Cuckold Trainer: 8 Ideas To Train Your Cuckold Husband

Interested in being a "cuckold trainer"?

Training your hubby to be the perfect cuckold husband is hard work, BUT it is totally worth it!

Having a man supportive of your extramarital adventures is so much fun....

And for many couples, a cuckold relationship is the next step of their FLR.

...but how exactly do you mold your man into an obedient cuckold? Well, that's what I'm going to be talking about today :)

This blog post will cover:

  • Cuckold trainer ideas so you can mold your hubby/boyfriend into the perfect cuck
  • Skills you should train your cuckold to master
  • Cuckold task ideas to keep your hubby busy

1. Suck Cock For You

If you want to train your husband to be a good cuckold, one of the primary things you must do is train him to suck cock.

It's SUCH an important skill for a cuck.

Plus, how hot would that be? Having your hubby suck cock for you on command!

Why is this a useful skill?

Well, first of all, you can use it as erotic humiliation/foreplay when playing with your bulls and lovers.

Second, you can make him fluff your lovers before sex sessions and also in between them.

Trust me, having your cuck suck cock for you is such a fun thing.

2. BBC/Anal Play

Do you have a BBC fetish?

Well, give your cucky husband one as well!

After all, he should be supportive of your fetishes, right?

How do you do this?

By pegging him with a big black strapon of course :)

If you don't have a strapon, you can also use a big realistic dildo like this.

There's just something funny (and erotic) about having your cuck take a black cock for you.

Plus, it's super frustrating to be pegged while locked in chastity. Do what you want with this information haha :)

This is definitely one of my favorite parts about cuckold training hehe.

3. Dress Him Like A Sissy

One of the cool perks of cuckolding your hubby is taking away his masculinity (in the bedroom or in other parts of your life).

That's why feminizing your cuckold husband is so much fun!

And one of the best ways to do this is to make him dress like a sissy.

You can do something simple like making him wear a pair of panties or something a little more dramatic like putting on a French maid outfit.

Imaging having him in a traditional black/white French maid costume serving you and your bull water after a long fuck session!

Or...him in a French maid outfit serving cocktails and drinks at a party with your friends/bull over.

That'll teach your cuckold where he belongs in the relationship :)

4. Lock Him In Chastity

Obviously chastity is a very important part of cuckold training.

Now, not all couples lock their cucks in chastity and it is certainly not a requirement.

However, I do think it is a very good idea.


Well first of all, it makes him more submissive for you.

When you control his chastity key, he will do anything to please you.

His needs come only second to you.

Secondly, denying your cuck while fucking another man in front of him really amplifies the genesis of cuckolding.

Not only are you fucking someone else, but you are denying him the opportunity to get hard or even jerk off too. It's pure frustration (in the best way possible).

Cuckold Trainer 8 Ideas To Train Your Cuckold Husband

5. Eat Pussy

Just like sucking cock, eating pussy is something that all cuckolds should be trained to do.

After all, if he can't please you with a small dick (that is locked in chastity), his tongue better make up for it!

Plus, he can lick you before and after a fuck session with your lovers.

And cleaning a creampie pussy can be his reward after bringing you to multiple orgasms. It's the dream life for any cuckold!

In addition, I find that locking him in chastity already makes him a better pussy eater hehe :)

6. Rename Your Hubby

As I have talked about before, renaming your cuckold or giving him a pet name is a great way to engage in erotic humiliation.

Not only that, but you'll feel like you REALLY own him. Strip him of his vanilla name and rename him however YOU want.

Giving him a name like "Cucky" or "Slave" will really reinforce the power exchange dynamics of your relationship.

It's something that should really make him hard and nervous at the same time...

7. Run Errands For Your Bull

What good is a cuckold if he can't run errands for you?

Things like picking up sexy lingerie, buying groceries for dinner, and anything else you wish can be super useful.

After all, a busy Goddess shouldn't have to worry about trivial things like that!

Aside from that, you can also train your cuckold to run errands for your bull.

For example, you can have him pick up your lover's dry cleaning before a sexy date and fuck session at a local hotel.

Or if you want to be a little more humiliating, you can have him clean your bull's car when he is over to fuck you.

How humiliating would that be :)

Plus, it keeps him busy when you want some alone time with your playmates.

8. Train Him In Practical Skills

Sucking cock and pussy eating aren't the only cuck training skills your man should develop.

He should also have practical skills such as massaging and cooking!

After all, after a long fuck session, getting a massage would be super relaxing.

Aside from that, he should also develop some cooking skills.

Just imagine your cuck cooking a romantic steak dinner for you and your bull before taking things into the bedroom...

A few YouTube cooking tutorials or a local massage class can level up his skills in these areas very fast.

Cuckold Trainer Ideas For Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Overall, cuckold training with your husband should be considered an INVESTMENT.

Yes, it requires a lot of work on your end, but you only need to train him once to reap the benefits for life, right? :)

Hopefully these ideas will be useful for your cuckold marriage.

So readers, do you think anything should be added to this list?

Let me know in the comments!


  • I have developed my cuck over the past two years and found once I had him in chastity everything changed. Wearing the key as a little pendant around my neck is a constant reminder as to who is in charge. Getting him into Sissy clothes was very easy afterwards but it was no good for me to be the driving force it had to come from within. When he saw the type of athletic men that I went for he realised he had no chance of having a traditional relationship so it came quite natural for him to start wearing panties, pantyhose, bras and maids dresses and referring to me as Miss Rachel and calling my bulls sir. I wanted him to try hard to be a good sissy so showed him how to apply makeup and paint his nails. He is now very accomplished so I get him to do my makeup for when my bulls come to the house for a fuck session. I believe your pegging suggestion is an excellent idea and it has played havoc with his male brain. I am now the penetrator and he his is the receiver. When I call him to the bedroom I notice he has groomed his hair, added a dash of perfume and touched up his lipstick and mascara. He becomes a total pansy.
    Getting him to do housework is now so easy due to his subservience and he works from a daily list of things to do. When my bull comes over I get him to change my bedding so I have fresh sheets, he washes not only the stained bedding but also hand washes my lingerie and my bulls underwear.
    None of my bulls do far have fancied the idea of him fluffing them but do like to see him clean my cunt out with his tongue after my bull has sown his seed in me.
    I do love my cuck but like to humiliate him in front of my bull by ordering him to do things, tell him not to disturb me when I’m getting fucked and as you say getting him to wash my bulls car and make an after fuck meal for us.
    One additional humiliation I like is to milk his little cock when out of chastity prior to washing and collecting his jism in a little pot to make ice cubes from. When he prepared my bull and I cold drinks in the summer I get him to add his special cummy cubes to his drink while we laugh and giggle watching him suck the cube in his mouth. So in summary I’m a big fan of your ideas and hope I’ve mentioned a few additional things that work for me x

  • My wife is into female lovers, what training method would be advisable to make me remain in sub space?

  • Already doing most of these for the wife and her “Daddy” Bull!

  • This covers it all in a few short paragraphs. The thing is, Nancy can you feel the required selfishness and even a little cruelty when you imagine doing this to me? Anything less would be me topping you from the bottom, Let’s see if they publish this and what will follow afterwords.

  • Thank you very much for these advises. I’They are very good. I know it as i was married by a Mistress for over 12 years and she exactly trained me all these things and some more like keeping the whole household, preparing all meals and breakfasts, washing, cleaning and serving all friends and invitees the way that ordered by her. And even having all my freedom after being divoreced i realized that i just want to get back in such a perfect relation. Respectful regards, chris


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