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  • The Sissy Dungeon - Pink Resin Cock Cage
    The Sissy Dungeon - Pink Resin Cock Cage
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The Resin Chastity Cage Collection

Cuck In Chastity is a unique online store with a variety of resin male chastity cages.

Resin is a type of plastic material that is similar to silicone, but harder.

Our resin cages always provide:

✅ Extreme comfort for short-term and long-term wear

✅ Extra ring sizes to ensure a great fit

✅ Easy to clean & use the bathroom with

Why Resin Chastity Cages?

Resin chastity cages are a great buy for beginners because they are softer on the skin and less likely to cause irritation. Steel devices can be more intimidating for first time chastity wearers.

Resin/plastic chastity cages also tend to be smoother, which allows for a better fit for long-term lockups.

In addition, one of the big benefits of resin chastity cages is that they come in many different colors. Because resin cages are so cheap, you can buy multiple cages for different experiences in your sex life.

For example, pink cock cages are great for sissies who want to wear a cute chastity cage to go with matching pink panties.

Or if you are into cuckolding, you could have your husband/boyfriend wear a black cage while you flirt with a BBC!

Overall, resin chastity belts are often cheaper (i.e. cost less) than steel cages. So if you’re interested in experimenting around with chastity in your female led relationship (FLR), a resin cage is a great place to start!

A Plastic Chastity Cage For Any Occasion!

We offer resin cages for sale in pink, black, purple, blue, and red – so you’ll be able to find the perfect chastity device to fulfill your personal needs.

Our top resin chastity cages come with multiple ring sizes to ensure you can find a great fit for both long-term wear and short play.

Don't forget to check back at our store for sales and discounts on our most popular resin chastity belt models!

The Teensy Weensy Cages

If you are looking for a super small micro cage, be sure to check out our Teensy Weensy cages.

The Teensy Weensy Cage comes in a "Plus" Edition and a "Minus" Edition.

The Plus Edition has a cage length of 13 mm, while the Minus Edition has a length of 11 mm.

These cages are some of the smallest cages you will EVER find. And they are a great sissy chastity device too!

The Nub Series

Our Nub Series is a collection of super small micro cages. These cages are often smaller than one inch!

We have nub cages in:

  • Sissy pink
  • Black
  • Clear/transparent
  • Purple

A nub cage is perfect if you want to experience the wonders of a small chastity device.

The Cuck Holder Series

Our Cuck Holder Series is a great resin cage for beginners. These cages are made out of super comfortable resin and each cock cage comes with 5 ring sizes.

This allows you to experiment around for the right fit!

In addition, the cock cages are a bit bigger 97 mm (3.82 in) so they are much easier to wear than a micro cage!

The Cuck Holder Series cages come in pink, black, and purple.

The Sissy Prison Series

The Sissy Prison Series is also another great cage for beginners.

This series is a bit smaller than the Cuck Holder Series.

The cage length is 58 mm (2.28 in) and each cock cage comes with 4 different ring sizes to ensure a great fit.

In addition, the Sissy Prison Series comes in black, pink, and blue. You'll be able to find a color to match your needs!