Is The Chastity Lifestyle Right For You?

Are you wondering if the chastity lifestyle is right for you?

To be honest, it takes a certain person (or couple) to want to try the chastity lifestyle.

Usually these people are unsatisfied leading a vanilla sex life. After all, it can get boring and repetitive after a while.

And there's nothing like total power exchange to really spice things up in the bedroom.

So I'm going to give you a little quiz to see if you should consider the chastity lifestyle.

The Chastity Lifestyle Quiz

The chastity lifestyle quiz is a series of 6 questions that you have to answer truthfully to see if chastity is right for you.

Ready to begin? :)

1. Do you want to stop disappointing her?

Do you want to give up sex? Or do you want to stop disappointing women?

Well, then the chastity lifestyle might before you!

One of the things that weighs heavy on a man (especially if he has a small dick) is performing well in the bedroom. It's a lot of pressure!

So if you have a lot of anxiety over that, chastity may be right for you.

Chastity really takes the pressure off as you are transformed into a "slave".

With chastity, you serve in other ways (orally, chores around the house, etc.), which is a relief for a lot of men. You aren't expected to use your dick to provide pleasure.

2. Do you want to be more submissive?

For a lot of men, being in charge at work can get boring after a while. And chastity is a good way to de-stress.

For others, they have always been submissive. But chastity allows them to take that submission to another level.

There's nothing like being denied and completely serving your keyholder selflessly. It's just another feeling of joy that most people will never experience.

So if you are looking to become weaker and more desperate and more submissive, then perhaps the chastity lifestyle is for you.

While chastity isn't necessary for a female led relationship (FLR), it really does make it A LOT more fun!

3. Do you want to make her happy?

If you want to make your wife/girlfriend/partner happy, then chastity is the best way. No doubt about it!

Trust me, there's nothing like being served by someone when you have total control over them. It's power exchange at the finest.

And there's nothing like proving your dedication and love for her through chastity. Your wife will be super happy to hold your chastity key.

It'll really make a big difference in your relationship.

4. Do you want to experience pleasure through her?

It's one thing to orgasm together with your partner. But it's something entirely different to experience orgasms through your wife!

The only way I can describe it is something of pure bliss...

There's just something special about doing everything you can to give her the most powerful orgasm knowing you won't be having a "happy ending" yourself that night.

It's peak submissiveness. And it's something you can only achieve with chastity.

5. Do you want to experience cuckolding?

You don't need to be locked in chastity to be a cuckold, but it certainly makes things more fun.

Being locked in chastity while your wife is fucking someone else is something a true submissive really needs to experience. It takes things to another level because you are locked and unable to have sex while your wife can fuck whoever she wants.

It takes power exchange to a whole new level. And it's definitely something bucket-list worthy to experience.

6. Do you want to become a sissy?

Another reason why the chastity lifestyle might be right for your relationship is if you want to become a sissy.

Giving up that manhood is an essential part of becoming a sissy.

After all, if you want to transform that "manhood" into a little clitty, you'll need to wear small chastity cages for a long time in other to shrink!

Is The Chastity Lifestyle Right For You? the chastity lifestyle right for you?

Well, if you answered yes to at least 2 or 3 of the above, then it may be time for you to consider your first chastity cage.

In fact, I would say it is only a matter of time until you are locked up and living the good life as a submissive slave!

So, what happens when you are first locked in chastity?

Well, during the first week, you will experience some difficulty adjusting to normal things such as using the bathroom, sleeping, etc. But it'll pass over time.

In addition, you'll also likely have blue balls randomly as you daydream at work, while driving, riding the bus, etc.

And eventually you will notice a change in your mental psyche too. But the "chastity lifestyle transformation" is truly part of the fun in my humble opinion.

P.S. check out this blog post that talks about what you might experience during the first week of chastity...

Is The Chastity Lifestyle Right For You

Stages of Chastity lifestyle

Alright, so you have decided that you and your partner want to truly live the chastity lifestyle.

What does that really mean?

Well, there are 4 stages that a person/couple go through when they commit to this lifestyle.

Here are the 4 stages...

1. Thinking about chastity

The first stage of the chastity lifestyle is simply just thinking about chastity.

Maybe you have looked at a few cages online and read a few stories/chastity captions.

Or maybe you have talked with your wife/girlfriend about the idea as well.

Just the mere fact that you are thinking about chastity means you will be locked up. It's only a matter of time...

2. Playing around with it

The next step of the chastity lifestyle is just playing around with the cage.

You just ordered one and have tried it for a few weeks or months now. You are experimenting around to see what types of materials (steel or resin) you like or what kind of designs you like.

Chastity is starting to turn you on and it becomes a big part of your relationship.

In fact, playing some chastity games with your partner is something you look forward to every week!

3. Seriously long lockups...

At this point, you are a serious chastity player and have been experimenting around with longer lockups.

Week long or even month long lock ups no longer phase you.

In fact, you want to be denied. It turns you on!

These days, your orgasms become fewer and fewer. You have almost forgotten what it feels like to cum.

At this point, all you can think about is serving your keyholder. Her pleasure is your pleasure. Her happiness is your happiness.

Making her happy and serving her is all you think about.

4. "Permanent chastity"

During the final stage of the chastity lifestyle, you will seriously think about permanent chastity.

Why not?

It's not like you were going to use that dick anyways. Besides, your wife is much happier totally controlling your life in every single way.

Permanent chastity begins to turn you on.

At this point, you have been locked up for so long that your dick may have even shrunk a little bit...

And you know what? That honestly turns you on, you actually like that!

During this stage, you may even think about doing something a little more crazy...

You may even be thinking about doing something crazy like getting a chastity Prince Albert piercing!

You have reached peak beta status :)

Final Thoughts on the Chastity Lifestyle

Overall, there is no denying that the chastity lifestyle is insanely fun.

But it's not for everyone.

Only true submissives seek out this kind of lifestyle. Think that is you?

Let me know in the comments about what you think about the chastity lifestyle :)


  • I have been in permanent chastity for over ten years. I have not been in a pussy in all that time and never will be. I am allowed a ruined orgasm on my birthday and am prostate milked once a month to keep my semen level low. My penis has shrunk to less than an inch and almost disappear completely.

  • I’m not sure using the word “slave” in a female led relationship is that true. Submissive male seems to be the right term. I’m a sub male and serve a Mistress. She has me wearing a chastity cage during our sessions. Also a collar and leash. At that point you could say I’m her slave. My Mistress calls me her “sissy slut”. Because of distance and the fact that I’m married, I don’t wear my chastity cage (I have 4 of them) all the time. I don’t believe in full time chastity. My lifestyle makes full time chastity impossible.

    Joe Sommer
  • I answered an absolute yes to 4 out of the 6 questions. The idea of cuckolding is a HUGE turn on but I’m just not sure how it would be in real life. The same goes for being a sissy. I LOVE the idea of it and enjoy being feminine in privet. My wife and I have played with locking me in chastity off and on over the years the longest lock up was only 30 days other than that it was a week or 2 here and there.
    When the mood hits her it is very erotic with out a doubt! and I tell her how hot it is when she takes control and bosses me around.
    I hope someone out there can give me some pointers or ideas on how I could get her to fully embrace her dominant side and see how much she would enjoy being in control.

  • You made a lot of excellent suggestions. I, for one, accept my little pp (1.06 inches soft —2.12 inches hard) as a gift. My perspective is focused on service to a Superior Female. Life is much better this way.

    Gregory Marsh
  • It is hard to actually stay locked when I am the one in control feeling like may need to use glue to make sure I can’t unlock it for a while


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