Cuck Prober: Remote Controlled Butt Plug
Large Remote Controlled Anal Plug For men & Sissies
Vibrating Butt Plug With Remote
Discreet Smart Butt Plug With Remote Control
Vibrating Anal Toy With Remote

Cuck Prober: Remote Controlled Butt Plug

Cuck In Chastity
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✅ 10 Vibration Modes To Achieve That "Sissygasm"

✅ Curved Vibrating Head To Hit All The Right Places!

✅ Remote Control For Naughty Solo Play Or Partner Play

Experience the power of the Cuck Prober with the push of a button!

This sleek vibrating butt plug will stimulate your prostate in all the right ways. In fact, the curved head will hit your "p-spot" in ways you never thought possible!

Cycle through the 10 vibration settings until you experience that satisfying sissygasm.

The Cuck Prober is the weapon of choice for betas, sissies, and cuckolds for anal fun.

The small remote control adds another layer of fun as you can stroke with one hand and use the other hand to control the vibrations!

Or you can hand over the remote to your partner and fully submit....even in a public setting!

Features include:

  • 10 vibration modes
  • Large vibrating head to stimulate the prostate
  • Remote control capability
  • USB rechargeable

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