Sissy Cuck Slave Ideas: 10 Humiliating Ways To Dominate Him

Looking for some sissy cuck ideas to dominate your slave hubby? Well, you've come to the right place!

Cuckold and sissy play is one of my favorite things because you can mix in humiliation, pegging, and so much more fun activities.

Plus, there's nothing quite like emasculating a grown man and turning him into an obedient sissy bitch, right? :)

This blog post will cover:

  • Ways to erotically humiliate your sissy cuck
  • Naughty ideas to have your sissy serve
  • And fun ways to emasculate him

Alright, let's get started...

1. Permanent Chastity In A Small Pink Cage

A good sissy cuck must be locked in chastity.

After all, he must be denied AND humiliated.

Plus, locking him in a small cage long-term will help shrink that "dick".

And if you want to be extra humiliating and take that last shred of his masculinity, make sure to lock him in a small pink pussy cage!

The CIC Pussy Cage Collection is perfect for this...

Pussy Cage Collection

Permanent chastity (or at least long-term chastity) is great for training your sissy cuck.

He must learn that your pleasure is his pleasure. And watching you have sex is the closest thing he'll ever come to real sex.

2. Suck Off A BBC Together

Go on the prowl together with your sissy cuck.

Go to the lobby/bar of a fancy hotel or a dive bar....

Try to find a sexy BBC stud that you can suck off together.

If you want to have a real intimate experience, take a cum shot to the face together! Then make out and lick the cum off each other's faces.

Now, that's romance, right? :)

P.S. make sure your sissy cuck has been training his BJ skills so he doesn't embarrass you (or himself).

3. Introduce Him As Your Sissy Slut

Start introducing your cucky to people as your sissy.

You can do this at:

  • Fetish and BDSM parties
  • Dates with your lovers/bulls
  • ...or even jokingly in public places (i.e. to a waitress at the restaurant)

And you can even introduce him to your girlfriends when you invite them over for tea, dinner parties, or sleepovers.

A little public humiliation and outing your cuck is always a great way to help him embrace his inner sissy!

4. Whore Him Out Publicly

One of the best ways to use your sissy cuck is to whore him out!

Advertise his cock sucking services on Twitter or Reddit. Or if you want someone to peg him, offer up his asshole!

You can even take him to a local glory hole and see if anyone is interested...

Turning him into a slutty sissy cuck for you is part of the fun of owning him!

And whoring him out like this just reinforces that he's YOUR property to do as you wish :)

5. Prepare For A Double Date Together

What's better than a date? A double date of course!

Plan a double date with two hot studs with your sissy cuck.

Take the day and get ready together. This means: going to the salon, getting a bikini wax, and getting dressed up.

Then, talk about how you are going to please your studs together.

Turning him into "one of the girls" is so much fun, wouldn't you agree?

Sissy Cuck Slave Ideas: 10 Humiliating Ways To Dominate Him

6. The Real Sissy Cuck Experience

Have a bull coming over for a sexy dick appointment? Perfect...

Have your sissy cuck lie under the mattress (or bed frame) while you are fucking your stud!

Hearing your moans while feeling the mattress bounce up and down will be the pinnacle of his "sex life".

After you are finished, have him clean up any mess from the bed!

If you don't have a bed where your sissy cuck can safely get under, you can also stuff him in the closet and have him peek through the blinds!

7. Sissy Chauffeur For Dates

One of the best things about having a sissy cuck is having a sober driver!

Now, you can drink all you want and not worry about stupid Uber surge pricing.

For your next date, have your sissy cuck dress up in a sexy French maid outfit.

Then, have him chauffeur you and your date to several spots while you make out and touch each other in the backseat like horny teenagers.

Tease your sissy cuck as he's driving. Send him sexy pictures from the bar/restaurant while he's waiting to pick you up again.

8. Fuck Him Together

Want to really give your sissy cuck a humiliating experience that he'll never forget?

Then, fuck him together with your bull!

Each of you will take one hole...

For example, have him blow off your bull, while you peg him hard with a strapon.

Getting "used and abused" like a sissy whore is definitely a bucket list worthy experience for all sissy cucks :)

9. Sissy Photo Shoot

Shopping is always one of my favorite things. That's why taking your sissy cuck shopping is a great idea!

You need to expand his wardrobe with more styles/colors of panties, pantyhose, lingerie, and much more.

Once you have picked out his outfits, come home and do a photoshoot with them. Doing this will make it much easier for him to embrace his inner sissy.

Plus, you can also post the pictures to Twitter to show off!

10. Plugged & Put To Work

Insert a small butt plug (or anal bead set) into your sissy cuck. Then, give him a list of chores to do around the house.

Examples include: mopping the floor, cleaning the toilet, washing the windows, taking out the trash, etc.

The only rule is that he cannot let the butt plug fall out. And if he does, he will be spanked 20 times with a wooden paddle.

Let's see if he can finish this task like a good girl...

Sissy Cuck Slave Ideas - Final Thoughts

Overall, teasing, tormenting, and humiliating your sissy cuck is one of the great joys of life.

From pegging him to feminizing him, the possibilities are pretty much endless!

Hopefully you found this list to be helpful :)

P.S. which do you have any more naughty ideas that should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments!


  • Those are all good exciting ideas for sissy slave slave like me

    Angela Brown
  • I have worked for a mistress as a general maid and driven her to see clients and had to wait outside for an hour or more. That is a wonderful experience. However she now has a regular partner so all I get to do now i some housework but still in a maid uniform to it is still good

    Angela Brown
  • Something I enjoy with my mistress is after she takes a dump, she will leave herself a bit dirty then sit on my face and make me lick her clean.
    When I tell her she is clean back there she will wipe herself with a baby wipe then inspect the wipe. Any smears mean I receive a thorough spanking. Sometimes as an additional punishment my wife will put on a rubber glove and order me to bend over. Then she will give my arse a good finger-fuck, often squeezing my balls with her other hand.

    I adore my wife and doing the above with her always feels really intimate. I almost always eat her out afterwards.


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