How To Talk To A Cuckold: Roleplaying & Dirty Talk had the "cuckold talk" with your husband/boyfriend....

And now you're wondering how to talk to a cuckold, right?

Well, that's certainly a big change in your relationship, so I'm glad you're taking the steps to truly address that.

Talking *dirty* to your partner and engaging in cuckold play is super important for both partners. If done right, it'll get you in the right mood and mindset to cuckold your husband/boyfriend.

Similarly, it will stroke your boyfriend's deepest fantasies and give him blue balls in chastity.

This blog post will cover:

  • How to engage in dirty talk to tease your cuckold husband/boyfriend
  • Cuckold roleplay ideas and scripts to use
  • How to talk dirty and use foreplay to enhance your sex life
  • Advice for bulls/lovers on how to talk to cuckolds

Ready to get started?

The first part of this post will focus on how a hotwife/cuckoldress should talk to her partner.

Then, the second part of the post will focus on how a bull should talk to the cuck.

Talk About How Inadequate His "Manhood" Is (SPH)

One of my favorite ways to talk to a cuckold is engaging in small penis humiliation (also known as SPH).

Many cuckolds have a desire to be erotically humiliated. So playing into this is really fun.

There are many things you can do to accomplish this.

For example, you can say things like:

  • "That little shrimp dick could never please a woman like me."
  • "You are locked in chastity while he gets to fuck me all night long."
  • "You wouldn't even be half his size you know..."
  • "Even my heels are bigger than your clit dick."

The idea is to compare him to other men or other objects (say a pencil or your heels).

Erotic humiliation like this will definitely get things going in your FLR!

Tell Him How You Want To Be Fucked

One of the best ways to talk dirty to your cuckold is to tell him about how you want to get fucked - in as much detail as possible.

Get into the nitty gritty details about who you want to fuck (i.e. your trainer, his best friend, your boss or co-worker, a BBC, etc.).

Go into a lot of detail about what positions you want to try and where you want to fuck (such as a hotel room, in your bedroom, in the living room, etc).

Getting into the little details about this will drive your cuckold HORNY like never before!

Tease Him About Not Being Able To Fuck You

Another thing you want to do when you're in hotwife mode is to tease your cuck about how he's not able to fuck you.

Maybe he's locked in chastity and you are dangling the keys right in front of his face...

Let him know how it's too bad he is locked up because you are so horny and would love to sit on a cock right now.

Other fun scripts to use include:

  • "I want sex so bad, but it's too bad you're in chastity. Maybe I should call James?"
  • "Wouldn't you love to fuck my perfect pink pussy? I bet that's why you're leaking so much."

Basically you want to give him the idea that there *might* be a chance that you will fuck him. Of course you won't, but it's the hope that matters, right?

Tease Him About The Sex You Recently Had

Another way to talk to your cuckold is to tease him about how you got fucked last night (or recently).

Have him massage your feet and eat your pussy while you go over the details of your dick date.

Maybe He took you to dinner and played with you under the table. Then by the time you got back to the room, he tore off your clothes and fucked you hard...cumming everywhere!

Yeah, you get the idea haha

The point is to give him a glimpse of what he's missing out on with these hotwife dates.

It's a great way to tease him and cause his mind to really wander around!

Tell Him About All The Guys Who Hit On You

One thing I think men REALLY underestimate is how often women get hit on (whether it be in-person or when guys slide into the DMs).

So, I think you should share just how often guys hit on you to your cuckold husband/boyfriend!

Maybe a hot guy just came up to say "hi" at the coffee shop or someone asked you out on a date.

Or maybe you were exchanging some dirty text messages with a hot stud you want to fuck...

Or maybe you were exchanging some information with a Tinder match.

Let your cuck know about these things!

Ask him if he would love to be cucked by these guys. Pique his interest and gauge his reactions!

Let Him Know How Horny You are

The best way to talk to your cuckold is to let him know how horny you are and how bad you want sex...

The only thing is...he's not the one you want sex with!

When you are horny, have him lick you or use a fun toy on you. Then, talk dirty and tell him how badly you want a big cock to ravage your pussy and make you squirt all over the bed...

Say things like:

  • "I want to squirt so hard on Devon's dick."
  • "I'm so horny for sex. I wonder which of your friends I should call..."
  • "Come smell how horny I am for his cock my little cucky."

How To Talk To A Cuckold Roleplaying & Dirty Talk

Bull Talk...

The first part of this post focused on the hotwife. But this section will focus on the bull.

As a bull, you may sometimes have contact and facetime with a cuckold.

That's why it's important to be able to know how to talk to him really delve into his mind. Now, part of this you can gleam by talking to the couple beforehand to get an idea of how to proceed.

But this will serve as a rough guide...

Erotic Degradation

Now, one of the reasons why a man wants another man to fuck his wife is erotic degradation (i.e. humiliation). So play into that.

Talk about how inadequate he is and how his wife can't cum with his cock. She needs your cock.

Talk about how her pussy won't feel the same again after you are through with her.

Also, it's best to talk about what really gets them (i.e. the couple) off. That way you can tailor your humiliation to be more personal.

Some things you can say include:

  • "Her pussy will never feel the same again cuck!"
  • "If you could fuck your wife properly, I wouldn't need to be here"

Make Sure The Cuckold Knows It's All About The Sex

Despite what some cuckolds say, most of them have a little fear in the back of their heads that their wives will leave them for a lover/bull.

So, there are things you can do to ease their concerns about this.

And the best way to do this is to make sure that the cuckold knows 100% that you are all about sex and that there is no emotional/love connection between you and his wife.

It's all about the sex and nothing else.

Make Fun Of This Dick

This plays into the idea of erotic humiliation again. But one thing that is very fun is to make fun of the cuckold's dick.

Talk about how small it is and how it could never make his wife cum. That's why she needs you!

And if he is locked in chastity, make fun of that too.

Another thing to hit is to talk about how he could never be able to last more than a few minutes with his wife without prematurely cumming...

SPH hits differently when it's the BULL saying all those things :)

How To Talk To A Cuckold - Final Thoughts

Overall, talking to a cuckold is a lot of fun.

It doesn't matter if you're the hotwife or the bull, you get a THRILL and surge of power as you talk to another person like they are beneath you.

It's super erotic and definitely an aphrodisiac for some hot cuckold sex!

So readers, what else do you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments!


  • I need the assurance and affection in daily life that I still can please her. But the teasing and joy she takes from that leave me constantly horny and desperate to submit and please her

  • As a chastity slave cuck my job is to serve Mistress and her guest’s (male and female) in any way they desire. I particularly enjoy any perversions cast my way and am ready to accept all gifts of punishment at a moments notice. Being of service gives this cuck purpose.

  • As a sisicuckold myself and now totally limp and being small penis I love not only small penis humiliation limp penis humiliation and premature ejaculation sends me over the edge

  • I think a good sort of conversation with the cuck is to reassure him that his wife will never leave him while he is doing the housework and serving her at the table. Then suggest he buys a frilly apron to wear while he is serving and eventually that he will cook a nice meal for her and her lover. Then while they are enjoying the meal assure her that the bedroom is prepared should they wish to relax there while he clears and washess up

    Angela Brown

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