Metal vs. Resin Chastity Cages - What's Better?

For some people, picking out a chastity cage is like buying a car. 

They come in so many different models, shapes, sizes, and colors. The entire process can be overwhelming for a beginner.

And one of the questions anyone considering chastity is always:

Metal or Resin?

In general chastity cages are created from one of two materials: stainless steel or plastic/resin. 

So, which one is the best for you? 

Well, it really depends on personal preference and what you want from your FLR. 

This post will go into the details of the pros and cons of both steel and plastic chastity cages.

Evaluating chastity cages

When it comes to this analysis, we will focus on 5 important categories when it comes to wearing a chastity cage:

1. Comfort

Is the cage comfortable? Does it pinch anywhere? 

Is the ring really tough on your balls? Does it cause any chafing or itching? 

When it comes to chastity cages, there is always some level of "discomfort" - after all, you are locking an integral part of your body in a cage. 

However, the cage shouldn't be overbearingly uncomfortable where you are continually focused on it. 

I always say that a cage should be comfortable when soft and uncomfortable when hard (i.e. when you manhood is trying to burst through the cage!)

2. Style

Style is obviously super subjective and varies a lot depending on the person. 

What I'm looking here is for a cage that looks "sexy". Some cages are just downright ugly, while others really look good. 

3. Security

Security is always a big concern when it comes to chastity cages. 

And this usually refers to testicle security. There's nothing worse than having a testicle slip out of the ring and ruin a good lockup. 

Usually it comes down to the fit of the cage/ring, but that's not always the case. 

A secure device should also be able to thwart tampering (i.e. you just can't cut or break yourself out). 

4. Ease of peeing 

When it comes to chastity cages, I like something that allows you to easily use the bathroom. 

It can be frustrating if your cage has a very small peehole where you have to aim the slit of your penis correctly in order to avoid a huge mess. 

Trust, me, you don't want to be fidgeting around in the middle of the night in the bathroom.

5. Cleanliness 

Just because you are locked in chastity doesn't mean personal hygiene goes away. 

A chastity cage can attract a lot of piss and sweat during a lockup, so it's important to be able to stay clean.

Some cages are super easy to clean and some aren't. 

Metal chastity cages

In general, I would say metal or stainless steel cages are typically what more veteran FLR couples use. 

Steel is a great choice for a long-term chastity cage for several reasons. 

First of all, it's very durable and secure. If you have correctly sized a steel cage, it's very unlikely that your testicles will slip out. 

And since steel is such a hard object, it's virtually impossible to cut yourself out without a chain saw!

What I really like about steel is that it's typically a heavier cage. I find the extra "weight" is extra welcoming. 

It just "feels" more real - the entire chastity experience is enhanced because of it. 

I also feel like steel cages are a lot more stylish. They look a lot more intimating and humiliating for a slave, which is perfect cause that's what I'm looking for. 

In general, I would say steel cages aren't as comfortable as plastic or resin cages so they do take some time to get used to. 

When it comes to using the bathroom, steel cages are really a hit and miss. 

Some steel cages are great in that they have a large peehole slit, which makes it easy to aim your penis. 

However, others have a really small hole so you have to line everything up correctly or risk having a big mess (even while sitting on the toilet).

At the same time, steel cages are typically more "open" than plastic chastity cages. 

What I mean by this is there is more openings for the skin to breathe. And this also makes it a lot easier to clean the cage and your cock while you shower. 

But there are also drawbacks to steel cages. 

One big one is they are typically more expensive than plastic cages (by a fair margin too). 

In addition, steel cages don't really come in different color varities.

Pros of metal chastity cages:
  • Super secure and very stylish - great for long-term wear
  • Steel cages are typically easier to clean and are more breathable for your skin than plastic cages
  • In general, metal cages are a lot more stylish than plastic cages
Cons of metal chastity cages:
  • Steel cages are typically more expensive
  • Metal cages really only come in one color (silver)

Metal vs. Plastic Chastity Cages - What's Better

Resin chastity cages

My personal opinion is that plastic cages are perfect cages for beginners. 

If you are new to female led relationships or chastity, then plastic cages are perfect for you to experiment around with the fetish.

In general, plastic cages are easier on your skin. It's softer than steel and for someone who has never had their dick locked up before, it's much more comfortable. 

That's why I think it's perfect for beginners. 

Plastic cages typically also have a much bigger peehole, which makes going to the bathroom so much easier (regardless if you are standing or sitting to pee). 

And one of my favorite things about resin cages is that they come in different colors. For example, you can get a nice pink or even black cage. 

In contrast, steel cages only really come in one color: silver. 

As a result, plastic cages are perfect for sissies who want to color coordinate their cages with the rest of their outfits. 

In terms of security, I would say plastic cages are less secure. In general, if you really wanted to get out, you could be desperate enough to cut portions of the cage to get out. 

Finally, I think one of the things I like the least about plastic cages is that it's super hard to stay clean. 

In general, plastic cages are not very open. Not only does this mean your skin can't breathe, but it also makes it very hard to clean the cage. 

Most plastic cock cages are just one long tube with no openings. So it's very easy for piss and sweat to get stuck in there.

Pros of resin chastity cages:

  • Plastic cages are typically more comfortable than steel cages
  • Resin cages are generally cheaper than metal cages
  • Plastic cages come in fun colors like pink, black, purple, etc.
  • Plastic cages are much easier to pee with

Cons of resin chastity cages:

  • Plastic cages are less secure than steel cages
  • Plastic cages don't last as long and they are harder to keep clean 

Metal vs. Resin Chastity Cages - Final Thoughts

Overall, when it comes to picking a new chastity cage you really have to consider what you want.

Do you want something really secure, has lots of openings for your cock to breathe, and is great for long-term wear? 

If that's the case, a steel cage is perfect for you. 

Do you want something that is really colorful and comfortable? Do you want something that is a little cheaper and easier to pee with? 

Then a plastic cage might be better for you. 

Of course, these are all subjective evaluations, so I'd recommend experimenting around with several cages so you can figure out what you like and don't like.


  • My steel cage pinches me at the sides and also when i lie down at night, it kinda hurts, but overall it’s great

  • thank you. that was all very helpful. and all very accurate. thank you for that too.

    william skaggs

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