8 Extreme Cuckold Ideas: Ways To Humiliate Your Cucky Even More

Humiliation is something that most cuckolds more or less love and crave (to varying degrees).

After all, one of the reasons why cuckolding is so enticing is knowing your wife is fucking other men regularly.

I've already talked about cuckold public humiliation in the past...

But this post will specifically focus on extreme ideas: ideas that will make you think once or twice before going through with it...

This blog post will discuss:

  • Extreme cuckold humiliation ideas
  • Tasks and ideas for your hotwife relationship

1. Turn Your Cucky Into A Toilet Slave

It's time to your cuckold into an obedient toilet slave!

Give him a golden shower first thing in the morning and train him to love that smell and to drink it as well.

If you really want to take it a step further, turn him into a toilet for your bulls too.

Doesn't get more extreme than this, right?

Imagine your cucky taking a golden shower from you and your bull before you have sex! Leave him to dry in the bathroom while you make passionate love in the bedroom.

2. Create A Steamy OnlyFans Account Together

Create an OnlyFans account with your cucky.

More and more couples are creating OnlyFans accounts with a hotwife/cuckold theme.

Not only is this a great way to "humiliate" your cucky a little, but it's also great for:

  • Meeting like-minded people in the community
  • Exploring your sexuality and trying new things
  • And of course, making some money.

3. Feed Him Cum For Breakfast

Spice up your slave's morning coffee with a "cum cocktail". It will consist of his usual coffee, but with an extra shot of his own cum.

Think of it as a creamy and salty addition to his morning cup of joe.

If you want to make it even more humiliating, save some condoms from your lovers and freeze them. This way you can slip them into his coffee.

Of course fresh cum is always the best, but frozen cum will have to be a close second.

4. Write A Cuckold Poem Or Story

Have your cucky write a poem about you and your bull having sex.

And no, not some roses are red and violets are blue crap. A REAL poem.

Not only will this make him all horny while you have him locked in chastity, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

He'll have to really dig deep into his creative side!

Oh and I forgot to mention until now...but he'll have to read the poem to you and your bull!

If you want to be even more humiliating, you can have your cucky write a short erotica story instead...

5. Rimming Your Bull

What could be more humiliating than rimming your wife's lover as a cuckold?

...not much, I guess :)

When you are fucking in missionary, order your cuck to bury his nose and tongue deep down your bull's ass and savor the taste/smell.

His dick is too small to get involved with sex, so this is the next best thing for him!

6. Get A Chastity Piercing

Getting a chastity piercing is pretty much as serious as it gets!

Now, obviously talk about getting one with your partner ahead of time and always go to a reputable studio to get work done. Ask around and do some research about the procedure.

However, getting a chastity piercing is a great extreme cuckold idea.

It will make your slave's chastity cage a lot more secure.

And between you and me, a pierced cock always looks soooo sexy.

Oh and one interesting fact I read about online: Romans would sometimes pierce their slave's cocks...

7. Have Your Bull Cum On Your Cuck's Chastity Cage

This is probably my favorite extreme cuckold idea.

Have your bull cum on your cuckold's chastity cage. Think about how humiliating this will be from his point of view...

He'll have to take a cum load from his wife's lover and feel that warm jizz all over!

Don't let your cucky wash it off. No, you want it to dry slowly so your cucky hubby can smell/feel it all day long.

8. Record Sex From Your Bull's POV

I've always been a fan of cuckold porn and the final idea will focus on that...

Instead of sending your cucky some sexy videos (or photos) of your adventures, have your lover do it instead.

Your bull will record some a few sex scenes from his point of view and text it to your hubby/boyfriend.

Imagine your cucky getting that text from an unknown number and opening it up to see you getting plowed on the bed by BBC!

What a wonderful surprise that would be...

Extreme Cuckold Ideas - Final Thoughts

If you want to try some extreme cuckold ideas with your partner, I hope this blog post was helpful in inspiring something naughty.

So readers, which idea do you think is the naughtiest? And which one do you want to experience the most?

Let me know in the comments!


  • My girlfriend likes to take me to the grocery store and make me buy an extra large cucumber and a tube of hemorrhoid cream from the prettiest young check-out girl !!! OMG !!! It’s so embarrassing and exciting !!!

  • Very hot… 1, 3 & 7 please

  • i wish I dad married an extremely dominant female and She had made me her lifelong slave watching he with others male and female Being the toilet at her coffee mornings!!

  • My public humiliation started off fairly mild, benign and private, but is ever evolving and increasingly extreme. Initially when we (my hotwife, her bull and I) would go to adult stores, we wore t-shirts. Hers said HOTWIFE, her bull’s said HER BULL, mine said HER CAGED CUCKOLD, mine eventually replaced to say HER CUM EATING CAGEDCUCKOLD. I would be required to stand by the door completely visible to customers entering and leaving while they shopped. Once they brought their purchases to the counter, my wife would tell the clerk loudly enough for all ro hear that her cuckold husband would pay. Initially we wore them to adult stores, but now we wear them to select public places such as busy shopping venues and malls. Our circle of friends to which I have been outed started with more distant friends but is closing in on our closer fridnds. I am continuously required to be on the bottom of a 69 with her as her bull fucks her and forcing me to watch his balls pulsate as he pumps his semen into her, then her sitting directly over my mouth, dripping it in for me to swallow. I am allowed one ruined orgasm per month to keep Mt semen level low. As I said, my humiliation is constantly evolving so I can expect it to become increasingly more embarrassing and extreme.

    Mark Reed

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