Cuckold Date Prep: 10 Ways To Prepare For The Ultimate Cuckold Experience

Cuckold date prep is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a cuckold!

After all, the little tasks you do for your wife/girlfriend and her lover REALLY drill it into your brain that it's going to happen.

And there's nothing like serving them as a lowly and obedient cuckold locked away in chastity.

This blog post will cover:

  • Cuckold date prep duties for obedient cuckolds
  • How to prepare your wife for her dick appointments (with BBC)
  • Naughty date prep ideas for your cuckold marriage

Ready to get cuckolded for real?

Good, then read on :)

1. Check On Restaurant Reservations

A good cuckold is basically like a personal assistant.

So if your wife and her bull want to go to a restaurant or bar, you’ll make reservations ahead of time!

After all, this is super easy for you to do and takes their mind off these trivial chores.

If they want a hotel reservation, you’ll do it too.

Sometimes they might not have an idea of a specific place, but maybe they want to go to a speakeasy type bar or a French restaurant.

In that case, you will research a bunch of places and compile a list for approval before making the reservation.

2. Pick Up His Dry Cleaning

When your wife has a hot date with another man, it’s up to you to make sure that he has his dry cleaning done!

After all, what could be more humiliating than having to pick up clothes for the man that’s going to be fucking your wife?

When you are at the mall picking them up, you’ll be thinking about what they’re doing all night long!

Don't screw this up unless you want to be punished...

3. Pick Up Make Up, Dresses, Etc.

As a cuckold on date prep, you’ll essentially be your wife’s bridesmaid!

So if she needs something for her date, you’ll do it!

If she needs makeup, you’ll be there to pick it up at the mall.

If she needs a new dress, you’ll go to the store to help her find one or you'll call a few places to check what sizes they have in stock.

You'll do whatever it takes to make sure the date goes smoothly for her.

4. Clean The House

This is probably one of the more important cuckold date prep duties on this list because it directly impacts the sexual experience!

Does your wife have a lover coming over for a sexy dick appointment?

Then, you are going to have to clean the house - which means you have a lot of chores!

This means moping the floors, cleaning the bathroom, changing the sheets and making sure extra are available.

...because you definitely know that they’re going to go through multiple sheets!

A clean house is a good house. And it's up to you as their cuckold slave to make it happen.

5. Buy Condoms

There’s nothing hotter than having to go pick up condoms after work at the drug store for your wife’s/girlfriend's date.

After a long day of working around, you’ll get that text message from her.

It’ll say something like “go pick up the condoms, cucky.”

You’ll be hard in your cage walking into the store to pick up those extra large condoms.

As you go home, you'll be imagining all the ways he's going to be fucking her while you leak!

Cuckold Date Prep 10 Ways To Prepare For The Ultimate Cuckold Experience

6. Help Take Pictures

As I have always said, a cuckold is the perfect chauffer.

Well guess what?

A cuckold also makes a good photographer!

Your wife will probably be exchanging naughty texts with her lover before the date.

It’s your job to take some sexy photos to get him all riled up!

Here are some sexy ideas:

  • Help her take a photo with her legs spread wide apart on the bed
  • Take a picture of the back of her sexy dress for the restaurant date
  • Film her sucking on a banana or cucumber

A little sexting like this will lead to some explosive results in the bedroom (pun intended)!

7. Bathing & Shaving

Helping your wife get ready is one of the great joys of the cuckold life.

Imaging drawing a nice, warm bath for her.

Then, you help her bathe and lather her up with soap.

After a little relaxation, you begin to shave her legs because you know how much her lover really loves her legs.

Serving your wife like this is one of the best things you can do as a cuckold and should be a part of any date prep.

8. Eat Her Out

Want to get your wife really horny for her lover?

Then, you MUST eat her out before her dick appointment!

The plan is to get her nice and wet before he arrives.

Then, when he leaves a tasty cum treat for you after the date, you can continue where you left off and clean it all up like a good sissy cuck :)

Ready to fulfill your duties like a good chastity cuck?

9. Prepare Water and Gatorade

One thing you need to do when you’re having a lot of sex is to stay hydrated.

After all, you are losing a lot of bodily fluids!

So make sure you stock up on water and Gatorade for your wife and her lover to enjoy between their sex marathon.

Keep their preferences in mind. Do they like it room temperature? Or chilled? What flavors should you get?

It's all about the little details.

10. Get Ready To Clean Up Any Messes

Finally, the last thing you should keep in mind is that you’ll be on cleanup duty.

And this goes beyond the obvious (of cleaning up any cum).

You’ll also need to clean any dirty messes like the dishes or changing the sheets, etc.

It's all about going above and beyond the call of duty when serving as a cuckold.

Think of yourself as their own personal butler.

Cuckold Date Prep - Final Thoughts

Overall, preparing for a date in your cuckold marriage should be something fun, exciting, and a little nerve racking!

Hopefully these ideas well help you plan your next cuckold outing better.

So readers, is there anything else you would add to this list?

Let me know in the comments :)

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  • I love getting my wife ready for a date with her bull(s). Seeing her dressed in sexy lingerie (that I bought for her) and knowing it’s not for my benefit is humiliating and exciting all at once – a true mind fuck. For me, his arrival is the most intense because it solidifies all of our roles, his as her bull(s), hers as a hotwife, and mine as cuckold husband.


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