Transform Your Hubby Into A Submissive Cuckold: 8 Kinky Ideas

There are few things more rewarding than transforming your hubby/boyfriend into an obedient cucky.

In fact, it's oddly satisfying seeing how submissive you can make him to you with just the power of hotwifing!

Now, obviously the best way to turn your cuck more submissive is to lock him in chastity. So this blog post will be focused more on cucky tasks/scenarios where you can emasculate him and take him down a peg.

This blog post will discuss:

  • How to make your cuckold serve your bulls
  • Ways to turn your hubby/boyfriend into an obedient and submissive cuckold
  • How to mind fuck and tease him into submission

Make Him Call Another Man "Daddy" or "Master"

One of the best ways to turn your cuckold hubby more submissive is to have him call another man "Daddy" or "Master".

I prefer this more to "Sir" because it is way more humiliating.

For example, imagine you are getting fucked on the bed. Your cucky has to repeat "thank you for fucking wife, Daddy" over and over again!

Or imagine this: your bull comes over for a dick appointment and your cucky bows down and kisses his shoes and greets his Master.

There are few things more emasculating than this!

Wash Another Man's Clothes

Imagine this: you invite your bull over for a dick appointment and he brings some dirty laundry over.

Inform your cucky that he has to wash your lover's clothes while you are having sex!

And to make things even more humiliating, have him hand wash them so it is more labor intensive!

What could be more humiliating than washing another man's clothes while he's fucking your wife?

It's a great use of your cucky to give him a submissive task like this. Might as well make him useful, right? :)

Dress Your Hubby Into A Sissy Bitch

Having your cucky dress up as an obedient sissy is also a great way to emasculate him and turn him more submissive.

There are a few ways to go about this...

First, you can put him into a French maid uniform and have him serve drinks and snacks for you and your bull before/after having sex.

Or you can also make him wear nothing but a lacy pair of pink thongs to go with his chastity cage.

Take away his masculinity and it will be much easier to make him into a submissive drone.

Cucky Foot Worship

One of my favorite cuckold sex positions is having your cucky lay at your feet while you make out with your lover.

Not only does this establish that he's beneath the two of you (figuratively and literally), but it's also a great way to make him worship your feet!

Have him cycle between kissing/smelling each of your feet. It doesn't get more submissive than this!

This will be the extent of his sex life this evening :)

Transform Your Hubby Into A Submissive Cuckold 8 Kinky Ideas

Smell Your Lover's Underwear

Turn your cucky submissive for another man by having him sniff his underwear!

Ideally this would be after a long gym session so he takes in the wonderful scent of a real man.

Or you can have your cucky smell your bull's underwear and yours combined while fucking. That way he can smell both of you!

Just have him roll up your underwear into a ball and smell it like he's desperate for oxygen.

A third idea is to use your underwear as a cum rag and have your cucky clean it up after sex. After all, it's a great source of protein.

Give Away His Chastity Key

Switch things up again by giving away your cuckold hubby's chastity key.

For example, you can give his chastity key to your mother and send him off to serve her for a weekend doing chores and errands.

Or you can also give it to one of your girlfriends for an evening. Let's say she's going out on a date. Well, you can have him be the sober driver and chauffeur her around all day long.

But, I think one of the most humiliating things is for your bull to hold your cuck's chastity key.

This is perfect for planning your next dick appointment. He will hold your cuck's chastity key until he plans a romantic staycation for the two of you.

Porn + Chastity "Torture"

One of my favorite ways to tease a cucky is to make him watch porn while locked in chastity.

After all, just because he's all locked up doesn't mean he can't watch other people have fun, right? :)

So, make sure he's in a comfortable spot to watch at least 30 - 60 minutes of curated porn. Use the porn to re-program him into being an obedient drone for you!

For example, if you want to train him to become an submissive cock sucker for you, have him watch some forced-bi porn to train him to love it.

Spit On Him!

I have always thought that spitting on someone was a great way to exert your dominance. And this submissive cuckold idea will be no different!

Order your cuckold slave to his knees and you and your lover will take turns spitting on him

Do it until you cover his entire face with your saliva.

Then, have him keep it on his face until it dries up.

Final Thoughts

Overall, turning your hubby/boyfriend into an obedient and submissive cuckold is a ton of fun.

Hopefully these ideas will provide you a ton of fun over the next few weekends.

And remember, he will be MUCH more submissive and loving when you have him locked up too!

So readers, what other ideas would you have to make your cucky more submissive? Let me know in the comments!

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