8 Chastity Cuck Ideas For The Naughty Hotwife

Are you a couple in a new cuckold marriage looking for naughty cuck ideas to play out your fantasies?

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas to tease and torment your cuckold husband with.

But, look no further because I have just the thing for you..

This blog post will cover:

  • Super kinky cuck ideas to check off your bucketlist
  • How to be the best cuckold hotwife and REALLY tease your husband/boyfriend
  • Super hotwife ideas to satisfy your sexual cravings

These ideas range from mild to super kinky so there's something for everyone here :)

Ready to get started?

Here are 8 super naughty hotwife/cuck ideas to try this weekend!

1. Clean the cum off...

This is my favorite cuck ideas to try because it's something every cuckold should experience.

If you haven't made your cuck suck cock for you before, then this is the perfect way to do it!

After you cum on your bull's massive cock, order your cuck to lick the juices off.

Not only is this super humiliating, but it will give him some good practice to hone in on his cocksucking skills!

While he's cleaning your bull's cock, be sure to whisper naughty things into his ear like:

  • You love sucking cock for me, don't you?
  • Can you taste me on him?
  • Lick up every last drop of my cum from him!
  • Don't you dare miss a drop, cuckboy!

This will 100% make him super hard in his tiny chastity cage!

2. Suck cock together

Looking for a romantic activity to do together as a cuckold couple? Well, this idea will be perfect for you :)

One thing you can do together is suck cock together.

Get on your knees before your bull and teach your cuck how to suck cock like a pro.

Attack his cock together - one gets the head, while one gets the balls.

Suck on the head of his cock together and French kiss, exchanging spit and precum in a messy fashion!

If you haven't sucked cock together with your cuck then you are missing out BIG time!

P.S. make sure your cuck hones in on his cock sucking skills before you let him try on the real deal. After all, you don't want him to embarrass you!

Order a realistic BBC dildo like this and make him practice every night!

3. Sloppy seconds for cucky

If you are into public humiliation, one thing you can do is kiss another man in front of your husband right at the bar (or somewhere in public).

If you want to tease him even more, make sure you do it while everyone is watching.

Or you can do it while you're sitting in your husband's lap too so you can feel his hardon squirming beneath you (even if he's locked in chastity).

And after you swap spit with a stranger, be sure to go back to your husband and kiss him too so he can taste another man on your lips!

P.S. for more fun cuckold games at the bar, be sure to check out this blog post!

4. A good ass licking

There are a lot of fun cuckold sex positions.

One of my favorite is having your cuck lick your ass while you are getting fucked.

The best position for this obviously in doggy!

While you are getting railed from behind, order your cuck to crawl in there and lick your ass while your bull is thrusting in to you.

Not only will your cuck probably accidentlaly lick your bull's cock, but it will also be super humiliating for him!

Instead of making him lick your ass, you can also tell him to suck on your clit too!

For this position, have him lie down while you sit over his face while getting fucked.

8 Super Naughty Hotwife Ideas

5. Cuckold condom cleanup duty

A condom cleanup is a rite of passage for many cucks. After all, a cuck's gotta get his protein somehow, right? :)

Make your husband slurp down a large condom filled with your lover's cum.

Make him beg for it too. Have him kneel down while you slap his face with the condom, teasing him endlessly.

And then make him lick the outside and ask if he can taste your pussy juices.

After you have tortured him enough, put the condom into his mouth and order him to chew on it until he breaks it and only then will he be allowed to slurp it down.

Make sure he licks up every last drop so nothing is wasted!

6. Take his anal virginity

A good cuckold slave should be able to take it up the ass.

So you need to stretch his ass on a regular basis with your strapon!

Bend your husband over and put lots of lube on the strapon. Then slowly glide it in while you whisper naughty things to him:

  • "Tell me how much you love my cock in you!"
  • "Beg for my cock, cuckboy"
  • "You better take my cock like a whore otherwise I'll have my bull finish the job!"

If you have a bull over, you can also have your bull fuck your slave's virgin ass too!

Assuming he is locked in chastity, you might even be able to make him cum by stimulating his prostate!

P.S. if you're looking for some anal toys to train your cuckold with, check out our collection Cuck Toy Collection!


Cuckold Toys


7. Suck your bull's toes

I am always a big fan of doing things to humiliate your cuck. One of my favorite is to make him suck on your bull's toes.

This is even better if your husband has a big foot fetish.

Sucking on your man's foot will show your cuck just how "pathetic" he is.

For example, you can have him suck on his toes while you are fucking in the bedroom.

Or another thing you can do is have him suck your toes after you and your bull have a long fuck session and are cuddling in bed together.

OR you can have him suck your bull's sweaty toes right after the gym!

8. Jerk him while fucking!

This is another really hot cuckold sex position.

Have your cuckold slave kneel down near you while you are getting fucked.

Stroke his dick while you are moaning for another man's cock.

Tell him how pathetic he is and how is little dick would never make you feel like this.

And then I want you to jerk him off until he cums all over the place!

Obviously it's easier to make him cum this way when he is unlocked.

BUT if you want a real challenge (and to torment him to the max), keep him in the cage and see if he can cum this way!

Naughty Cuck Ideas For Your Cuckold Marriage - Final Thoughts

Overall, the hotwife life should be filled with fun and naughtiness.

Hopefully you'll have a ton of fun trying these ideas (or some variant of these ideas).

So, which one of these naughty hot wife ideas do you want to try the most? Let me know in the comments :)


  • I will definitely try some of those ideas especially the one sitting on my husbands lap while kissing a stranger
    That really appeals to me.

    Linda lee
  • how i wish ihad met a young lady who would have married me and then had three black bulls come to our room on our wedding night

  • So exciting

  • Wild ones. Waiting for these to be tried on me.

    Pa Ra

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