Permanent Chastity For Men: What You Need To Know For Your FLR

Thinking about permanent chastity for your relationship?

While the idea can be very exciting and erotic, permanent male chastity isn't something to be taken lightly.

It requires A LOT of work and commitment for both the sub and the keyholder.

But if it's something you desire, it can be a very rewarding experience as the focus of the relationship/marriage now focuses on sexually pleasing the keyholder.

This blog post will cover:

  • What permanent chastity is
  • How to achieve permanent long-term chastity
  • The best chastity cages for permanent lockups

What Is Permanent Chastity?

The funny thing is there is no clear definition of permanent chastity. You can go on Reddit or Tumblr and see a variety of different definitions.

Does permanent chastity mean you never take off your chastity cage - meaning you wear it 24/7 no matter what?

But what if you have to go to the airport? What if you have to go to the doctor's and get a MRI scan?

What if you have to go through a metal detector? And then what do you do to shave your pubic hair?

Do you never clean your cage when it gets dirty from sweat and urine buildup?

In reality, permanent chastity does not mean chastity 24/7 365 days a year.

In my opinion, a more realistic definition is "long-term" chastity where the cage stays on *most* of the time, but not 24/7.

This allows you to take it off once a week to clean the cage (the bare minimum in my opinion) or in any of the other circumstances I mentioned.

How To Make Chastity Permanent?

So, how do you make chastity permanent/long-term in your life?

Well, I find that doing permanent/long-term chastity by yourself is VERY VERY hard. After all, self temptation is the greatest risk here.

As a result, having a good keyholder is probably mandatory for 90% of men who want to do permanent chastity.

This takes away the temptation and allows her to take 100% control.

A good keyholder will be strict and keep you on track when you want to "fall off the wagon."

The second thing is you need the proper tool (i.e. a great fitting chastity cage).

After all, you'll be wearing your cage for long periods of time. So, you want to make sure it is very comfortable with no pinching, itching, or any uncomfortable sensations.

If your cage is uncomfortable, you won't be able to wear it for long periods of time.

Finally, you also want to make sure the cage is very secure (i.e. so you don't accidentally or intentionally pull out of it).

I mean the last thing you want to do is deal with a testicle slipping out of the ring, right? :)

Tips For Achieving Permanent Chastity In Your Relationship

Alright, now that I've talked enough about what permanent chastity is, let's talk about some tips to ensure you'll stay strictly under lock and key...

1. Sign A Chastity Contract

Now, one of the best ways do permanent chastity is to sign a chastity contract.

After all, if you have it in writing, it's a binding contract, right? :)

I find that chastity contracts really help get you into the mindset that long-term chastity requires.

Plus, it clearly defines the lockup period and the role of the keyholder and chastity slave.

It really does make a difference once you put it on pen and paper.

Permanent Chastity For Men What You Need To Know For Your FLR

2. Try Progressively Longer Lockups

If you're a gym rat, you know what I'm going with this. You don't just go to the gym and try to pick up the 100 pound dumbbell on your first day!

Practice makes perfect after all! And you need to work your way up.

Plus, as a beginner, it can be easy to have "chastity burnout".

If you are a beginner, start with small lockups and build your way up. Rome wasn't built in a day after all!

Start with an overnight lockup to get used to sleeping with your cage on.

Then, try a 2 - 3 day lockup (yes, even wearing it while at work).

After that, try a week a one week lockup...and then 2 and so on. You get the idea :)

Before long, a month long lockup will seem easy for you!

3. Perform A Chastity Wedding Ceremony

Are you already married? Or maybe you are planning to get married soon?

Well, doing a chastity wedding ceremony is a great idea (just like a chastity contract).

Saying "I do" along with locking your partner in chastity is great symbolism.

Just think, you'll be with each other in sickness and in health...while locked in chastity!

Just be sure to have your vows ready to...

4. Wear A Micro Cage

Wearing a micro chastity cage is a great idea if you want to experience long-term chastity.

Micro cages are small (by design), which makes escape very hard. Pulling out of a large cage can be easy for some people.

Plus, if your cage is too large, peeing (even while sitting down) can make a big mess.

This means you'll have to take off your cage more often to clean it.

So, wearing a micro cage will actually help your long-term chastity goals!

5. Compete With Other Couples

I find that healthy competition ALWAYS makes achieving your goals easier.

Do you know any other kinky couples in your area? Well, do a chastity lockup as a competition!

See who can keep their husband/boyfriend locked up for the longest.

The husbands/boyfriends suffer while the wives/girlfriends have fun.

Now, that sounds like a win-win situation :)

6. Count The Days With A Chastity Calendar

"What gets measured gets managed"

That's what my first boss told me...and it's true!

Keep track of your chastity lockup with a chastity calendar.

Mark off every single day you have your partner locked away.

Not only does this help visualize his denial, but you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment hitting milestones like 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc.

Best Chastity Cages for Permanent Chastity

So, what are the best cages for permanent chastity?

Well, don't worry because at Cuck In Chastity, we carry a variety of cages for long-term wear.

In fact, we have a "Long-Term" Chastity Cage Collection.

This collection features cages that are comfortable and secure for long lockups.

If you want to give permanent chastity a try, click here to check out the Long-Term Cage Collection.

So readers, what do you think about long-term chastity?

Do you think it is something you want to give a try in your relationship? Or is casual chastity more of your thing?

Let me know in the comments!


  • I’m in a female led cuckold marriage, married for 7 years now and she put me in chastity 8 years ago she only takes it off once a week for me to clean it, I am not allowed to touch my dicklet when I am cleaning my cage, it’s not more than 5 minutes a week and she locks it up again, I had a very small dicklet and I suffered from premature ejaculations, so she locked it up,it is very small now as it has shrunk, I really don’t mind it as I know that my dominant sexy wife is always right I do everything she tells me to do and I don’t remember the last time we argued, it’s a great relief for me, she has total ownership of everything and she makes all the decisions, I never do anything without her consent and I have become dependent on her advice for everything I do, she rekindled her relationship with her ex boyfriend the day of our wedding and she told me that he was going to be my best man, and I was honored that he accepted, I didn’t get to go on the honeymoon as she said that she didn’t want to upset him as she had put a lot of effort in to getting him back, and I agree with her, I am the housewife and servant which I don’t mind, I am always busy, I do all the housework and I have a day job Monday thru Friday, and I put my paycheck in to her account

  • Where can i find a chastity contract?

  • Some very good advice, thank you. Getting good sleep has been the hardest for me but now I am at a stage were sleeping with the cage on helps me sleep. Also, getting sleep erections while caged gives a great mixture of pain, pleasure, and denial. Going to the bathroom usually eases the erection. It helps that I find it relatively easy to fall back to sleep again.

    Alon Thor
  • I really liked the cage with the insert.

  • Sounds wonderful. Got new ideas. Thank You!

    Sissy Mia

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