Using Your Husband As A Sissy Maid In Chastity: The Ultimate Sissy Guide

Ever wanted a maid in chastity serving your every need?

Well, the best solution is to transform your husband/boyfriend into an obedient sissy bitch for you!

Trust me, it's so much fun to lock his dick up, dress him up in a French maid uniform, and having him slave around.

In fact, I argue it's one of the great joys of a FLR.

This blog post will cover:

  • Why you should lock your husband in chastity and make him your sissy maid
  • How to have your sissy maid serve obediently
  • Establishing house rules for your maid

Let's talk about how to make your husband/boyfriend into your sissy maid bitch!

What Is A Chastity Maid?

A chastity maid is when you lock your husband in chastity and make him wear a maid outfit (such as a French maid uniform).

His sissy uniform will usually consist of a few parts a chastity cage along with the French maid uniform.

The French maid uniform typically includes:

  • A headband
  • Dress
  • An apron
  • Gloves
  • ...and more!

These French maid sissy uniforms are black/white or pink. Personally, I love the black and white look of the traditional ones.


Why Keep Your Husband As A Sissy Maid In Chastity?

So why do you want to keep your husband as a sissy maid in chastity?

Well, there are a few reasons.

First, making him a sissy maid will turn him into a good submissive for you. When you feminize him like this, you take the last of his masculinity!

Once you do that, he becomes A LOT more submissive and easier to control. It's TRULY a beautiful thing.

The second reason is that making him wear a sissy maid uniform is such good erotic humiliation!

If your partner has a humiliation kink, becoming a sissy maid is definitely something to experience.

Sissy Tasks For Your Chastity Maid

So, what kinds of things can you have your sissy maid do for you?

Well, the answer is pretty much anything haha.

From cleaning around the house to fluffing cocks for you, here are some fun things to do with your bitch...

1. Clean the house

What does a maid typically do?

Clean around the house!

That's why one of my favorite ways to utilize my maid in chastity is to give him (or her) chores.

Here are some of my favorite sissy chores around the house:

  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Dusting around the house
  • Wiping the windows
  • Vacuuming around
  • Cleaning my heels with his/her tongue
  • Cooking dinner
  • Doing the dishes
  • Laundry
  • Mowing the lawn
  • ...and so much more!

The chores you can give your sissy cuck are pretty much endless!

After all, as the Queen around the house you shouldn't have to lift a finger when you have a maid in chastity serving you!

Using Your Husband As A Sissy Maid In Chastity: The Ultimate Sissy Guide

2. Serving Guests

The great thing about having a maid in your home is that you can have him serve your guests!

Have a hot stud coming over for a long fuck session? Have your sissy maid serve you!

This can be something simple like making drinks, making the bed, and much more.

Or maybe you have your girlfriends coming over for a girls night in.

Well, what better way to spend the night than having your sissy maid wait on you hand and foot?

Think spa day with your sissy maid locked in chastity and serving wine and appetizers in her little French maid costume.

Or maybe you have your mother coming over. In that case, your maid can serve her as well.

It's a total power trip to have your sissy maid serve guests at your command. You just feel SO powerful!

You have to experience it to believe it :)

3. Cleaning Up "Messes"

One of the main duties of your sissy maid should be to clean up messes.

This doesn't just mean doing the dishes or cleaning up after cooking...

I think you know what I'm getting at here :)

After all, a sissy maid locked in chastity should be ready to eat cum!

Using your sissy maid as a cum rag is so much fun. Having him watch a hot stud fuck you and then clean up the mess is amazing.

There's just something so erotic about it.

Make him clean up the sheets, change them, and make the bed again for round 2.

4. Sissy Maid Entertainment

As I mentioned previously, one fun way to use your sissy maid is to have him serve your guests.

Well, another way is for them to entertain your guests as well!

What does this mean?

Well, you can train your sissy maid to do party tricks.

One of my favorite is to have him show off his dance skills.

Play some sexy music and have your sissy maid dance/twerk for you. If you have a stripper pole in the house, you can make him show you his moves!

Having entertainment for your guests is part of being a great host. And a sissy maid definitely delivers on that part.

5. Be A Fluffer

The final way to use your maid in chastity is to have him fluff cocks for you.

After all, a sissy should be trained to suck cock like a pro!

Fluffing your studs/lovers is a great way to use him!

Make sure he keeps your cocks hard and satisfied in between sessions. Also, having him clean up the mess is also part of the job.

Use his mouth as you wish. That's why you have a chastity maid, after all!

Best Chastity Maid Outfits want to transform your cuckold into the perfect sissy maid?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Cuck In Chastity has a variety of sexy French maid sissy costumes for your husband/boyfriend.

Our French maid costumes are very authentic and most come with 3 pieces:

  • A headband
  • An apron
  • And a dress

Our sissy maid outfits come in both black/white and pink/white colors. Your little sissy maid will look great wearing one of these sets while locked in chastity.

Check out our sissy maid collection here!


Using Your Husband As A Sissy Maid In Chastity - Final Thoughts

Overall, having a sissy maid in chastity at your beck and call is a godsend.

Not only will your chastity maid do the chores around the house, but you can also have a lot of fun with him/her.

You can have your sissy maid entertain guests, you can humiliate them, and you can even play dress up with them.

The possibilities are endless.

So readers, what do you think about the idea of a sissy maid?

Would you want to be one?

Would you ever have one serving in your house?

Let me know in the comments!


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