The Male Post Orgasm Torture Guide: Intense Ways To Ruin Him

Post orgasm torture is a great way to tease & torment your slave/sub if you generously decide to let him spill his filth.

Imagine you let him cum after 2 months in chastity in a micro cage.

But instead of letting him enjoy his long awaited release, you decide to ruin his orgasm and continue jerking him after his little sissygasm.

He's squirming under you control, begging you to stop, but you KEEP going!

That's post orgasm torture. And I firmly believe all males should experience it at least once...

This post will discuss:

  • What post orgasm torture is
  • The best post orgasm torture techniques
  • "Cruel" ways to destroy any male's orgasms

So if you're in a devious mood, this blog post is must read material!


What Is Post Orgasm Toture

Post orgasm torture (also known as "PoT") is when you continue *intense* stimulation of a man's cock after he's reached orgasm.

After orgasm, his cock (and in particular the head), will be hyper sensitive.

So, any stimulation using your hands, feet, or mouth, will cause intense sensations for your lucky "victim."

Post orgasm torture is a little different than a ruined orgasm.

A ruined orgasm is when you remove stimulation right before he climaxes so he experiences very little pleasure from cumming.

...So which is better? A ruined orgasm or post orgasm torture?

Why not both!

It's great to ruin your slave's orgasm (by removing all stimulation and letting the cum "dribble" out like a leaky faucet) and then giving him some intense post orgasm torture.

What Does Post Orgasm Torture Feel Like?

POT is really hard to describe if you have never experienced it before.

A lot of people think it's painful, but it's not (despite what his screams or facial emotions may portray).

In reality, it is like being overstimulated.

If you are ticklish you know what I mean. It's like someone is tickling your manhood (when it normally wouldn't be ticklish at all) and just won't stop!

It's truly a great feeling and something every submissive person should experience at least once in their lives!

Why Is Post Orgasm Torture Great For Your FLR?

So...why should you try post orgasm torture in your FLR?

Well, because it's just an extension of the power exchange!

Controlling your slave's/sub's orgasms is such a rush.

That's why giving your slave some post orgasm torture is a great way to exert your dominance over him.

For example, sometimes you may want to let him cum as a "reward" for good behavior.

However, you don't want to give him too much pleasure. This is when post orgasm torture comes into place!

After all, beta husbands and boyfriends shouldn't be able to have enjoyable orgasms. That's for real men :)

So, what are some ideas/techniques to give your partner post orgasm torture?

Well, I'm glad you asked!

Here are some of my favorite ways to give a naughty subby the worst (or "best" depending on how you look at it) post orgasm torture:

Cycle Through The List!

My first post orgasm torture idea for your slave is to give him 3 orgasms in a row.

The first orgasm should be somewhat "pleasurable", but after another two, he will feel quite overstimulated!

The idea is to use a different part of your body to give him an orgasm every time.

For example, the first one will be a handjob. After that, you'll switch to a footjob, and then finish off the POT experience with a sloppy blowjob!

After all of this, I doubt he'll be asking you for any more orgasms.

P.S. it's best to tie him down or put him in handcuffs so he can't stop you :)

The Male Post Orgasm Torture Guide Intense Ways To Ruin Him

Roll Of The Dice

The next post orgasm torture game will be up to chance.

Roll a dice and that will be the number of times you will give your subby an orgasm.

As I mentioned before, consecutive orgasms (without giving your slave a break) is an awesome way to overstimulate him with POT.

So hopefully you roll at least a 3 or 4 to give him multiple orgasms in a row!

For more fun femdom dice games, check out this blog post.

Palm Him Until He Becomes Soft

In my opinion, the best way to give your subby hubby a great post orgasm torture experience that he'll never forget is to palm him.

And it's all about the technique...

After you "force" your cucky to cum for the first time, take all the cum and rub it around his head.

Then, smush the palm of your hand and rub it in a circle around the head of his cock.

Make sure to firmly hold the base of his cock with your other hand as you're doing this.

Men have a tendency to get soft after cumming, so holding his cock firmly will keep the blood there and stop him from going soft as fast.

This palming technique will cause unbelievable overstimulation. It's the best way (IMO) to do post orgasm torture.

Tie Him Down And "Fuck" Him

Does your cucky complain that he doesn't get enough sex?

Well, you are going to change things tonight!

Tie him down (so he can't move when you give him post orgasm torture).

Then, use a male masturbator (or as I like to call it: a fake pussy) to jerk him off!

After he cums, don't stop. In fact, use the pussy to stroke his dick even FASTER!

Doing so will make it very very comfortable. After all, you want to give him the best POT experience!

Give Him Viagra To Continue Milking

Am I the only one who thinks male milking is super erotic?

Well, I hope not...

Now, when it comes to POT, one thing that really limits your ability to keep going is your cucky not being able to stay hard.

After a man cums, it's only natural for his hardon to disappear...

But you need his cock to remain rock hard to give proper post orgasm torture.

That's why you need to feed your slave viagra before hand!

This ensures he will stay hard so you can continue teasing him to 2 or 3 different orgasms...or more!

Milk Him In Chastity

As I have discussed in the past, milking your slave in chastity is something every sub should experience.

So if you want things to be extra frustrating, give your sub some post orgasm torture while he's locked in chastity!

My favorite way to do this is to milk him 2 or 3 times in a row while he's locked up. This works best with a small steel cage.

The tighter the cage, the better because you want him to strain SUPER hard in it!

Male Post Orgasm Torture - Final Thoughts

Overall, post orgasm torture is a great way to dominate your slave/sub.

Turning the highlight of his week into the "worst" part is truly an art.

In fact, I'm a firm believer that every male orgasm should be ruined or be given POT.

So readers...what do you think about POT? Is it something you would like to try? Or is it something you really hate?

Let me know in the comments!


  • Excellent advice. As a sissy/sub/whore myself I will make sur my Owner reads this.

    John William Churchill
  • as a sub i can tell You about the palming after a ruined organism and if i wasn’t tied down i don’t think i could hold still enough. the sensation is mind blowing you want it but you don’t.. Personally, i enjoy it and my Mistress enjoys watching me strain against the bounds as She enjoys using very parts of Her beautiful body fingers, toes, hair, armpits. breasts, butt cheeks. i’m lucky if She chooses to do it monthly and sometimes She has done it back to back days. i almost wish She wouldn’t but She enjoys watching me in torment over something that should be joyful.

    slave sindee

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