Cuck Tease Ideas To Try On Your Cuckold Hubby

Teasing your cuckold husband is so much fun, especially when he is safely locked away in chastity and can't really do anything but get blue balls!

But how exactly should you tease your cuck to deliver maximum frustration?

Well, this blog post will cover:

  • Intense cuck tease ideas to "torment" your hubby emotionally and physically
  • How to drive him CRAZY without lifting a finger
  • How to talk dirty and fun games for cuckold foreplay

Let's get started :)

The Basis Of Cuckold Teasing: Emotional vs. Physical Teasing

There are two basic ways in which you can tease your cuckold...emotionally and physically.

Emotional teasing includes things like sexting, dirty talk, and erotic humiliation.

Physical teasing includes things like edging or tease/denial.

Which is better? Well, it really depends, but I personally prefer emotional teasing as it can deliver a better connection with your partner.

But it really depends on what you (and your partner) enjoy.

1. Dirty Talk With Your Cuckold

One of the best ways to tease your cuck (or your partner in general) is to engage in dirty talk.

It's very effective for foreplay to get you both in the mood for some intense hotwife sex!

So...what should you tease your partner about?

Tease him about:

  • How long he's been locked in chastity and how frustrating it must be...
  • Not being able to fuck you
  • How you're so horny and it's too bad he's locked in that micro cage
  • How bad you want to cum on a BBC

Dirty talk is all about engaging his mind and making his frustration even worse!

2. Edging Him In The Chastity Cage

Nothing beats a good edging session, especially when your partner is locked up!

What is edging?

Well, it's when you bring your cuckold hubby right to the edge of orgasm, but don't push him over.

In essence, you deny him at the last minute so he gets blue balls instead.

Now, the true sign of a good tease is making sure he doesn't know it's coming (pun intended).

What I mean by this is you want him to truly believe that you are going to let him cum.

You can do by saying things like:

  • "I want you to blow a huge load for me baby"
  • "You know, I think I'm going to let you cum for me"
  • "I'm giving you your monthly orgasm tonight"

...but then denying him at the last minute!

Imagine doing this while stroking him harder/faster but then removing all stimulation before he has a chance to burst...

The good thing about this is it may end in a ruined orgasm if your timing is off haha. Still a "win-win" scenario in my opinion!

3. Post Orgasm Torture

Post orgasm torture is also a great tease to inflict on your cuck.

But wait...isn't letting him cum a "reward".

Well, not if you do it the right way!

After you let him cum, ruin the orgasm by rubbing the palm of your hand hard and fast over the glans of his cock. This will be very uncomfortable and will feel like he is being tickled, but 10x worse!

It'll also serve as a great reminder that you OWN him :)

8 Cuck Tease Ideas To Try On Your Cuckold Hubby

4. Smell Your Scent (Play With His Nose)

When you want to tease your cuck, it's a good idea to isolate one of his 5 senses. In this case, we will be talking about his sense of smell.

Have your cuck smell your worn clothing (i.e. dirty cum stained panties, old sneakers, gym socks, bra, perfume, etc).

Smell is a VERY powerful sense and it is something than men associate with pleasure and foreplay. So use it to your advantage.

Have him smell your panties while he's locked in chastity. Or have him watch some porn while smelling your socks.

The idea is to give him a glimpse of what he's missing out on as a cuckold locked in chastity.

5. Give Him Anal Stimulation

One of the best ways to tease your cuck is through anal stimulation with some naughty cuck toys!

But don't just do it with a normal strapon. What you want to do is tease him with different sensations.

Use anal beads, rough dildos, or even your fingers to mix things up.

Giving him different anal sensations will teach him to be a good sissy and enjoy the experience as well.

Plus, when you edge him with anal stimulation, that'll just leave him more frustrated than ever.

6. Be Spontaneously Kinky

One fun way to spice up things in your hotwife relationship is to be spontaneous and kinky.

For example, if you send your cuck to the grocery store to pick up some food, randomly send him a text message.

Order him to pick up a carrot and send a picture of it next to his locked up dick (from the bathroom).

If you are at the movie theater, order him to go down and kiss your feet while in the middle of a public space.

And if you are feeling very devious, spit on the floor somewhere and have him lick it up like a good boy.

Random acts of kinkiness will keep your partner on his toes at all times!

7. Have Your Cuck Hump Random Objects

One of my favorite ways to tease a cuck is to have him up the most random objects.

For example, before he goes to work, have him hump his car (with his cage on of course) just so you can record a funny video.

If you are at home, have him hump a pillow or a chair for a little excitement.

If you are out in public, have him hump the stall of a bathroom.

This plays into the spontaneous attitude I talked about previously :)

8. Send Lots Of Updates From Your Dates

Along the lines of talking dirty, sexting is also a great way to tease your cuck

This is super fun when you're out on a date.

Text him the play by play of what's going on.

For example, where are you? Did you just arrive to the restaurant?

Send him some pics of you holding hands with your lover or of a kiss together.

Send him some pictures of what you're drinking or how you're feeling. For example, are you wet with pleasure?

Since your cuck is not there, send him lots of messages about how you're feeling, what you're doing, how horny you are to really get him in a frenzy!

Cuck Teasing For Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Teasing your cuckold hubby is an integral part of a healthy hotwife relationship.

Not only does it make your partner more frustrated, but it's great foreplay (for both partners) and keeps things kinky/fresh.

So...which idea is your favorite? And do you have any kinky ideas to add?

Let me know in the comments!

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