What Are Anal Beads? And How To Use Them In Your Female Led Relationship!

So, what are anal beads? I remember when I first saw this unique sex toy when I was a teenager. 

I mean I've heard about butt plugs before, but I had never seen an anal bead before. 

Well, anal beads are basically a set of circular spheres attached together. Typically, the beads get larger and larger as you go from top to bottom. 

The point of anal beads is to provide anal stimulation (for both men and women). 

If you've never had an anal (or prostate) orgasm before, then you are missing out big time. 

Anal stimulation, especially when you are locked in chastity, is pretty amazing. 

So in this post, I'll discuss what anal beads are, what they're used for, and how they can take your female led relationship to the next level. 

What are Anal Beads Used For?

The main purpose of anal beads is to provide anal stimulation. 

In fact, you would be surprised to know that the nerve endings at the entrance of the anus are incredibly sensitive. 

And when stimulated, they can provide GREAT pleasure. 

Now, a lot of people stimulate their anuses with their fingers. That's great, but there are downsides to using your finger. 

First of all, your fingers have multiple joints, which means it's harder to get a "smooth glide" that you'll get with a good set of anal beads. 

And probably more importantly, your fingers are not very long (even your middle one). 

With anal beads, you can reach FAR deeper into your anal canal than your finger ever could. 

What Are Anal Beads And How To Use Them In Your Female Led Relationship!

What are Anal Beads made out of?

In general, anal beads can be made out of many different types of materials like stainless steel, glass, acrylic, and silicone.

Silicone is typically the most used material and my favorite.

I love silicone because it feels very skin like and is much easier on your skin than some of the other materials.

And what I like about silicone too is that the material can be flexible, which means you can bend it at different angles inside your anus.

Trust me, you'll get some pretty gnarly sensations by doing that!

How to use anal beads

If you're reading this, you probably have some anal play experience - likely with a butt plug

However, anal beads are slightly different than butt plugs. 

Anal plugs are generally meant to go in your ass, but stay in. They provide a feeling of "fullness" while you're wearing it. 

In contrast, anal beads are meant to provide stimulation by moving them in and out of your ass. 

You are meant to insert the beads one by one into your anus. The beads get progressively larger as you insert them. 

The fun of using anal beads is not the feeling of fullness when you have them inside your anus, but the sensation from pulling them in and out. 

Trust me, the sensation is pretty wild because of the different bead sizes (especially if some of them are ribbed).

It's almost pure bliss. 

It's almost like getting a massage for your ass!

Tips for using your anal beads

Before I give you some ideas on how to use anal beads in your FLR, I wanted to give some tips. 

The first is to always go slow when it comes to using the beads. 

Whenever you are playing with anal toys, it is a good idea to go slow to warm up your body. 

Don't just rip the beads out once you get them in too. Pull them out slowly before re-inserting them. 

And use a generous amount of lube too, you don't want to irritate your skin or cause minor damage. 

Finally, cleaning your anal beads is super important for health reasons. 

If you are using silicone, warm water and soap is the best way to clean them. Alternatively, you can also use wet wipes. 

And please clean them after every use. No one wants to use a dirty anal bead set!

How to use anal beads in your FLR 

When it comes to using anal beads in your female led relationship, there are a lot of things you can do. 

It's versatility is one of my favorite things about the toy!

So here are a few ideas of how to use them in your sex life. 

1. Sissygasm in chastity

One of my favorite ways to use anal beads in a FLR is the loved but hated "sissygasm"!

What do I mean by sissygasm? Well, I mean locking your slave/husband in chastity while using the anal beads to stimulate his anus/prostate to give him an orgasm. 

This is MUCH more intense than a normal orgasm for several reasons. 

First, you are stimulating his prostate instead of jerking his cock. 

Second, because he is locked in chastity, his cock is straining hard against the cage. This will ultimately make the orgasm much more intense AND explosive :)

2. Vibrating anal beads

One really cool feature of some anal beads is they can vibrate

This adds another dimension of stimulation to the anal experience. And this pretty intense if you are having vaginal sex or even just making out. 

When the beads start vibrating, it's like getting your insides massaged all at once.

And it makes whatever you are doing so much more intense. 

For example, you can insert vibrating anal beads while you are making out with your partner or while he is eating your pussy.

3. Solo play

Even if you aren't in a relationship, anal beads are a great toy for solo play. 

Try jerking off while playing pulling the beads in and out of your ass. It's an incredible sensation and you'll be sure to blow within minutes.

And for the ladies, anal stimulation plus clitoral stimulation is really amazing. It's near magical and you may even squirt! 

Best anal beads for beginners

If you are new to anal beads (or even if you are a veteran anal player), here are two beads I would definitely recommend. 

The first is our 3 piece anal set for beginners.

This is a great first set for beginners because it comes in three different sizes so you'll be able to find one that fits you. 

Each piece of the set contains 4 beads that get larger and larger as you get to the base handle. 

And as you get more practice with the beads, you'll be able to try the largest size in no time!

Not only that, but the beads are made from medical grade silicone - which means it is super soft for your anus. 

Here's the sizing chart for each of beads:

Length Smallest Bead Diameter Largest Bead Diameter
Small 3.31 inches (84 mm) 0.51 inches (13 mm) 0.98 inches (25 mm)
Medium 3.98 inches (101 mm) 0.63 inches (16 mm) 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Large 4.65 inches (118 mm) 0.71 inches (18 mm) 1.38 inches (35 mm)

The second anal bead that I would recommend is the Cuck Beads. 

This is one of the best anal beads I have seen on the market because not only is it made out of high grade silicone, but is also vibrates!

That's right, vibrating anal beads are like crack on steroids.

When you turn on the vibrations while pulling the beads in and out of your ass, you'll feel pleasure that you've never experienced before. 

You can control the speed of the vibrations with the small remote control. 

And because it comes with that remote control, you can allow your partner to control the settings for you if you're kinky like that :)

Click here to buy the Cuck Beads!

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