No Nut November Chastity Guide [2023]: 10 Kinky Ideas For Your FLR

Did you partake in Locktober in your female led relationship? 31 days of being locked in chastity is definitely no joke...

Well, I guess your chastity slave didn't get the memo because after Locktober comes (no pun intended) No Nut November.

That's right, a true chastity sub doesn't just spend October in chastity - they spend all of NOvember as well.

That's an extra 30 days spent locked up. NO RELEASE!





So if you liked my chastity ideas for Locktober, you are going to LOVE the list for No Nut November.

Here are 10 super fun ideas to tease, torment, and mind fuck your slave while you have him locked for No Nut November...

1. Sign a chastity contract

If you didn't sign a chastity contract with your keyholder for Locktober, then you should definitely do it for No Nut November.


Well because a chastity contract makes it feel so much more real. Having it down on pen and paper that you will be owned by another person takes the kink to another level.

Plus, crossing the t's and dotting the i's on a contract is so fun!

You can add so many things like adding extra days to chastity, punishments, and so much more.

And it's just REALLY kinky spelling out the roles of the "chastity slave" and "keyholder" in the contract.

P.S. if you're looking for a chastity contract template that you can use right away, check out this blog post from MyFemdomRules.

2. Ass humping tease

One of the best ways to tease your chastity slave for No Nut November is to let him hump your ass!

That's right! It'll be pure torture just being able to feel your ass against his cage.

And don't be gentle. REALLY grind into his cage and make him squirm!

I would highly recommend using a steel cage for this as the bars will really press against his sensitive skin...

P.S. letting him feel your ass is really kind of like a reward if you think about it. So make sure you really make him earn it by doing some chores around the house or licking you to a few orgasms.

I would recommend trying this game around 2 weeks into NOvember so you know his balls are full and sore for you to tease.

It's a cruel word, right?

3. Rub his cage against your bull's cock

This is a really fun idea for all of the cuckold couples out there.

This is one of my favorite ideas because it is super simple and VERY humiliating!

Basically, you will rub your bull's cock over your slave's locked up dick.

Just think about how humiliating that would be. Your cuck will be locked and straining (and perhaps even leaking) in his cage while you tease him with the man you are about to fuck.

Not only is this a great physical tease, it's also a good mindfuck.

Let's just say he'll be leaking a lot haha...

4. Play with anal beads

Your next No Nut November chastity challenge is to stretch your chastity slave's ass with a set of anal beads (like this set of Sissy Beads).

Anal beads are one of my new favorite anal toys because they are super unique. They provide an incredible stretching sensation to your ass/prostate that other anal toys cannot provide.

What you want to do is insert a set of anal beads into your slave's ass.

This stretches him and really stimulates his prostate (i.e. p-spot) and will really make him frustrated! Then, pull the beads in and out repeatedly until he's begging you to stop!

After don't want him to accidentally cum in the cage haha

Trust me, there's nothing like p-spot stimulation to drive him absolutely crazy while locked in chastity.

Sissy Beads Set

5. Collar him for full ownership

Just locking your slave in chastity isn't enough to totally own him.

There are more ways to do it. In fact, one of the best ways is to collar your chastity slave.

That's right, you will collar him and turn him into a good dog for you!

There's nothing like putting a pink color (like the Cuckold Sissy Collar) on your slave and leading him around on all fours like a dog. It takes the power exchange to another level!

Imagine having his chastity keys on your neck and his leash in your hand.

Now, that is FULL ownership!

Cuckold Sissy Collar

6. The wheel of misfortune

The Wheel of Misfortune is one of my favorite ideas for this list.


Well because it leaves your slave's chastity punishment up to chance!

Basically you will pick 10 different types of punishments and rewards.

I would say something like 7 rewards and 3 punishments is a good ratio to have.

So every day for the first 10 days of No Nut November, you will have your slave pick a number.

Each number corresponds to a particular punishment or reward on the wheel that you will spin.

And by the 10th day, he will cycle through all of the punishments/rewards.

How fun this this sound?

Here are some ideas that you can use:

  • 10 slaps to the balls
  • 5 minutes of fucking with the strapon
  • Edge 3 times with no orgasm
  • 5 minutes of watching porn

No Nut November Chastity Guide [2022] 10 Kinky Ideas For Your FLR

7. Tease and torment his balls

After a few weeks into chastity without cumming, it will only be natural for your chastity slave to experience blue balls!

That's perfect...why?

Because you are going to play with his big, sore balls to torment him!


Well, I'm glad you asked :)

Get some baby oil or lube and start rubbing his balls. Make it pleasurable at first.

Put his balls between your fingers and rub them softly, but then go harder.

Because his balls are full with cum, they can be super sensitive!

After giving him pleasure for a few minutes, start slapping his balls (not super hard, just enough to cause discomfort).

After a few minutes of this, he will be super horny and completely at your mercy!

8. Ride him to a few orgasms

One of the best things to do when you have your slave locked in chastity is to ride his face! In fact, this is one of my favorite No Nut November ideas :)

I'm 100% certain that his pussy eating skills double when he's locked in chastity!

So straddle his face and use his tongue like a toy!

Make sure your pussy juices are coated on his face. Then, leave him like that! Don't allow him to rub it off. You want him hard and horny in his cage all day long after that.

In fact, this would be a great way to send him to work.

Talk about blissful torture, right?

9. Lick his cage

Alright, this idea is super cruel because you will be licking your sub's chastity cage.

Lick around the cage and make sure to avoid all skin contact. He doesn't deserve it!

He will "feel" your tongue over the cage, but not on his actual skin.

This will be pure torture. And be sure to talk dirty to him as well!

Say things like:

  • Don't you wish you could feel my warm tongue?
  • I bet you wish you could fuck my mouth
  • Only real men get to feel my lips and tongue

10. Dildo fucking

Your last No Nut November "challenge" is to allow your slave to fuck you with a dildo (or strapon).

This is pure torture because he will be allowed the honor of giving you pleasure without actually getting anything in return.

Only allow your chastity slave to fuck you with a dildo...nothing else!

When you are satisfied with his performance, send him away with big blue balls.

Maybe at the end of No Nut November you will finally give him a well deserved release.

But oh comes Denial December haha!

No Nut November Chastity Guide - Final Thoughts

The end of the year is truly the best time of the year.

You have:

Locktober, then No Nut November, and then Denial December!

It's truly the best time of the year to live up your FLR.

Hopefully this No Nut November chastity guide will help you have fun for the month.

So....which idea from the list did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments :)

P.S. if you want MORE fun chastity games like this to try for Locktober, be sure to check out our Chastity Games Book!

Chastity Games Book

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  • Thanks for the wonderful ideas. My subby cuck sissy and I read this. He’s permanently caged but love the play ideas🥰

    Amanda & Frank

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