10 Ideas To Celebrate International Male Chastity Day

Is International Male Chastity Day a real holiday? Of course!

Any chance of locking more men in chastity and turning them into submissive playthings for women is a great thing in my book :)

Although it's not an official public holiday, it's a great day to celebrate as kinksters...

What Is International Male Chastity Day?

International Male Chastity day is a day to celebrate locking men in chastity!

There are a ton of benefits of male chastity such as:

  • Modifying bad male behavior
  • Experiencing total power exchange in your relationship
  • ...and creating a more intimate relationship with your partner

Think of International Male Chastity Day as a shortened Locktober - just a day. Now, of course you can extend male chastity day beyond 24 hours. In fact, I encourage it!

When Is International Male Chastity Day?

So, when is International Male Chastity Day?

Well, the holiday sort of has 2 different days...

Supposedly, it was started a number of years ago by an online BDSM retailer. And the date they set was February 15, which is the day after Valentine's Day (February 14th).

Given the close proximity to Vday, many people actually celebrate it on January 14th (in middle of Jerkless January). And I think that's preferable as it can be a New Year's resolution for people hehe.

So which is it...do you celebrate male chastity day in February or January?

Both are acceptable in my opinion...as long as you are getting locked in chastity!

How To Celebrate Male Chastity Day?

So...how should you celebrate Male Chastity Day?

Well, I'm glad you asked because I have a list of 10 super naughty and kinky ideas...

1. Make chastity vows

What better way to celebrate Male Chastity Day than to make some chastity vows with your partner?

Think of it like creating wedding vows. I think this is super romantic, kinky, and fun!

For example, you can write down your vows and read them to your keyholders.

Your vows could be something like:

I vow to:

  • Obey and love you no matter what
  • Stay in chastity for as long as you desire
  • Lick your pussy every night
  • Never complain about how long I've been locked in chastity

...yeah you get the point :)

Be kinky and share some chastity vows with your partner!

Alternatively, as a keyholder, you can also create some vows for your partner.

Something like...

I vow to:

  • Tease you and give you intense blue balls
  • Lock you and turn you into my cuck
  • Hold your key safely and never let you out early...

2. Make your slave cum in chastity

Why not create some fireworks on the big day by making your slave cum in chastity!

This is the perfect way to celebrate such an important holiday in the femdom world :)

The beauty of this idea is that you can execute it in a number of ways.

For example, you can rub his balls softly until he squirts out a ruined orgasm in chastity.

Alternatively, you can jam a vibrating wand against his cage (works best with steel cages) and watch him have an intense sissygasm!

P.S. for some fun ways to make your slave cum in chastity, read this blog post!

3. Put him in a smaller cage!

One of the best ways to celebrate International Male Chastity day is to lock your partner in a smaller chastity cage!

Micro cages are great because they are super snug, very secure, and make you A LOT more submissive.

Getting your very first micro chastity cage for International Male Chastity day would be a dream! And of course, a tease and denial session is in order after locking your partner in a new cage...

If you're looking for a smaller cage to lock him in, check out our micro cage collection!

The Micro Cage Collection

4. Make him wear a sissy set

International Male Chastity Day is the perfect time to transform your slave into an even more submissive tool.

How? By dressing him up as a sissy!

Turn him into a real bitch for you by making him dress up like a sissy maid with his chastity cage. Then, put him to work slaving for you around the house :)

There's nothing like seeing your slave in a sissy outfit with his cage on. It's the perfect way to celebrate total male submission!

10 Ideas To Celebrate International Male Chastity Day

5. Play a chastity dice game

Chastity dice games are a great way to spice things up in your sex life.

Play a game where your slave has to roll a dice and then each number corresponds to a part of your body to worship.

For example:

1 = feet

2 = pussy

3 = ass

4 = boobs

5 = lips

6 = hands

After all, male chastity and female worship should come hand in hand!

For more chastity dice game ideas, check out this blog post.

6. Spend 30 days in chastity (sign a chastity contract)

This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate male chastity day!

Creating a chastity contract with your keyholder is a really fun activity.

Not only does it set expectations for both partners, but it's also super kinky to draft!

Your chastity contract should discuss things like:

  • The rights of the keyholder and the chastity slave
  • The chastity lockup period (how long it should be)
  • Conditions to be released from chastity
  • Rewards and punishments for the chastity slave.

P.S. if you're looking for an already completed male chastity contract that you can sign right away, I highly recommend this one from MyFemdomRules.

7. Peg him hard!

There's nothing like getting pegged while locked in chastity.

It's a mix of feelings you'll experience...

  • Humiliation
  • Frustration
  • Pleasure
  • ...and desperation!

That's why you should peg your chastity slave on International Male Chastity Day! Peg him into submission.

Now, there are a few ways you can go about this...

But my favorite is simply bending him over the bed and taking what's yours!

8. Cuckold date :)

Cuckolding your partner is another great way to celebrate male chastity day!

I mean just imagine how hard he'll be straining in his cage while you fuck another man in front of him.

So, invite one of your bulls/play partners over for the night. Lock your husband in chastity, tie him to a chair, and fuck another man in front of him.

He'll never forget a day like that!

Something tells me he's going to have blue balls...

9. Long tease and denial session!

One of my favorite ways to spend International Male Chastity day is a LONG tease and denial session.

After all, what could be better than making your chastity slave even more frustrated and desperate to get out?

Spend the night teasing your slave...

Rub, poke, and prod his cage. Really get him nice and hard and leaking in chastity.

Whisper dirty things into his ear and deny him after edging him a few times.

10. Playful public teasing

Celebrating male chastity day shouldn't be something that you only do at home. After all, sometimes it's fun to go out and tease your chastity slave in public!

For example, you can make him wear a remote control vibrating butt plug. This way, you can turn it on and off while you are out and about.

Think about how funny it would be to turn it on and watch him squirm while the waiter is taking his lunch order!

Another thing you can do is make him take Viagra and then tease him in public.

Play footsie under the table at dinner and try to get him as "hard" as possible in the cage.

Such sweet torture!

Celebrating International Male Chastity Day - Final Thoughts

Overall, International Male Chastity Day is a great holiday to celebrate power exchange, female superiority, and submission with your partner.

Hopefully you have fun this January 14th (or February 15th).

P.S. Which of these ideas did you enjoy the most? Let me know in the comments!

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