Enforced Male Chastity: A Guide To Control Your Chaste Cuck

So...you're interested in enforced male chastity to control your chaste cuck? Well, I think that's amazing!

Controlling your cuckold husband through chastity is such an amazing thing for your relationship.

Male chastity is a great way to revive a stale sex life and take things to the next level.

This blog post will discuss:

  • How to enforce male chastity in your female led relationship
  • Fun games and ideas to enforce chastity in your relationship
  • How to really take over and dominate your sex life

Alright, let's get started :)

Solo Chastity vs Enforced Male Chastity

I have always said that solo chastity and having a chastity keyholder are completely different animals.

I would say that self chastity is more about willpower and it's more of a mind game. Because you are holding your own chastity key, you can let yourself out in a moment of weakness.

For some people, this mind game is why they like it so much.

For others, they know they need to have a keyholder to enforce chastity for them.

Think about it like training at the gym.

Solo chastity is like going to the gym and motivating yourself. It's great for some people, but not for others.

That's where personal trainers and keyholders come into the equation.

Personal trainers and keyholders are there to guide you...to push you beyond what you think you can do.

And for some that's exactly what they need: someone to light a fire under their ass!

What To Look For In A Keyholder?

So if you already have a keyholder (i.e. wife, girlfriend, online mistress, etc.) then you can go ahead and skip this portion of the blog post.

Looking for the right keyholder is super important to have a fun chastity experience (for both parties).

Here are some characteristics you want to search for:

  • Experience: you want someone who has experience with handling men in chastity
  • Second, you want someone who truly enjoys chastity and the power exchange dynamics that come with it
  • Third, you want someone who will push your boundaries but not blast through them

Anyways, I hope this helps you find an online mistress or real life mistress to be your keyholder.

Enforced Male Chastity A Guide To Control Your Chaste Cuck

Ways To Enforce Male Chastity

So, you're probably wondering about how you can enforce male chastity in your relationship.

Lots of people think enforced male chastity is basically forced chastity (i.e. forcibly stuffing someone in a chastity cage).

But I disagree.

As I said before, enforced male chastity is like being someone's personal trainer. Pushing someone to be their best and achieving their goals.

So this isn't the same thing as forcibly putting someone in chastity permanently like what some people fantasize about.

Anyways, putting your partner in a super tiny chastity cage is just the first step of the chastity journey.

Enforcing chastity in your cuckold marriage is about:

  • Fun (most important of all)
  • Establishing your dominance over your partner
  • And safety checks

Let's talk about my 3 favorite ways to enforce chastity in your relationship...

1. Chastity Spot Checks

In my humble opinion, the best way to enforce male chastity is to do chastity spot checks.

What is a chastity spot check?

It's basically when you text your partner/sub to provide evidence that he is locked in chastity for you.

This can be a picture and/or a video.

A chastity spot check can be used at any time. For example, if he's going on a business trip, you can request it when he gets back to his hotel.

You can do it while he's out with his friends at the bar or even while he's at work during the day!

The beauty of the chastity spot check is that he must comply or he will be punished.

Not only that, but it will be a constant reminder that you own him and control his cock 24/7.

2. Physical Chastity Inspections

While the chastity spot check is a great way to control your boyfriend/husband over long distances (i.e. online), the physical chastity inspection is also important.

Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Make your sub strip naked and inspect his chastity cage.

You want to check for a few things...

First, you want to make sure that he hasn't been trying to escape from the cage.

Second, you want to check his personal hygiene. As I have written about before, keeping your cock and balls clean is very important when it comes to long-term chastity

So make sure there isn't anything dirty down there. Also, this is the perfect time to have your partner shave his pubic hair. After all, super long pubic hair can make chastity an unpleasant experience.

Be present while he's shaving to make sure he doesn't stroke when he is not allowed!

This is also a great time to tease him and just mindfuck him a little bit...

3. Lots of teasing and denial

One of the best ways to enforce chastity in your wife led marriage is lots of tease and denial.

After all, being teased and frustrated is all part of the process, right?

Reinforcing this with daily teasing makes your relationship a lot more fun.

And it doesn't really require a lot of work to get him frustrated in chastity anyways.

For example, it's pretty easy to leave your panties around for him to sniff. Or before you leave for work, take the time to squeeze his balls and let him know that you own him.

And finally, sending dirty text messages asking him how his cage feels is also a great idea!

The name of the game is to keep him frustrated and with blue balls at all times :)

4. Make sure he doesn't have access to his key

The final tip I have for enforcing chastity in your relationship is to make sure he doesn't have access to his chastity key.

Obviously this doesn't apply in emergency situations such as going to the doctor, going to the airport, etc.

However, in your daily life, he should not have access to his key.

And I find the best way to accomplish this is to wear his chastity key in plain sight. For example, you can wear his chastity key around your neck as a necklace, around your wrist as a bracelet, or also around your ankle.

When his chastity key is in plain sight like this, it will be a constant reminder that YOU are enforcing chastity and control all of his orgasms!

Enforced Male Chastity Tips - Final Thoughts

Overall, enforcing chastity in your relationship is a GREAT way to spice things up. The power exchange is simply thrilling and has revived many boring marriages/relationships.

Hopefully you found these enforced male chastity tips helpful and even give them a try :)

P.S. do you think I missed anything from this list? Let me know in the comments!


  • I have been in chastity for over 3 years. My hotwife has three lady friends with whom she randomly gives the key to, chamging she says every week to two weeks, and yes, they all know what the key is for. I never know which one has the key. It’s the ultimate in embarrassment and humiliation because they know about my cage and when I run into them they always give me that knowing smile, plus I never know which one has the key. It’s so embarrassing when they talk to me like it’s no big deal when they know I am a cuckold husband.

    Mark Reed

    jeffery lipinski
  • Absolutely essential information fir a pending slave before he commits irreversibly….lol

  • My wife would like me in a chastity but we cannot find one large enough for my penis and ball sac. Who make a really large diameter ball sac ring?


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