Everything To Know About Chastity Shrinking For Your FLR

Wondering if "chastity shrinking" is real?

Like...if you wear a chastity cage for a few weeks or a few months, will there actually be shrinkage when you get out?

And is that shrinkage permanent or only temporary?

Those are all good questions that I've received over the years so I think it's time to address them all in a comprehensive blog post.

This blog post will cover:

  • What chastity shrinking is
  • Why chastity shrinkage is something some subs/sissies may want to achieve
  • 3 ways to effectively shrink your sub's penis

Alright, let's get started :)

What Is Chastity Shrinking?

Chastity shrinking is when a male's penis gets smaller after a prolonged chastity lockup.

Why does this happen? And is chastity shrinking really possible?

Let's start with the second question.

Chastity shrinking IS possible, but realistically (for short lockups), the penis "shrinks" for just a day or two before it returns to its former self.

If you're playing with chastity for just the weekend or during the week, there's nothing to worry about when it comes to penis shrinkage.

...So, how long do you have to be locked in chastity to cause *actual* shrinking?

To achieve prolonged penis shrinkage, it takes months (and even years) of constant chastity. It's not something that happens overnight.

For some people that's a relief.

But for those (i.e. sissies) who REALLY want to shrink their penises, that may not be the answer you wanted to hear.

If you are in the second camp, don't worry, I'll share some strategies to effectively shrink that cock in chastity :)

Why Do You Want Penis Shrinkage In Chastity?

One question you may ask yourself is why some people would want a smaller penis?

Well, there are a variety of reasons.

One of the most common reasons for wanting a smaller penis is sissies who want to feminized.

Some sissies even wear a flat chastity cage to help with this process.

For them, being locked in chastity is just about as close as they can get to being a woman!

Another reason is some hotwives REALLY want to shrink their husband's cocks for erotic humiliation.

In other words, they really want to emphasize how much smaller their cuckold husband is in relation to their bulls and lovers.

What Causes Penis Shrinking In Chastity?

Although the penis is not technically a muscle, it is comprised of many different spongy tissues and arteries.

And they need REGULAR stimulation to function properly.

That's why some men practice kegel exercises to get a harder erection, stay hard longer, and last longer during sex.

So if you want to achieve penis shrinking in chastity, you need to deny yourself (or your sub) of regularly having an erection.

Use it or lose it!

Everything To Know About Chastity Shrinking For Your FLR

Steps To Achieve Chastity Shrinkage Effectively

The 3 step process for penis shrinkage in chastity includes: (1) no jerking/masturbation, (2) no porn or sex, and (3) long periods in chastity.

Let's discuss each in more detail.

No Jerking

The first step in shrinking your penis is to stop stroking!

That's right, regular masturbation helps your penis keep its shape and strength of the hardon.

So if you want to shrink that manhood, then no more masturbation!

When you don't regularly practice using those motions/muscles, they will naturally weaken over time.

No Porn

The second thing you must practice when it comes to shrinking your penis is stop watching porn.

And this is related to the first step.

Lots of men are tempted to stroke/masturbate and cum after they watch porn.

Remove yourself from the temptation and stopping yourself from stroking will be much easier!

This is much easier when you have a strict keyholder!

Long Periods In Chastity

Finally, the best way to shrink your manhood is long periods of chastity.

Chastity helps accomplish step 1 and step 2 VERY effectively.

Although you technically can cum in chastity, it's not the same as cumming without the cage on.

Chastity helps prevent your body to develop a full erection and exercise those tissues and arteries in the penis.

As a result, long-term chastity is a VERY effective way of achieving penis shrinkage.

So, what do I mean by "long-term chastity?"

In general, I would say at least 6+ months of consistent chastity (it doesn't have to be 24/7, but about as close to permanent chastity as you can get).

You simply won't see much shrinkage if you just play with chastity a few weekend here and there.

How To Measure Penis Shrinkage After Chastity?

What gets measured gets managed, right?

To keep track of any penis shrinkage, you should regularly measure yourself (or your slave) and keep the measurements in an excel file.

How often should you do this?

I recommend taking a measurement every week or every 2 weeks.

Also, you want to create a measuring environment that is the same every time, or at least as close as possible.

After all, the penis can grow or shrink A LOT based just on the weather!

As a result, I would recommend taking your chastity shrinkage measurements in the morning after taking a morning shower.

That way your skin is nice and relaxed every time.

Which Chastity Cages To Wear For Shrinking Your Penis?

If you really want to achieve penis shrinkage in chastity, then wearing a micro chastity cage REALLY helps.

Not only are micro cage super safe devices (i.e. hard to pull out of them), but they are also great for penis shrinkage.

Often, these cages are less than 30 or 40 mm and really help in preventing erections in chastity.

Long periods of wearing a micro cage can yield great shrinkage results!

Just do a quick search on Twitter and you'll see what I mean :)

If you're ready to make the next step, check out our Micro Cage Collection.

Final Thoughts On Shrinking In Chastity

Overall, chastity shrinking is not something that happens suddenly if you are only wearing a chastity device once in a while.

But if you decide penis shrinkage is something you want with your partner, long-term chastity is a great solution.

Hopefully this blog post helps dispel a few of the myths about penis shrinkage and chastity.

So readers, what are your thoughts and/or personal experiences about this?

I'd love to hear your experiences about it!


  • I love to be much smaller I’m currently at 2inches totally limp. I would be more interested with castration and scrotum removal with tissue pulled tight as mentioned. I’m sure it would be a long journey medical speaking to have this performed in a safe secure hygienic environment, still researching methods and options that are available

  • my Mistress has been using estrogen and progesterone creams on me for more than 2 years massaging them into my balls and clitty and it has permanently shrunk more than 75% to almost an inch and a half barely able to remain locked. There is virtually no hardness any longer and is punished if it ever tries. Soon she will arrange for my tiny useless testicles to be removed so my panties will look pretty and stay flat.

    missy (sissy)
  • Started out at 7 hard in a cockcage for almost a year you’re not being allowed to masturbate no I’m at two and a half inches to get a smaller when soft and like an inch or smaller.so the Mistresses in charge of my dick want to get a smallest possible.

  • Hello I’ve been locked in chastity for two year i went from 6 inches to 2 had to purchase a new cage because it got really small .. I’m happy with the results

  • For permanent shrinkage, castration with scrotum removal would be the answer. The scrotal tissue can be pulled tight so the sissy/submissive will look like they never had testicles. The penis still can be played with/tortured also this will make the sissy/ submissive/ Cuckold appear more feminine if that the goal.


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