Chastity Chores For Obedient Cuckold Hubbies

Chastity chores are one of my favorite thing to give obedient cuckolds.

Not only do they keep your cucky hubby busy and subservient, but they can also be used to humiliate him!

What kinds of femdom chores can you give your man?

Well, it can range from taking out the trash to picking up your date's dry cleaning...

The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Thig blog post will cover:

  • Naughty chastity chores for men locked in chastity
  • How to punish your slaves when they don't do their chores well
  • Cucky chores to serve you and your lovers

After reading this blog post, you should be armed with plenty of ideas to put your cuckold slave to work!


1. Hand Wash Clothes

Sometimes you don't need to do anything kinky, but simply provide your chastity slave with a tedious chore!

For example, one fun thing is to make him hand wash the laundry!

Hand washing is super annoying and takes MUCH longer than using a machine.

He'll be on his hands and knees for the next hour washing your clothes!

But if you do want to add some kink to this idea, make him "pre-wash" your clothes with his mouth!

For example, let him suck out the dirt and grime from your dirty gym socks.

Or maybe you have a pair of cucky panties filled with your lover's sperm! Don't waste that protein and have him suck on it before hand washing it.

2. Plan Dates With Bulls

One really sexy cuckold chore is to have your hubby plan dates with your bulls.

For example, which bar are you going to? Maybe you want to go to a speakeasy...or maybe a dive bar...or maybe just a nice hotel bar...

Have your cucky search on Google to find possible locations!

Then have him research some cool restaurants to check out before ending the night back at home for a steamy dick session...

You can also take it up a notch and have your cucky plan a whole weekend getaway/vacation with your bull!

For example, have him research some cool hotels with a nice pool or spa area. And don't forget to have him plan some fun activities outside of sex.

A good cucky should be able to help you with all of this.

3. Swipe On Tinder

A fun cucky chore to give your chastity slave is to have him swipe on tinder for you!

Stuff your wet panties in your mouth and have him swipe for the next 30 minutes.

Whenever he matches with someone, he must set up a date with his slutty texting skills.

When the 30 minutes are up, take a look at all the matches he got you. If you are satisfied with the quality of his work, give him a little reward!

If you are not satisfied, punish him so he learns to do better!

Some ideas for cruel punishments include:

  • Making him wear clothespins on his manhood for the next 40 minutes
  • Edging him for 20 minutes before stuffing him back in the cage
  • Pegging him and then making him suck your strapon

4. Shoe Cleaning Services

Don't you just hate dirty shoes/heels, especially if they are white?

Well, that's why you have a shoe cleaning slave! Give him the chore of cleaning them WITH HIS TONGUE!

Line up the shoes that you want him to clean.

They can be sneakers, flip flops, or heels. Then, command him to spit shine them with his eager tongue.

Give him a reasonable time frame like say 30 minutes before inspecting his handiwork. Did he do a good job?

Reward him with a reduced chastity sentence.

Did he do a bad job? Add 3 extra days to chastity!

Chastity Chores For Obedient Cuckold Hubbies

5. Household Chores

The great thing about having a FLR is that you have a slave who can always do the cleaning.

This way you can relax and supervise him while he's slaving around the house

Put your cuck to work! Strip him naked CFNM style and stuff your panties into his mouth.

Then, give him a list of chores to do (while wearing nothing but his cage).

This can include things like:

  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Cooking dinner and washing the dishes
  • Scrubbing the floors
  • Re-organizing the garage
  • ....and so much more

If you want to be more humiliating, you can order him to wear a Fench maid outfit while cleaning around the house...

6. Grocery Store Shopping

So speaking of need groceries before you can cook, right?

Well, send your chastity slave running to the store to pick up a list of whatever you want.

But here's the're going to make him wear a butt plug!

Think about how naughty and humiliating it'll be...

He'll be at the grocery store picking up chicken and broccoli all while locked up in chastity and plugged.

People will see a man, but he'll know that he's just a bitch slave at your bidding :)

7. Personal Shopper

I firmly believe this is the ultimate cuckold slave chores...

Turn your cucky into your own personal shopper!

Have a sexy dress or lingerie set or heels you want to wear for your bull?

Send your cucky slave scouring the internet to find exactly what you're looking for.

Or maybe you want to get some gift ideas for a girlfriend's birthday...

Have your cucky compile a list of good ideas for your approval.

Having a cuckold slave at your command like this is truly a time saver.

8. House Sitting

Going somewhere with your bull?

No matter if it's a dinner date or a weekend staycation or a long weekend trip, sometimes you need someone to housesit for you.

What better way to keep your cucky busy than have him housesit!

He'll be home all alone tending to things while you send him naughty text messages, pictures, and videos of all the wonderful sex you're having.

It's pure denial and frustration!

Using A Chastity Chore Worksheet

A good way to distribute chores to your cucky is to give him a chore list or worksheet.

You can do this digitally or with an actual paper print out.

For example, at the beginning of every day, send him a text message with a to-do list of everything for that day.

Alternatively, you can print it out and place it on the fridge for him to see in the morning.

This sets the expectation of what he must accomplish for the day.

Femdom Chores For Your Locked Cucky - Final Thoughts

Overall, chores are great not only for kinky fun in your relationship, but also for practical reasons.

After all, a Queen shouldn't have to do silly things like laundry or taking out the trash!

Hopefully this blog post gave you some naughty ideas for chores to give your hubby while he's locked up.

P.S. have any more fun chores that should be on this list? Reply in the comments to let me know!

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  • Certainly somw bery good ideas but one good idea I think is for the wife to have her bull stay the night with her in he master bedroom then tell hubby to wake them up in the morning with some morning coffee for both of them while dressed in a maid uniform. Then while the wife and her lover are drinking their coffee tell him to clear away the used condoms on the bedside table and bring fresh ones

    Angela Brown

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