Using Anal Plugs While Locked In Chastity

When most people or couples stumble onto chastity it is a beautiful thing because their eyes are now open to a new world of fun.

Plain old vanilla sex just isn't enough anymore. And you need to do more and more kinky stuff to get your rocks off!

That's why I want to talk about anal play while locked in chastity - specifically anal plugs. 

I think anal plugs and chastity go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. 

There are a lot of fun things you can do with anal plugs while locked in chastity so I want to go over why they are such a nice combination and give you tips on what you can do. 

The humiliation aspect of it

One of the big reasons to combine chastity and anal play is for the humiliation aspect. 

When you hand your chastity key over to your wife, not only does she control your cuck, but with a plug, she will also control your ass (literally!)

This is even more of the case if you are using a wireless remote control vibrating anal plug!

There's nothing quite like giving up control to your keyholder/partner at this level. 

Some of your most basic human functions are not at the control of someone else!

And for most guys, being plugged (especially for the first time) is super humiliating.

So if you're into humiliation, give anal plugs a try :)

Give control to your partner

If you have graduated from a normal marriage into a female led relationship (or even a cuckold marriage), you probably like power play. 

And this is exactly what chastity and anal play accomplishes. 

At its core, power exchange is all about transferring power from one person to another. 

And giving control of your cock and ass accomplishes just that. Imagine how hard you'll be in that cage knowing your Mistress controls your most important body functions!

Anal (prostate) orgasm in chastity

If you are locked in chastity, it is not impossible to cum, but it is much harder. 

One way you can cum in chastity is through a prostate orgasm

This is WAY more powerful than a regular orgasm because your cock is scrunched up against the chastity cage. 

It's really hard to describe but the feeling is like a super big geyser exploding.

Your cock is pressed hard against the steel cage, unable to break out. And when you start stimulating your ass/prostate, the sensations just get more and more intense until you finally explode. 

In fact, it's not uncommon to shoot your load several feet in these circumstances!

Trust me, an anal orgasm in chastity is the best kind of orgasm you will ever feel. 

You REALLY need to give it a try, it's THAT good!


If you are into sissy play and feminization, anal toys and chastity are a good stepping stone. 

Not only are you locking that cock away like a little clit, but you are also violating your ass!

Some sissies like to get fucked up the ass, but if you've never done it before, it can be a little intense. 

And that's where butt plugs come into play. They are a good tool to train your ass to stretch and take larger and larger cocks. 

Tips for using Anal Toys

Now when it comes to using anal toys (especially for the first time) safety is always a big concern. 

As a result, I want to go over some safe play basics to ensure you have fun, but not at the expense of personal injury.

Always use lube

Using lube is very important when it comes to any kind of anal play. 

Inserting a foreign object in your ass can irritate the skin or irritate hemorrhoids if you are not careful. 

Using lubricant helps prevent this by not only protecting your skin, but also allowing butt plugs to easily slide up your tight little ass.

Start off small first

As with any new type of activity, it's better to walk first before you run. 

So start off with small anal toys before you graduate to larger ones. There's no shame in using a small butt plug if it gets the job done. 

Trust me, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself.

Anal toys to use while you're in chastity

So if you're interested in some anal play while locked in chastity, here are some great toys for your tight little ass!

Cuck Heaven

The Cuck Heaven is the all around best prostate massager on the site.

It comes with a large flexible rotating head to ensure your prostate is hit in the right spot to get the big o. 

And not only that, but the Cuck Heaven can be controlled remotely. This means you can give yourself a "hands-free" orgasm in chastity or even hand over control to your partner. 

Trust me, if you want to be milked, the Cuck Heaven is definitely the right tool!

Click here to check out the Cuck Heaven


Cuck Trainer

The Cuck Trainer is the BEST butt plug training set for anal novices because it comes with 3 different size plugs. 

Like the Cuck Heaven, you can use the Cuck Trainer to achieve a hands-free orgasm. 

And you can even take the smallest butt plug in the package outside for some naughty fun. 

This will go great with any chastity cage you are currently wearing.

Click here to check out the Cuck Trainer

Cuck Beads

If you haven't tried any anal beads yet, then you have to give them a try!

Anal beads are a really neat sex toy. 

They are basically a series of small beads that get larger and larger as you get closer to the base. 

As a result, they are a great anal toy for beginners and novices alike. 

The Cuck Beads has 6 different sized beads that you can use to play with your prostate. 

The beads feel pretty amazing and much different than a regular butt plug, because the different size beads stretches your ass differently at each point of contact. 

Plus, the Cuck Beads can also vibrate when controlled via a small wireless remote, which means you can have a ton of fun at home! 

Click here to check out the Cuck Beads!


Fun Chastity Anal Toy Ideas To Try!

Before ending this blog post, I want to go over a few quick ways that you can use anal toys while locked in chastity in your marriage. 

So get ready to have a ton of kinky fun this weekned!

1. Cumming in chastity

As I mentioned before, cumming in chastity is one of the best sensations you could possibly experience. 

This is a great idea to try not only for solo play, but to get milked by your partner as well.

Ideally, you would be tied up against the bed spread eagle. This way you are completely vulnerable to your partner. 

Then she will take the anal plug (or prostate massager) and slowly tease you until you expand against the tight confines of the chastity cage. 

It may take a bit of teasing and a lot of begging, but you'll cum eventually! 

And to make things even more hot, your wife could also stuff her wet panties into your mouth to muffle your moans and screams! 

2. Public play

If you are a big fan of kink play in public, then you will REALLY love this idea.

I would recommend buying one of the wireless remote anal toys from our store. These anal toys are great because you can control them remotely (up to 30 feet in some cases) anywhere. 

For example, you could have your cuck put in his anal toy before you go to a date night dinner at the restaurant. 

And throughout the dinner, you can sporadically turn on and off the anal plug in his ass, making him hard and leak from the cage. 

Sounds super naughty and kinky, right? 

Well, once you give it a try, you may be wearing an anal plug everywhere you go from now on!

3. Pussy eating service

Another thing you can do is use the anal plug to tease your husband while he's eating you out. 

For example, you can turn on the vibrations to a higher setting when you want him to go faster or lower to tell him to go slower. 

Or you can just use is randomly to really tease him while riding his face. 

Obviously, you cum before him, so don't turn the setting on too high and make him cum in his little cage!

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