8 Insane Hotwife Ideas: Flirting & Cuckolding Your Husband

In your hotwife relationship flirting is a great way to spice things up even if you are past the "honeymoon phase".

And it is even more exciting when it comes to your hotwife relationship!

But in a hotwife relationship, you actually won't be flirting exclusively with your husband/boyfriend.

The local barista? The hottie at the gym? Sexy coworker? Those are all fair game in my book!

Now, a lot of cuckold couples have asked about hotwife flirting.

Hotwife Ideas: How To Flirt With Other Men

How should you flirt as a hotwife? What are some ideas to get the ball rolling?

Well don't worry. Here is a fun and exciting list of hotwife flirting ideas!

This hotwife flirting guide will teach you how to:

  • Flirt with other men and tease your cuckold husband/boyfriend
  • How to push your cuck's buttons by flirting in front of him
  • ...fun hotwife games to play.

Think of it as a list of "hotwife challenges".

Ready to try them out in your relationship? :)

1. Ask for numbers

One fun hotwife game for the bar (or if you're on vacation) is to see how many numbers you get...IN FRONT of your husband!

In fact, this could be a fun date night activity :)

Your husband/boyfriend pays for the drinks while you're flirting with other guys at the bar/restaurant.

See if any of them will give you their number (who am I kidding, all of them likely will haha!).

And one way to really make this fun is to have your partner guess how many numbers you will get. For example, if he says 5, try to beat that number!

After you get their numbers, come home or back to the hotel room and have your husband eat you out while you text them.

And be sure to read those messages to him (or show him) so he can really understand how other men are lusting after his wife!

Sounds like a fun night to me :)

2. Out your husband

If you and your partner are interested with public humiliation, you will love this hotwife idea.

When you go out and flirt with strangers at the bars, hotels, etc. out your husband as your cuckold.

For example, if you are enjoying drinks with a hot stranger, say something like "oh don't mind him. He's just my cuckold husband. He doesn't mind if you fuck me all night long, right darling?"

This is super fun because it plays into erotic humiliation and he might not expect you to be so straight forward with a stranger!

If you are afraid to do this in your city because people might find out about your lifestyle, you can always do it on vacation where no one knows you!

3. Sext while he worships your body

This is similar to the first idea but it is slightly different.

Create a Tinder account if you don't have one already.

After that, start swiping and matching with hot guys around your area. As you text and flirt with them online, share those messages with your husband.

By the way, make sure he's locked in a small micro chastity cage so he can't get hard while you're flirting :)

Meanwhile, you can order him to kiss your feet or worship your pussy or eat your ass. What a great way to plan for a weekend of naughty fun...especially on a Friday night!

If one of the guys seems to be a great match, meet up with him later that night or perhaps some time during the week.

There is nothing better than a hotwife who openly flirts in front of her husband!

4. Flirt with his friends (my favorite hotwife idea)

One fun game for your relationship is to flirt with your partner's friends.

The reason why this is kind of hot is because it's kind of "taboo".

Anyways, the beauty of flirting with his friends is you can go about this a number of ways.

For example, you can send them some naughty or suggestive texts. And you can even ask them to send you some sexy pictures!

When your husband/boyfriend is around, show them those text messages so he becomes even more frustrated in his cage!

Or you can be a little more direct and flirt with his friends right in front of him!

For example, you can say things like:

"Have you been working out? You look a lot stronger now."

"I love how sexy you look in that t-shirt."

"Can you rub my shoulders? Jim's hands aren't strong enough"

Saying little things like that is a great way to mind fuck your husband!

8 Insanely Hot Hotwife Flirting Ideas

5. Get touchy with strangers

This is one of my favorite hotwife ideas because it's so humiliating...

Another way to flirt is to get touchy with strangers! Ideally, you would do this in front of your husband so he can squirm in his chastity cage!

For example, let's say you are at the bar and see a guy you like. Invite him to come and sit with your husband while you talk with him!

Laugh at his jokes, be "aggressive" and put your arms around him. Hold his hand and run your nails across his arm. And if you are feeling up to it, kiss him!

This is a great game to play if you are on vacation.

And if you really want to turn it into a game, see how many strangers you can flirt with in one night (or one week) while your husband watches!

Trust me, you'll want to keep him locked up so he becomes super frustrated and gets blue balls!

6. Wear something sexy

One of my favorite ways for a hotwife to flirt with other guys is simply to wear something sexy. After all, men are visual creatures!

Whether it be a nice dress that accentuates your curves or doing your hair in a unique way, getting attention from men like that will truly make your cuckold squirm in his cage!

One thing that is super hot is having men initiate the flirting while your husband is standing right next to you! There's just something super erotic and humiliating about it...

That'll make his chastity cage super tight in a heartbeat!

Now, I'm not saying that you need to dress like a slut or anything (but of course that's up to you), but wearing something a little sexy or unbuttoning one button on your shirt is a fun little way to up the ante a little.

7. Tell him to go away

One really hot way to really mind fuck your husband/boyfriend is to send him away while you flirt with other men in public.

For example, let's say you met some guy at the bar or something and really hit it off...

Tell your husband to go and sit at the bar while you join the nice man's table to "get to know each other better."

That'll really get his mind racing because he'll start to wonder what you don't want him to hear or see what's going on!

Another great example of this is when you want to get the guy's number. Send your partner away so he can't see you flirt with him!

The beauty of this is that will really get his mind racing and he won't be able to stop thinking about it!

8. Flirt with your partner

Your hotwife flirting shouldn't only be reserved for other men.

In fact, you can flirt with your husband/boyfriend too!

The best way to do this is to talk dirty during foreplay.

For example, you can say things like:

  • "You see that guy over there? I want him to bend me over our bed and fuck me all night long."
  • "You want me to fuck a stranger tonight, don't you? Say it. Beg me to fuck someone."
  • "It's too bad I'm so horny tonight and you are locked in chastity. I could really use some dick right now."
  • "Which of your friends should I fuck? Maybe I should tell you which of them have big cocks..."

Flirting with your partner like this not only keeps things interesting in your sex life, but it's also super fun!

Hotwife Flirting Challenge Ideas - Final Thoughts

Overall, hotwife flirting is a really great way to spice things up in your cuckold relationship. After all, there's nothing that will get the juices flowing (for both of you) than some old school dirty talk :)

Hopefully this list gave you some super hot ideas for your next outing.

P.S. Which idea was your favorite? Hit reply in the comments and let me know...


  • So my wife have done many of hotwife things before your time together. We talk lot about the things she has done. We talk about do things again but it just doesn’t happen. She always talking about other guys them doing something to her. I want her to have more. I’m with most the friend thing is kind of out but I want her to go out and hit on or get hit on and then see where it goes.

  • I agree with John that number 6 is hot. Yes unbutton a couple buttons. Go braless. Wear a top that is a bit nearly see-thru. Accentuating perky nipples isn’t slutty

  • i would like to watch as she is successfully seduced

  • i would like to see her seduced successfully while i watch

  • I really really love number 8. she is acting like it’s ok to fuck someone else because it’s like my idea?
    Number 6 is hot. What better way to have guys want her is to have her look really sexy, I love that.


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