which idea was your favorite? Hit reply below and let me know!


  • i would like to experience all of them. just need the right Girlfriend

  • I love the audience idea, once I was spanked in front of an audience. I will let my new key holder read this blog. She may find something new to try. Humiliation and CBT are my favorites. Also, she loves my new pink pussy and pink collar with the bow and bell. it revs her up!

    Sissy Miki
  • I love the idea of locking my clit up in front of Her girlfriend really hot! They can both laugh at me while I’m doing it. Talk about humiliation!

  • Having the bull lock the cuckold back in chastity is my favorite one. But there’s a part missing. Yes it’s more humiliating for the guy fucking your wife to lock you in chastity and then take the key with when leaves but it will definitely be humiliating and provide entertainment for the wife and bull for the cuckold to show their appreciation and show thanks to their wife’s bull by getting on their knees and sucking the bull’s cock to completion and swallowing his cum at the end or better yet letting the bull bust his nut on your face then wearing it to the end of the day, 100 times more humiliating!

    Bitch Boi
  • My favorite idea is getting pegged while trying to put on my chastity cage or doing it in front of my key holders girlfriend and possibly her boyfriend too(if he is into it).
    Or at a nude beach, while I’m in my cage, there are four or five buckets of sand on the beach and one has the key. I’m given like five minutes to go thru the buckets, find the cage and lock myself up.


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