Cuckold Public Humiliation Ideas To Get Those Panties Wet

Anything that has to do with cuckold public humiliation is soooo sexy and exhilarating.

There's something thrilling about "being caught" or outed in public, that gets the juices flowing...

So if you are interested in adding a little humiliation play to your cuckold relationship, this is the blog post for you!

There are so many naughty things you can really do to drive your cucky crazy.

You know, things like flirting with other men in front of him or bringing him along as a third wheel on a sexy dinner date!

This blog post will cover:

  • Naughty public cuckold humiliation ideas for your FLR
  • Different methods and styles of public humiliation for your cucky
  • How to tease & torment your hubby/boyfriend in public to really make him squirm

1. Make Him Wear A Humiliating T-Shirt

The first cuckold public humiliation idea is to make your cucky wear a humiliating shirt!

For example, you can have him wear a shirt that says “Cuckold” or "Cucky".

Or if you really want to up the humiliation factor, have him wear a “Cuck In Chastity” hoodie!

It’s pretty discreet for more vanilla people. But for people who are really into the lifestyle, you might get a few responses that you were not expecting!

I love this idea because it's super simple but may cause your hubby/boyfriend a lot of embarrassment.

Do you think your cucky has the balls of steel to wear something like this? :)

2. Chastity At The Adult Resort Or Nude Beach

Another way to experience public cuckold humiliation is to have your cucky wear his chastity cage in a semi-public place.

This can be somewhere like a nude beach or a nudist/adult resort (I'm a big fan of these, by the way).

Even though people in those areas may be desensitized to a little nudity, seeing a man wearing a chastity cage while his wife flirts with other men might turn a few heads!

The great thing about being in an adult resort, is you can meet swingers or other people interested in the lifestyle.

There's something exciting about meeting like minded kinky people and humiliating your cucky at the same time.

Plus, these are great places to flirt around and cuckold your man with.

And speaking of flirting...

3. Flirt With Other Men

Another way to publicly humiliate your cucky is to flirt with other guys in front of him.

For example, let’s say you are at dinner and the waiter is very hot.

You can flirt with him (whether it be verbal, or physical by touching and getting handsy with him) and ask for his number in front of your husband.

Or maybe you are at a hotel and see a hot guy at the bar...

Go and make the first move and invite him back to the room for a "drink or two"!

Everyone will be wondering what is going on as your husband holds your purse and walks behind you and the hot stud obediently like a puppy with his tail between his legs :)

Cuckold Public Humiliation Ideas To Get Those panties Wet

4. Attend Social Events As The "Third Wheel"

One of my favorite ways to publically expose a cucky is to take him as a third wheel on a social date function.

For example, you can have him tag along and hold your bag while you go to your stud’s work holiday party.

Or you can go to a fancy dinner together and not let your cucky eat at all while at the table.

People will see you two eating and wondering why the third person is not eating and it may even garner a few smiles and laughs!

And the great thing about this is you can make your cucky serve as the chauffeur on these dates. Plus, you'll always have a sober driver on duty.

5. Get Physical In Front Of Your Cucky

Speaking of being the third wheel…kissing other men in front of your hubby/boyfriend is also a great way to mix things up!

Other people will be wondering why you’re with two men at once, or why you have your hubby holding your hand while you kiss another man.

If you are uncomfortable with kissing, getting handsy is also a great idea!

For example, you can brush his hair, hold his hand, caress his shoulders/chest, etc. - basically anything that involves physical flirting (without kissing or sex haha).

Just the idea of this should get your juices running!

6. Sissy Cuck Public Humiliation...

This is one of my favorite public humiliation ideas because it is so intense!

Have your cuck dress up in his sissy outfit: dress, wig, heels, and everything else he needs to look sexy and slutty.

Then, have him go out to the mall or bar or a public place and ask out hot studs for you as your “girlfriend”.

The humiliation of this idea has to be off the charts!

How many numbers/dates do you think he'll be able to secure for you?

7. Dinner Date Footsie

As I have mentioned before, one of the best ways to cuckold and humiliate your hubby/boyfriend is to flirt with his friends.

So for this next idea, invite one of his friends over for an intimate dinner together.

And while you’re eating together, slip off your heels at the table and play footsie with his friend.

Gauge his reaction.

Was he surprised? Did he like it and reciprocate/play along?

Good! Then take things up a notch and play with his crotch from under the table.

The entire time your husband just has to sit by and do nothing!

Final Thoughts

Overall, humiliating your cucky in public is a great way to enhance cuckold play beyond the bedroom.

It's really thrilling to expose/out him, not only for the fun, but to prove to him that you own him in pretty much every imaginable way.

So...what do you think of this list? And what ideas would you like to add?

Let me know in the comments!


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  • Have him wear womens shorts or a womens half shirt. Make sure his body is hairless first

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  • i love being my wifes cuck,, doing everything she needs,, being the third wheel is my favorite cleaning him under the table is so rewarding

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    gregory (slave name is Hayleigh)

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