10 Chastity Key Humiliation Ideas: Male Chastity Humiliation For Your FLR

A lot of couples always ask us what to do once they have their husband/boyfriend locked in chastity.

Well, that's when the fun REALLY begins!

There's nothing like having your partner completely at your mercy and willing to do ANYTHING to get out of chastity.

From the submissive side, the desperation is exhilarating. And from the dominant side, the power exchange is such a rush!

One of the fun games you can play is teasing your partner with his chastity key. Add a little erotic humiliation in there and you've just created some seriously hot foreplay!

Chastity Humiliation Ideas For Your FLR

This blog post will cover 10 super fun chastity key humiliation ideas for your female led relationship (FLR).

It'll include super fun male chastity humiliation games like:

  • Tease & denial
  • Mind fucking your slave/partner
  • Extreme male humiliation
  • Cum eating
  • ...and more!

With this list, you'll be able to control and have fun with your slave like never before :)

1. The ice block of freedom

One really fun way to play with your slave's chastity key is to freeze it with some water.

After it is stuck in a frozen block of ice, have your slave try and melt it with his body.

The fun part of this game is that you can make him melt the cube in a variety of fun and humiliating ways!

For example, you can order him melt it with his tongue by licking it slowly. In fact, you can have him pretend that he's licking your pussy!

If you really want to mind fuck your partner, have him melt it with his cock and balls! Talk about torture, right? :)

And one of my favorites is to put it between his butt cheeks and have him melt it that way! It's seriously the funniest thing ever...

The melting ice cube game is a great humiliation tool so use it to your amusement!

2. A prison for the key...

This is a great idea whether you are self locking or if you have a keyholder.

It's pretty simple idea and won't cost much. All you need is one of those clear hard plastic containers with a timed lock on it.

People use it in their kitchen to store cookies and other treats that they don't want to eat all of in one sitting!

Set the electronic lock for the length of your lock up period. If your lock up is 10 days, set it for 10 days.

Once you have it set up, throw your key inside and say goodbye until the lock pops open!

The beauty of this idea is that the key will be in plain daylight for your chastity slave to see!

He can touch the plastic all he wants and fiddle with the box, but he won't be getting out!

And the electric timer can be a cruel torment as well.

You know that say about how time slows down when you look at a clock? Well, it's kind of similar here!

So if you want to punish your chastity slave, order him to watch the countdown time on the lock to see when he's getting out!

3. Hand it to someone else!

One fun way to toy around with your partner's chastity key is to give it to someone else.

For example, let's say you're going out of town and you don't trust your husband/boyfriend with the key. Instead, you give it to your mom or your sister or a girlfriend!

Or maybe you are in a cuckold relationship and decide to give his chastity key to your bull until you meet up again for another dick appointment!

Giving his chastity key is a really fun way to spice things up in the relationship because often the key is held by you!

Just be sure you have a spare backup key around in case anything happens :)

4. Make him wear it

Okay this one is a really fun idea to mind fuck your husband/boyfriend.

I love games like this because it really fucks with his mind and that's the best way to play with a man, right? :)

Instead of being his keyholder this weekend, give him the key to hold himself.

Put the key on a necklace and put it around his neck. Inform him that he can touch the key all he wants but he is not allowed to unlock himself under any circumstance.

Leave him to his own devices while you go do your own thing.

He will inevitably try to unlock himself because he'll get horny. But what you failed to mention is that you gave him the WRONG key!

One fun thing you can do is to try to record a video of him trying to use the fake key to escape!

Catching him red handed like that is such a thrill. Kind of like a bird hunting her prey!

You can set up hidden "nanny cams" around the house for this purpose.

5. Put it on your pet

Another way to really humiliate your chastity slave is to put his chastity key on a pet's collar.

For example, if you have a dog or a cat, put the key on their collar!

This is funny because he will have to chase your pet around to get the key off!

This works great if you have a very active pet who doesn't like to sit still!

Give your slave a certain amount of time to get the key back (say 2 minutes). If he doesn't get the key back, he will remain locked in chastity for a few more weeks!

Gotta be faster next time, right? :)

10 Chastity Key Humiliation Ideas: Games For Your FLR

6. It's called recycling

One funny way to humiliate your partner his chastity key is to make him cum on it and lick it up!

And you won't be unlocking him from the cage for this.

That's right! You will be giving him a sissygasm in the cage.

Squeeze his balls and jam a vibrator against his cage. Then it's a matter of time before he squirts all over the cage!

And don't let that cum go to waste. After all, it's called recycling for a reason!

It's super healthy too because cum is packed full of protein!

After his cage is covered with his own cum, make him lick it clean. And then inform him that because he came you won't be unlocking him from the cage for at least another week!

7. Let's go dunking

Another thing you can do is make him go bobbing for his chastity key.

You remember that old Halloween game where you would bob for apples?

Well, this idea is a little similar!

Put his chastity key in a large container (like a storage tub) or in the bathtub.

Then put 5 or 6 other similar looking keys into the container/bathtub. Then fill it up with cold water.

It doesn't have to be ice cold, just cold enough for him to be uncomfortable when you make him bob for his keys!

Give him say 2 minutes to try to bob for as many keys as possible in order to pick the right one to escape from the cage!

This is a really fun game to play and will have you laughing all over the place!

8. Leave fake keys around

Another fun way you can really mind fuck your slave is to leave fake keys around the house for him to find.

For example, leave them around where you think he will snoop around.

For example, some ideas include:

  • In your nightstand
  • Around your computer
  • In the closet
  • In the basement...and so on

The idea is to see if he'll use the key to try to open himself!

When he finds out the key won't work he will be so disappointed and humiliated when he finds out what you did haha!

9. "Throw" it away

Has your slave pissed you off? Has he not been serving you well?

Well, one big mind game you can play on him is to "throw" away his chastity key.

For example, order him to kneel in the bathroom as you dangle the key in his face. Then, drop it into the toilet and flush it away!

Watch the look on his face. It's REALLY funny!

Obviously that will be a spare or fake key, but don't tell him that for a bit. It's a lot funnier to make him think his key is now gone forever!

Or if you are at the beach or near a river, you can throw the key into the water as well.

In fact, imagine throwing it off the side of a mountain!

As a keyholder, you have A LOT of responsibility when it comes to holding your partner's chastity key. So you NEVER want to try a game like this without having a spare key available or better yet, just use a fake one.

10. Use the key to tease & humiliate him

Using the chastity key itself to tease your partner is also a great idea!

For example, you can make him kneel down and kiss the key around your ankle. Make him beg to be released from that itty bitty cage!

Another thing you can do is insert the key into the lock, but don't turn it.

Make him beg and plead and list out reasons why he should be unlocked. Of course, you won't listen and will pull the key out right away!

Or you can do something else like tapping the key against his cage (I find that this works better with steel cages).

Talk dirty to him while you do this as well. For example, you can say things like:

  • "Can you feel the key against your cage?"
  • "I bet you want to get out so bad..."
  • "What if I don't let you out today? Would you cry?"

Male Chastity Key Humiliation Ideas - Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a lot of chastity key humiliation ideas for you to try in your FLR.

The list can be endless! That's what makes chastity so much fun.

Once you try chastity in your relationship, it's REALLY hard (no pun intended) to go back to the way things were before!

Anyways, we hope you have fun with these ideas :)

P.S. which idea do you want to try the most? Let us know in the comments!

Oh and if you want MORE naughty ideas like this, check out one of our best selling books!


  • Freeze the key in an icecube and shove it up their ass. Make them look for the key

  • I’m blessed with the generosity of my wife, she rarely use the bird cage on me, I’m required to be plugged every time she is with her lover but I’m free to masturbate as long as I do it in private. The only time I’m locked in my cage is when she play me with the strapon in front of her lover so he can see for his amazement how I cum with out touching.

  • Iv asked for my keys to be flushed in the loo but she likes to ball bust me so we need to take it off now and again 😊

  • I made my hotgirlfriend a slinky chain link belt with a short length of chain attached. The key was on the end of the short length of chain and would bounce around tickling her clit while I was forced to watch her ride her bull reverse cowgirl! She would cum so hard whilst I lay face first in front of her in complete and utter AGONY! HOT!!!!


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