8 Male Chastity Benefits For Your Relationship: The Gift of Denial

Did you know there are a ton of male chastity benefits...especially in the bedroom?

If you find your sex life to be stalling or boring, then chastity might just be what you need to spice things up.

After all, there's nothing like the power exchange of giving your chastity keys to your wife, girlfriend, or a willing mistress!

Male Chastity Benefits For Your FLR

The female led relationship is truly something amazing that should be experienced by everyone.

Even if you are doing self chastity, you will see a ton of benefits in your life!

For example, you will notice yourself become more caring, compassionate, and submissive to your partner.

Her pleasure becomes your pleasure. It's all about changing the dynamic of power in your relationship.

Trust me, it's truly an aphrodisiac!

But chastity doesn't just benefit your sex life. In fact, there are MANY health benefits of male chastity :)

Here are 8 ways male chastity can benefit your life...

1. Fitness & weight loss benefits of chastity

One of the biggest misconceptions is that chastity is just for fun in the bedroom.

It is not!

In fact, chastity can be used in a fun "carrot-stick format" to change your partner's life for the better!

For example, one thing you can do is use chastity as a fitness program or "weight loss program"

How would it work?

Well, one way to do it is to do 1 or 2 week lockup periods.

Set weight loss or fitness targets (or a combination of both) by the end of the lockup period.

For example, he must lose 1.5 - 2 pounds by the end of the week. Or he must be able to do 30 consecutive pushups and do 10 pullups at the local gym.

Or something like running a mile under 10 minutes.

If he is able to meet those targets, he will be let out of chastity and perhaps even have an orgasm!

And, if he's unable to achieve the weekly objective, will be another week in the cage until he can!

If that is the case, be sure to tease him extra hard as punishment!

Not only does this motivate him to work harder on his body, but it is also fun just to mind fuck him :)

So it's really a win-win situation for everyone, right!

No joke...there are real health benefits of male chastity.

2. No masturbation & no porn!

Another big benefit of chastity does is free up time for your partner.

After all, how many hours do you think a man normally spends a week jerking off or watching porn?

Probably too much! Maybe something like 15+ hours?

In fact, if you made him keep a time log of the hours (I'm literally hours here) he spends jerking off and watching porn, you would be amazed - no joke!

Keeping him locked in chastity and taking away his porn privileges will make sure he has time for more important things - like you!

You can spend more time together.

You can go out on more dates.

And more importantly, you can have hotter sex.

...or you can send him to do errands for you like a good little slaveboy!

In fact, he can even use the extra time to start a hobby, get ahead in the workplace, or focus on fitness more!

3. Modifying behavior

Chastity is also a great way to modify your partner's behavior and "erase" his bad habits.

For example, one thing that is SUPER annoying is when he leaves the toilet seat up!

Not only does he piss all over the place, but it is also very inconvenient for you!

By putting him in chastity, you will force him to pee sitting down.

Chastity can fix a lot of these problems.

Does he leave the T.V. remote all over the place?

Does he always forget to take out the garbage?

Maybe he forgets to wash the dishes every night?

In that case, inform him that he will not be getting out of chastity until he fixes those bad habits.

After all, a woman of your caliber shouldn't have to keep up with such bullshit!

Chastity (and sex) is the best way to modify a man's behavior! So take advantage of it while he's locked in chastity for you :)

4. Makes him eat pussy better (the best male chastity benefit IMO)

One of the best things about locking your partner in a chastity belt is that it makes him eat pussy better!

And I have a few theories about why this is.

The first is, your slave will learn to get pleasure from you. That is because his dick is locked up, he will derive pleasure from giving you pleasure.

He knows that the only way he will be released from the cage is if he is on his best behavior!

And because his cock is locked up, his tongue will be infinitely more useful than that little thing.

Turning your partner into an expert pussy licker is an amazing thing.

Lock him up and watch how he'll beg to eat you out every single night!

Trust us, it's amazing to have him eat pussy for hours and then send him away with big blue balls!

8 Male Chastity Benefits For Your Relationship The Gift of Denial

5. Chastity submission

The other great thing about chastity is it makes a man REALLY submissive. Even if he was naturally submissive beforehand, chastity turns him even MORE submissive!

It's hard to describe, but it's like a rush.

Giving up control like that to a vital part of your body and mind is incredibly erotic.

It's a feeling no drug can replicate.

It's like being connected with your keyholder physically and mentally.

That power exchange is truly something that everyone should experience as it is amazing!

Your brain will release tons of chemicals of pleasure, frustration, and more complex emotions. It really is a ton of fun giving up control like this.

And trust me, if you have an important job at work (i.e. in charge of a bunch of people) or if your work is stressful in general, giving up control like this is truly a great stress reliver.

You'll be living your best life in chastity!

6. It's good sissy training

If you ever wanted to become a good sissy, chastity is a great way to start.

Not only will you shrink your dick with long-term wear, but turning that dick into a little clit has a lot of benefits!

One is that you will be trained to pee sitting down from now on.

Because it is such a pain in the ass to pee standing up while in chastity, peeing standing down will become second nature to you.

Peeing while sitting down is also just a great way to keep your chastity cage clean.

Not only that, but your keyholder can dress you up in panties to match your cage.

For example, if you are wearing a pink chastity cage, she can put you in pink panties!

And often, chastity is the first step many people go through to become a full blown sissy.

So if that's what you want to explore, I would highly recommend getting a chastity cage ASAP!

7. Her happiness is your happiness

You know how they say "happy wife, happy life?"

Well, it is 100% true!

If you truly want a happy relationship/marriage, it all starts with your wife.

One of the best things about chastity is you will derive your pleasure from your keyholder.

It's kind of hard to describe, but you will do anything to make her happy.

When your keyholder is your wife, that is great! It turns the marriage all about her (which it should really be anyways).

Her happiness is your happiness and her pleasure is your pleasure.

This makes this relationship a lot more intimate and rewarding, especially in the bedroom. When you experience this, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

To be honest, it is really hard to convey how it feels until you really experience it!

In my opinion, this is one of the best things about male chastity.

8. Male chastity increases energy levels

This benefit of male chastity is purely anecdotal, but I we find that chastity helps improve energy levels.

After all, the point of chastity is to prevent male ejaculation. If you are someone addicted to porn or masturbation, you may find that you are often "tired" or "lazy" after cumming.

That's pretty normal, but if you do that multiple times a day, you may find your energy levels may be low.

Well, when you begin your chastity lockup, you will see those energy levels increase after not releasing.

While this may be temporary as your body adjusts to the lower ejaculation frequency, it is great for your every day life.

You'll have more energy at work, at the gym, and for normal daily stuff.

Trust us, when you stop masturbating and cumming, your energy levels will go through the roof!

Ways Male Chastity Can Benefit Your Life - Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a ton of benefits of male chastity in your female led relationship.

That's why I'm a firm believer that every man should experience chastity at least once in his life. It is truly a game changer in your relationship.

Personally, I love how chastity makes your relationship a lot more intimate.

What about you? What do you like the most about chastity for your relationship (aside from the sex)?

Let me know in the comments!


  • Wow this is so hot! I haven’t cum in 3 days and hoping to wait another 2 so I can sisygasm again 😏

  • Wow this is so hot! I haven’t cum in 3 days and trying to make it 5 before hopefully having my next sissygasm 😏

  • In my situation my wife keeps me in a Kali’s Teeth Chastity to motivate me to not have an erection. And she only releases me now to milk and feed me with her Hitachi Wand and a large spoon. She can make me squirt in about 20-30 seconds. I fill the spoon and she immediately puts it in my mouth. I get 2-3 feedings a day. She really enjoys milking me. I eat every drop now.

  • I am back to femdom . think I got Addicted to femdom.


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