8 Ways To Be A Good Chastity Slave

Just got locked in chastity by your wife/mistress/partner?

Well, now you're probably wondering about how to be a good chastity slave for your keyholder.

Good thing you found this blog post! Your servitude ONLY begins once you put the cage on!

Lots of men think they have what it takes to be a chastity sub, but to really please your keyholder you need to go above and beyond her expectations.

True happiness and pleasure comes from serving her. So I'm going to share 8 different ways to be a good chastity slave for your keyholder.

1. Don't ask to be unlocked constantly

This is probably the most important thing on this list! So if there's only one thing you should take away, it is this:

Do not bother her constantly about unlocking you!

One of the most annoying things you can do as a chastity slave is asked to be unlocked from chastity constantly!

Trust me, that will REALLY annoy your keyholder.

The rule of chastity is, unless it is an absolute emergency (i.e. medical), she will unlock you when SHE wants to!

Besides, if you have a chastity contract that stipulates a certain chastity release date, why are you asking her to be unlocked early?

There are only a few instances in which she would/should unlock you from chastity early!

Unless your keyholder specifically asks you to beg (for her amusement), do not ask to be unlocked from chastity early.

She doesn't want to hear your horndog complaints!

All you are doing is annoying her and she will likely punish you. But of course, you may like that....

2. Take the initiative and surprise her

Take some initiative when it comes to serving your keyholder.

After all, every keyholder loves it when their chastity slaves goes above and beyond the call of duty.

So...what are some things you can do for her?

One great idea is to buy her flowers.

All women like to receive flowers. Find out what kind of flowers she likes and surprise her at work or when she comes home after a long day.

Another thing you can do is surprise her with wine or her favorite liquor. She works hard keeping you in chastity and should have the opportunity to relax with a nice bottle of wine in the bathtub at the end of the night.

Finally, you can also surprise her with a spa appointment.

Your keyholder leads a stressful life and getting a massage and treatment will be good for her physical and mental health.

Remember, surprising your keyholder like this will really make her happy. So take the initiative and show her how grateful you are that she is in your life and holding your chastity key.

And who knows, she may even let you out of chastity early if you really please her :)

3. Don't lie to her

Do not lie

Let me repeat that again: DO NOT LIE

Dom and sub relationships are built on trust and open communication.

So do not lie to your keyholder.

If she asks if you have been bad and played with yourself or tried to get out of chastity, answer truthfully! If not, you know what will happen....you will be punished!

Also, be honest when you discuss fetish related topics.

For example, if something is painful or irritating or pressing against a hard limit, speak up.

There's no shame in speaking up with a valid concern rises.

For example, if your chastity cage is causing a rash or is painful (beyond discomfort), speak up. Don't try to act like it's not bothering you.

Remember, any dom and sub relationship should be built on mutual consent.

As a result, if there is something bothering you, bring it up immediately so you can discuss it.

4. Be an obedient chastity slave

There is nothing worse than a chastity slave who is not obedient!

A slave who complains constantly, doesn't follow instructions, or half asses commands is not a slave worth keeping.

Whenever your keyholder gives you a command, you will follow it to her satisfaction.

After all, she owns the key to your freedom!

Whenever she gives you a task, you will do everything in your power to please her.

If she tells you to mop the floors, you will make them so clean you could eat off it.

If she tells you to eat her pussy, you will eat her out until she squirts.

And if she wants to tease you until you have blue balls, you will take the "torment".

Being an obedient chastity slave is sexy. So focus on pleasing her with every command she gives.

8 Ways To Be A Good Chastity Slave

5. Communicate often

While a good chastity slave should be obedient, you shouldn't be a mindless drone too.

After all, a dom/sub relationship is a two way street that should be built on mutual respect between both parties.

As a result, you need to provide constructive feedback to your partner.

Communication is what really makes these relationships last!

Provide feedback with your partner on a regular basis and discuss what is working and what isn't working.

While you can read body language, people are not mind readers.

Is she happy with the way things are going? What can you do to better serve her?

Similarly, are you happy with the way things are going? Or are your femdom scenes a little too intense?

Tried something that you really liked and want to try it again? Bring it up!

Don't like something? Was it outside of your comfort zone or something you wouldn't like to do again?

Bring it up with her!

Discussing your relationship openly and regularly is a great way to flesh this out with your partner.

When you communicate with her about the dom/sub relationship, you will continually improve it.

6. Eat her out

A good chastity slave will eat out his keyholder any time she desires!

In fact, because you are locked up, your mouth and your fingers are the best way of pleasing her from now on.

Hone in on your pussy eating skills because that's how you will please your partner. A chastity slave who eats pussy is a great chastity slave!

Get used to pleasing her while she leaves you denied and frustrated. But don't worry, in time you will understand that her pleasure is your pleasure.

And chastity will REALLY enforce this.

Trust me, there is something highly erotic about sacrificing your own pleasure for hers. It's something that is almost primal and you'll feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Getting her off is really the best thing to experience in chastity.

It is selfless acts like this that truly make a dom/sub relationship worth it!

7. Be willing to try new things

One of the best ways to be a great chastity slave is to try new things.

No one likes to do the same things OVER and OVER and OVER again!

After all, chastity and dom/sub relationships are all about exploring new things with your partner.

Variety is the spice of life!

That doesn't mean you have to like something just because you tried it or because your partner likes it.

But being someone who is adventurous enough to play around and try new fetishes and kinks is super sexy! Besides, you never know what new fetishes and fun things you will stumble upon by playing around.

Trust me, some of the best kinky experiences with your partner come from being spontaneous and saying "why not."

8. Respect her mental health

This is probably one of the most important things on this list!

Just like being 100% submissive all the time can be taxing mentally, being dominant 100% all the time can also be tiring.

As a result, sometimes it is necessary to take a [temporary] break from a 24/7 dom/sub relationship.

When your partner needs a break, don't intrude on his/her personal space.

Respect your time apart.

Give her time to "recharge" mentally and come back stronger and ready to dominate you.

Sometimes it's not about you when they need a break. They just are tired of playing the role. It's common and happens.

Be patient. You wouldn't want to be dominated 24/7 too, right? Well, it's the same idea here.

Respect her space and let be alone sometimes.

Ways To Be A Good Chastity Slave - Final Thoughts

No one said being a good chastity slave was easy!

In fact, it can be hard since you're locked up with your hormones going crazy!

However, if you really want to stand out above the rest and dutifully serve your keyholder, following these 8 guidelines is a must!

Hopefully, you these will really help you on your journey to be a great chastity slave.

By the way, think I missed anything on this list?

Drop a comment below and let me know!


  • wonderful advice my favorite is eat Her out and of course Always always OBEy Her

    slave sindee
  • I locked myself up to be a good chastity slave for my mate. I stuffed my shaved dicky in a super small cage for her and I love it. I love being constrained for my keyholder. I willingly do anything she asks and then some. Cooking, cleaning, household chores, daily body and foot rubs, and anything sexual my mistress desires. I only pray she finds an ability to truly dominate me and use me properly. I’d love for her to become a full fledged femdom hotwife so I can be a proper slave to her. Till then I practice my cum drinking when she allows me to, and have my ass ready for pegging (when she finds the monster strapon I bought her for a present). And I would relish her outing me and humiliating me in front of the world. I love my keyholder.

  • I love it my wife wants me in a small chasity cage because of my penis size of 4,5 inch


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