How To Experience Chastity Submission: The Ultimate Male Chastity Lifestyle

So, you want to experience chastity submission in your relationship? I think that's awesome!

Power exchange and chastity is one of my favorite ways to spice things up in a stale sex life.

After all, there's nothing like making a male submit to you and become your bitch. And as a sub, there's nothing like chastity frustration.

The pure frustration of not being able to control your cock anymore is sooooo erotic!

This blog post will cover:

  • How to experience chastity submission in your FLR
  • The best ways live the male chastity lifestyle
  • Kinky chastity games and ideas to try with your partner

Here are 7 fun chastity submission games you need to try...

1. The Chastity Screensaver

One of the best ways to introduce chastity submission in your relationship is to take some humiliating photos of your slave boyfriend/husband.

What does this mean?

Well, one thing you can do is make him kneel naked with his chastity cage and take a picture of him! This works best if it's a bright pink chastity cage.

Then, have him use that photo as the screensaver for his phone.

I bet he won't be using his phone much in public after that haha!

Erotic humiliation is a great way for a sub to experience submission.

2. Give Him Blue Balls In Chastity

Another fun way to make your chastity sub submit to you is to give him blue balls.

Intense blue balls is definitely not comfortable. It feels like your stomach is all constipated and if it's really bad it may even feel uncomfortable to walk!

So here's what you are going to do: grab some lube or baby oil and rub that all over your cuckold's cock and balls.

Use your fingers (and even your nails) to tease him. Whisper naughty things into his ear and really get him nice and hard in his chastity cage.

Keep doing it until he's leaking and on the edge of orgasm.

Then STOP before he is about to cum...

Cumming is not allowed, after all!

Repeat this 2 or 3 times until he's begging you for that sweet release.

Of course, you'll deny him while laughing. There's nothing like seeing a submissive male in chastity completely at your mercy.

3. The Ultimate Submission: Chastity Cuckolding

This is my favorite way to have my slave experience real chastity submission. After all, cuckolding is already such an intense and emotional thing for your female led relationship.

Lock your husband in chastity and invite your hot stud over for a fuck session. Make sure your cuck is ready to clean up the mess too!

To make things even more intense, turn your cuckold into the camera man.

Have him record EVERYTHING as you and your bull turn the bedroom into a mess.

And when you want to tease your partner in the future, you can have him watch that exact video (while locked in chastity of course).

Now that would be a "cruel tease" haha!

As I have always said, combining the chastity lifestyle with cuckolding is always amazing!

How To Experience Chastity Submission The Ultimate Male Chastity Lifestyle

4. Put Your Slave In A Smaller Chastity Cage

One of the best ways to enforce submission in your relationship is to put your slave husband/boyfriend into a smaller chastity cage.

Why do this?

Well for one, it's kind of funny to watch him squirm as you put him in an itty bitty chastity cage.

He'll probably beg you not to do it even though he secretly wants it.

The second thing is small chastity cages are so much fun!

Because they are so small it makes the chastity experience so much more intense.

Your slave will feel extreme desperation especially when the small cage pushes back against his cock while he's trying to get hard.

In my experience, it makes your slave WAY more submissive and obedient.

P.S. if you're looking for a small cage, check out the Teensy Weensy Cage:


5. Sissy Submission In Chastity

One of the best ways to make your chastity slave submit to you is to peg him!

And I find that it's best to turn him into a sissy for this to add extra humiliation.

What do I mean by this?

Well, have him put on a pair of bra and panties or even wear a French maid outfit.

Then, bend him over the bed and take his ass!

Training your slave to take regular peggings is so much fun. He'll be super submissive and beg to be fucked like a sissy slut.

6. Have Your Slave Write An Essay

Looking for a way to relax while you have your slave complete a menial task?

Well, this one if for you!

After a long day of work come home and sit back on the sofa. Have your slave bring you a glass of wine and then tell him to get on his knees so you can use him as a footrest.

Then, give him a notebook and a pen and order him to write about his chastity experience for the day while you sit back and relax.

For example:

  • How do his balls feel?
  • How many times did he think about you today?
  • Did he daydream about sex or even cumming?

This will reinforce chastity submission for your slave while also making him even more frustrated!

7. Give Him A Chastity Blowjob

Another way to have your slave experience extreme chastity submission is to give him a chastity blowjob.

Trust me, nothing is more frustrating!

Being able to get "hard" in the chastity cage while you tease him is just so frustrating.

I find that this is best used when your slave is wearing a cage that is sort of open where your tongue can tease his skin. This way he can kind of "feel" you but it won't be enough stimulation to actually cum.

Such sweet torture, right? :)

He'll definitely have blue balls after this haha. That's what I love about this...pure chastity frustration!

Chastity Submission In Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Overall, making males submit to you in chastity is so much fun. It's definitely the kink you need in your relationship to spice things up!

Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration to live up the male chastity lifestyle.

Let me know which idea was your favorite and if you have any other great ideas for the list :)

Stay Kinky!


  • My Mistress has made put the chastity cage on my phone as wallpaper and as Screensaver. I must explain to everyone who sees it why it is there.

    Pussy Bitch
  • Hi. Thank you for your blog. Many interesting ideas for my Mistress. I must push back a bit on some perspectives tho.
    I have been permanently caged for 6.5 years. And, of course, orgasm has not been permitted in that time. And yes, Mistress does sometimes apply a micro cage – which I thoroughly enjoy because of the pride Mistress states at doing that to her property. Mistress does not desire my orgasm. Never! However, Mistress does allow me cage removal occasionally so I can edge without orgasm. Edging is wonderful. Orgasm only lasts seconds, while edging can last hours. Mistress especially likes having me edge when she has company. Mistress does like to have me edge for her gfs and they enjoy poking fun. I don’t really feel humiliation, but rather a pride that I can please my Mistress. Mistress does not allow her male friends to humiliate her property and stops them when they try. Mistress tells them that I am her property to command and not theirs. And, of course, Mistress knows best
    Mistress also does not engage in cos play. Her commands are generally simple and reinforce her ownership and dominance.
    I love my Mistress and these have been the happiest years of my life. I no longer consider the possibility that I will ever cum. In fact, I don’t ever even consider getting hard unless Mistress commands it.
    I do not get blue balls. In fact, I do not consider any sexual enjoyment unless Mistress desires it. I have tried in earlier yeas but found that I am no longer capable of an erection absent Mistress’ commands. Amazingly, however, once given Mistress’ command, I get super hard in seconds. Mistress particularly enjoys keeping me on the edge for long periods of time, constantly reminding me that orgasm is forbidden.
    I love my life.

  • I actually done that screen saver thing as a surprise to show her some commitment for her on my behalf but it wasn’t on my phone I set it on my fire stick on the main tv in the living room so if the tv was left without anything selected good old Alexa would display all my horrific humiliating behind closed doors secrets for absolutely anyone who was there lol think I might still have a few somewhere lol

    Mark Cooper
  • My former FLR Mistress I lived with for almost 2 years gave me black & blue balls and kept me from ejaculation for weeks at a time. I was in tears but did her laundry, vacuumed the rooms, did the dishes all while naked and getting my ass whipped. I would fall on the floor from having my balls kicked yet I continued to do my work, sometimes crying out loud. I never got sex at all. It was excruciating and very hard but I accepted it. Now that she is gone I miss her and pray a new Mistress will accept me.


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