Chastity Sex Positions: 9 Cuck Ideas To Drive Him Crazy

Just because your partner is locked in chastity doesn't mean you can't have an active and fun sex life!

In fact, trying new chastity sex positions is a great way to explore the fetish and have a ton of fun.

It is incredibly fun to tease, torment, deny, and absolutely frustrate your husband/boyfriend knowing he can't bust out of the cage.

After all, you should make sure your slave husband/boyfriend has blue balls all the time, right?

This blog post will cover a fun & humiliating chastity sex positions, including:

  • Tease & denial
  • Strapon sex positions
  • Face sitting
  • Prostate milking
  • Footjobs
  • ...and more!

For all the guys out there, I'm sorry for the intense blue balls I am about to inflict upon you!

Here are 9 cuck ideas you have to try with your partner...

1. Fuck his cage (funniest chastity sex position)

Just because your husband or boyfriend is locked in chastity doesn't mean you can't still "fuck" him!

That's are going to use his chastity key as a dildo to pleasure yourself.

This works best if he has a steel cage that has many openings so you can really tease his locked up dick.

I'd recommend getting a cage like the Locked Forever.

Anyways, you are going to take the tip and rub it against your clit softly.

After that, start using it like a dildo. When he gets hard, your slave's skin should ooze out of the cage.

And that's perfect because he'll be able to "kind of" be able to feel your pussy, but not really! It's a really hard sensation to describe, but rest assured he will be VERY frustrated!

Keep going until you give yourself a satisfying orgasm or if you think he has suffered enough.

While doing this, don't be afraid to talk dirty and humiliate him as well!

For example, you could say something like:

  • "Don't you wish you didn't have the cage on so you could really fuck me?"
  • "Can you even feel my pussy?"
  • "If you could only feel how wet I am."
  • "Is it warm in there, beta boy?"

Note: this works best if he is wearing a steel cage as a silicone one just doesn't feel the same, obviously!

2. Face sit your cuck!

Tease your slave with your beautiful ass.

What you are going to do is sit over your cuck's face and have him eat your pussy or ass.

This is a big tease and he should be bursting from his cage already!

But you are going to make things even worse in that little jail of his.

Start using your fingers and run them through the openings in the cage to play with his skin.

Use your fingers/nails to really get him straining against the cold steel bars. Also, you can use your fingernails to tickle him too and play around with his peehole.

Don't forget about his balls! Massage him softly and tell him to eat you out better.

Spit on his cock/balls and rub it all around to get things nice and slippery.

Or if you have baby oil around, use that too. That'll make things nice and tight in his cage!

Keep going until your slave has INTENSE blue balls!

3. Hump it like a cuckold!

This is one of my favorite chastity sex positions since it is so humiliating...and kind of funny to watch!

Instead of getting your pussy, your husband will be humping your legs instead!

Allow him the great honor of kneeling down (with his face against your ass) and humping your thighs with his cage still on.

Give him a finite amount of time (say 90 seconds) to get a good, pathetic humping session in. Then inform him that he will be remain locked for another week!

Or if you really want to tease him, tie your husband/boyfriend down into the chair.

Then, grind your ass into him like crazy. Make sure he's nice and hard as you bobble your ass up and down on his cock!

And don't forget to talk dirty too! Say something along the lines of:

  • It's too bad you don't get pussy anymore
  • Betas only get to hump my legs
  • I bet you can cum like this, loser

As his keyholder, you can make him do pretty much anything you want. So why not try this? :)

4. Hump blowup doll sex position

This cuck idea is definitely one of the funniest...

Here's what you're going to do:

Have your chastity slave husband fuck a blowup doll...with his chastity cage on!

That's right, it's going to be super humiliating for him!

This could also be used as a reward for his good behavior in serving as your submissive. After all, he shouldn't get any pleasure with his dick unless he is a good little doggy, right?

Well, when he is a good boy you will give him a few minutes to hump his toy like a dog chewing on a bone!

Order him to his knees and fuck his blowup doll like crazy. Obviously don't allow him to cum.

But just the mere sight of him fucking that plastic doll will make you wet your pants in laughter.

It's really the funniest thing.

And to make things a little more humiliating, you can also record a video of him doing it!

If you don't have a blowup doll, you can also have him fuck a pillow or a "fake pussy" like the Cuck Stimulator.

9 Chastity Sex Positions To Drive Him Crazy

5. Footjob tease...

If your slave has a big foot fetish, you can also give him a chastity footjob.

I think these are fun because they are such a tease for him.

Take the arch of your foot and rub it against his balls. Get him nice and tight in that cage.

Then, put his cage between your toes and use it to flay his cock around from side to side.

After that, use your big toe and press lightly against any skin that strains against the cage.

Really tease him and give him blue balls in the cage.

Another thing you can do is rub baby oil or lube all over his cock and balls.

This gets things really nice and wet, which will be even more of a tease when you play with his balls/cock.

A few minutes of this and he'll be bursting from his cage and begging you to stop!

After you are done teasing him with your feet, sit on his crotch and have him suck/kiss your feet clean.

6. Cruel chastity blowjob

A chastity blowjob is probably the cruelest cuck idea on this list!

This chastity sex position sounds exactly like what it is! Give your partner a sloppy blowjob with the cage on.

You have no idea what an excruciating tease this is because he will not be able to feel your warm tongue and lips on his cage!

Be sure to give his balls a good squeeze too while you suck and lick the cage.

The pure blissful torture of this position makes it one of my favorites on this list!

Be sure to try this several times a month to ensure his balls remain blue for you!

After just one session like this, I bet he won't ask for a blowjob for a very long time haha.

7. Strapon positions...

Even when your husband/boyfriend is locked in chastity, there are still other options for fucking you!

The most obvious choice is your strapon :)

Order him to put on a strapon and get to work.

His dick may be useless, but he has other ways of pleasing you (aside from his tongue)!

Have him lube up the strapon and get ready to fuck you.

Tease him by talking dirty. For example, you could say something like:

  • "It's too bad you can't fuck me. I have to use this strapon."
  • "Maybe I should find a real man to take care of me."
  • "It's sad I have to use this strapon instead of your dick."

Have him give you several long and powerful orgasms with the strapon.

After you are done with it, have him clean it up. Or if you want to be even more wild, take your turn and fuck HIM with the strapon!

8. Chastity prostate milking

This is a really fun way to make your slave cum in chastity. So here's what you're going to do...

You are going to milk his prostate!

That's right, you are going to use a prostate massager to milk him in the cage.

Getting milked in chastity is a very powerful sensation. This is because when you cum in the cage, you will strain VERY hard against the bars.

This causes the orgasm to be very, very powerful. At the same time, the orgasm is REALLY frustrating.

Many call this a "sissygasm" as a result!

So jam the prostate massager into his ass and keep rotating it around to stimulate his g-spot. Before long, your slave will explode like a geyser!

Oh and don't forget to have him lick up the mess too. After all, it is your responsibility to recycle!

9. Chastity 69 - the ultimate frustration

The great thing about female led relationships (FLRs) is that you can try old (vanilla) sex positions in new days!

So this is what I call the "femdom" version of 69.

Sit on your chastity slave's face and have him eat you out. Meanwhile, give him a slow, teasing, and frustrating blowjob while he's locked in the cage.

Use your fingers to gently rub his balls after you spit on them. The goal is to get him nice and hard in there while you are getting pleasured.

Once you ride him to a few orgasms, deny him right away.

After all, a chastity slave must earn his orgasm!

And don't let him wash your juices off your face. The scent of your divine pussy will keep him hard all night long!

Humiliating Chastity Sex Position Ideas - Final Thoughts

Overall, chastity opens up an entire world for your sex life.

Gone are the days of doing the same things over and over again and just going through the motions.

With these chastity sex positions, you'll be able to really spice things up in your sex life!

So readers, which one did you like the most? And which one do you want to try first with your partner?

Leave a reply in the comments!


  • Yess I like it my muth totally fuck my gf in cage and srapon. V hard piging my back hole she use dog cage for lock me in room in she punish me

  • I’ve done the 69 in chastity! Probably the most fun and frustrating thing of my whole life. There is nothing like being smothered in pussy while having your dick teased!


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