8 Sexy Ballbusting Ideas For Your FLR: CBT & Ballbusting Games To Try

Ballbusting is an interesting fetish, isn't it? It's a way to cause erotic pain and discomfort to your man/slave/sub.

But at the same time, it's more than that.

It's the pinnacle of female domination: hitting a man where it counts the most...tearing him down a peg.

It's about showing him how fragile he is in your presence.

And that's soooo erotic and humiliating!

If ballbusting is something you want to experiment around with in your relationship, then this blog is for you.

This blog post will cover:

  • Fun & naughty ballbusting games for your FLR
  • CBT ideas from gentle to intense
  • Ballbusting ideas for both newbies and experienced married couples

1. The Pussy Eating Game

Here's a super fun ballkicking game to play with your slave/husband. Have him eat you out tonight for a night of passion!

Count the number of orgasms he gave you (you can take the liberty of undercounting too haha). Then, take 10 and subtract the number of times he made you cum.

That number will be the number of times you kick him in the balls!

This will incentivize him to please you harder than ever before. It's a win-win in my book :)

2. The Ball Shocker

This is a great ballbusting game because you get pleasure while he gets pain!

So what you are going to do is put a dog shock collar on your slave's balls. Then, you'll sit on his face and make him eat your pussy!

While he's serving you, randomly shock him. This is so much fun. His pain will be your pleasure!

Be sure to shock him more frequently when you're about to cum so he knows to keep going.

3. Bond...James Bond

Remember that scene in Casino Royale when James Bond is being tortured?

They used a rope to tie a knot and used it to hit him in the balls as torture?

Well, let's try something similar (obviously not as extreme though).

Make your slave squat with his legs far apart and use a light and fluffy piece of string to tie the knot and hit him between the legs!

Now, this can be painful so go soft at first so you don't do any hard damage.

You can also use a soft flogger if you don't have any string in your home.

Turn it into a whole femdom scene too...

Pretend you're the evil villain and you're trying to extract some information from him through torture!

4. Slap Him Until He Begs For Mercy

This is a fun ballbusting idea: tie your cuck to a chair or put a pair of handcuffs on him.

Make sure he is completely naked and unable to resist you in any way...

Then, you will slap his balls. His goal is to not scream! For every slap that he takes, you will reduce his chastity lockup by 2 hours.

But if he finally screams in pain, you will stop and lock him back up in chastity.

8 Sexy Ballbusting Ideas For Your FLR CBT & Ballbusting Games To Try

5. Ball Squeezing Fun

This is a fun ballbusting/cbt game to play with your partner when you want to give him a reward.

What you are going to do is deny him for a week (well, the longer the better cause that’ll get him hornier and weaker for you).

Then you are going to squeeze his balls - both at once, or one in each hand).

Use your fingers to do it as you don’t want to cause too much damage.

Anyways, gently apply pressure on them until he is uncomfortable.

Squeeze him on and off (like you are wringing out a sponge). After a while of his, he should be able to cum!

If not, keep on doing this until he cums from the stimulation of pain!

6. Play Cornhole

This is a great and fun game to play especially if you have girlfriends over.

Basically, you are going to play a friendly game of cornhole...but with a catch!

Have your cuck put his cock through a cornhole board (or a gloryhole - you can carve it out of cardboard if need be).

Make sure his cock and balls are both visible and vulnerable.

What you are going to do is throw beanbags (or something that is light and fluffy) and see who can hit him!

A hit to the cock is 1 point and a hit on the balls is 2 points. Toss 3 beanbags and see who can score the most points!

Make sure you are a safe distance away as well (ideally 3 – 5 feet).

7. It's Football Season

This is a fun game to play during football season (well American football).

If you play fantasy football, you know how fun (and competitive it can be).

Well, play head to head together this week! If he can beat you, he will have the privilege of eating you out.

However, if he loses, he will get 10 kicks (or punches) to the balls.

May the best football fan win...

8. Post Orgasm Ballbusting Torture

You know how your sub always asks to cum, well you will finally grant his wish today!

But there should always be a catch when it comes to this…(as he should well know)!

When you bring your slave to an orgasm, you will ruin it by punching his balls repeatedly!

Not too hard, but enough for him to feel it and the discomfort. After all, we’re not trying to do any permanent damage here!

Ruining his orgasms is one of the great joys of life...

CBT & Ballbusting Ideas For Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Introducing ballbusting to your relationship can be a thrilling experience.

There's nothing like the erotic humiliation of being busted by your partner!

Anyways, hope these ideas will be useful on your kinky journey.

So readers...which idea did you like the most? Which ones do you want to try? And which ones have you already tried?

Let me know in the comments!

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