7 Mother In Law Chastity Domination Ideas

When it comes to chastity, one of the biggest fantasies for many guys is the "evil mother-in-law" - that is their mother in law holding their chastity key (at least for a day).

In fact, if you search on Reddit, Tumblr, or Google you'll find lots of mother in law chastity captions.

While this fantasy isn't for everyone, I think it can definitely be a fun mother/daughter activity.

After all, having your chastity key held by two dominant women definitely makes things more interesting...

So, here are 7 super fun mother in law chastity domination ideas...

1. Take MIL shopping

A fun way to have your chastity partner serve your mother (his mother-in-law) is to have him take her shopping!

How much fun would that be!!

Take her shoe and clothes shopping. He will be waiting on her hand and foot like a good son-in-law. All the while knowing that she has his chastity key...

This is chastity servitude at its finest level.

And you know your slave will be blushing and so humiliated at the same time.

If you want to make things a little more humiliating, you can also have your slave wear panties (like a sexy pink thong) while taking her shopping!

2. Massage her feet

There are many ways to have your chastity slave serve his mother in law...

I already talked about shopping, but what about massaging her feet? I think this definitely fits into the evil mother in law fantasy narrative.

This could include things like massaging her feet after a long day of shopping.

Or if you want to get a little more kinky, you can have your slave worship her feet like a true sub. Kiss them, massage them, and worship them like a good little chastity footslave.

3. Give her a spare key for safe keeping

As I have mentioned in the past, keeping spare chastity keys around is a great idea. Sometimes your main key gets lost no matter how closely you keep it around.

A spare key ensures that you will always have a backup. And I think you know where I'm going with this idea...

One super fun idea is to have your MIL hold a spare chastity key...you know for safe keeping!

For example, you can have your wife/partner hold one key and her mother hold the other one. This would definitely be kinky and super humiliating, wouldn't you agree? :)

Instead of one keyholder, you will have two!

By the way...the Cuck Cage is the perfect steel cage to play around with this idea.


Well, because , the cage comes with 2 separate locks! This way you can have two keyholders :)

4. Chastity training together

Another fun and kinky activity would be to be trained by your partner together with your mother in law.

In other words, you will have 2 keyholders from now on!

Imagine this...

You will have to serve two dominant women: your wife/girlfriend and your mother-in-law!

With two women training you, it'll only be a matter of time until you become fully submissive and molded into the perfect "man".

7 Mother In Law Chastity Domination Ideas

5. Sissy training

Another way to have fun is to have your mother-in-law turn you into a sissy maid and serve her around the house.

You have to dress the part though!

This includes pantyhose, the dress, the headband, etc.

Luckily, Cuck In Chastity has many of these sissy maid costumes in traditional black and pink colors!

Anyways, you will be put to work around the house...

This includes things like:

  • Vacuuming the floors (or mopping them)
  • Cleaning bathroom
  • Cleaning the mirrors
  • Taking out the trash
  • And yes, even cooking!

Talk about a strict mother in law, right? haha

6. Cook for her

Another way to have your chastity slave serve his mother-in-law is to send him there early in the morning to cook breakfast for her.

It's simple things like this that make you really appreciate the benefits of chastity.

Not only does this train him to be submissive, but it also makes him useful as well.

Obviously this requires some cooking skills, but nothing that can't be learnt!

And you have him do other chores beyond cooking too - things like mowing the lawn, running errands in the city (like shopping for groceries), and more!

7. Have him serve on spa day!

The final idea for this mother in law chastity domination list is spa day!

The idea is to have you and your mother do an at home spa day. This way you can have your slave husband serve you hand and foot!

This includes things like getting towels, serving drinks, and anything else that you may need.

After all, having a man slave for you is one of the benefits of chastity, right? :)

Mother In Law Chastity Domination Ideas - Final Thoughts

Overall, bringing your mother in law (MIL) into the chastity fun isn't something for everyone.

But it can definitely be fun if you do it the right way.

So readers what do you think? Did you enjoy these ideas? Or were they a little too kinky?

Let me know in the comments!



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