2023 Chastity Calendar (PDF) - Track Your Chastity Lockups

"What gets measured gets managed." That's why you should keep track of your cuckold's lockup with a chastity calendar.

I know I know, using a physical calendar to keep track of your sub's chastity lockup can seem kind of old school and unnecessary...especially when there are so many great chastity apps and digital calendars available.

However, a physical chastity calendar can add a ton of fun in your FLR...

Why Use A Chastity Calendar?

There are many reasons to use a chastity calendar.

First, it creates accountability in your relationship. A lot of couples say "we're going to do 7 days of chastity."

But they don't really keep track of the lockup period and kind of just play it by ear.

When you have a chastity calendar, you know the exact date that you have been locked up, how many orgasms you've had, etc.

And this creates a sense of accomplishment when you finally achieve the goal.

Now, you can always push out the release date. But there's nothing like looking back on the calendar and being proud of how long you've been locked in chastity.

A chastity calendar is perfect for:

  • Chastity owners and keyholders
  • Cuckolds, betas, and sissies locked in chastity
  • Men in self chastity

How To Use The Chastity Calendar?

How do you use a chastity calendar in your female led relationship?

Well, one of the best ways is to track lockups and releases.

You know in those old movies where the prisoners always kept track of when they would be released?

Well, the idea is basically the same here!

What you want to do is have your chastity slave keep track of all the days until he will be released.

What I mean by this is have him physically cross out the date on the calendar.

In addition, you will also have him keep track of whenever he has an orgasm. For example, if he’s had zero orgasms, have him write it down on the calendar.

Why do this?

Well, I find that it really mind fucks him.

He knows he can do nothing but count down the days! It’s also fun because it makes the chastity lockup seem longer.

It's like when you constantly look at the clock to see when you are getting off work.

Constantly checking the calendar to see when you will be released from chastity is just pure torture!

He knows he can do nothing but count down the days!

You can also use a chastity calendar to track of important events in your relationship.

For example, if you want to switch it up and have him begin wearing a smaller micro cage, mark up the date on the calendar to celebrate it.

Or maybe you have a sexy date with a BBC. Mark it on the calendar so your cuck know exactly when it's going to go down :)

2023 Chastity Calendar (PDF) - Track Your Chastity Lockups

2023 Chastity Calendar PDF - By Cuck In Chastity

Hopefully at this point you're interested in using a chastity calendar for your FLR.

That's great because the Cuck In Chastity 2023 Chastity Calendar is here to help you...and it's completely free!

Now, the CIC calendar is just like a normal calendar, but there are a few differences...

First, each month has a fun pun to remind your Cuck that he is locked in chastity.

Here are the months of the Cuck In Chastity Calendar:

  • Jerkless January
  • Fuckless February
  • Meatless March
  • Cage-ril
  • Ney for May
  • Jizsless June
  • July Deny
  • Lockgust
  • Sexless September
  • Locktober
  • No Nut November
  • Denial December

Plus, each month has a special model and a quote to help you get through the chastity experience!

Here are a few samples of the calendar:

 2023 Chastity Calendar (PDF) - Track Your Chastity Lockups: Jerkless January

2023 Chastity Calendar (PDF) - Track Your Chastity Lockups Fuckless February

Click here to download your free 2023 Chastity Calendar PDF from Dropbox

Ready To Begin Using It?

Do you think you could handle being in chastity for 12 months..365 days straight?

Well, there’s only one way to find out!

Download and print the 2023 Cuck In Chastity Calendar PDF and find out for yourself.

So readers, how do you plan to use the calendar? And how long do you plan on keeping your cuckold slave in the cage?

Let me know in the comments!


  • i approached my Goddess to see if this was something that would interest her as an idea of me being in chastity. It was a great hint that i could present to but ultimately it will be her decision. Wish me luck!!!

  • Works great for treats and rewards. I give my cuck small successes for goals reached


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