Pink Resin Clitty Dungeon
Black Resin Clitty Dungeon
Purple Resin Clitty Dungeon
Pink Pussy Shaped Micro Cage
Pink Resin Clitty Dungeon Extreme Micro Resin Chastity Cage Vagina Shaped
Super Small Pussy Shaped Resin Cage
Micro Black Resin Chastity Cage
Purple Resin Chastity Cage Vagina Shaped
Purple Micro Chastity Cage For Sissies

Resin Clitty Dungeon: Extreme Inverted Micro Resin Chastity Cage

Cuck In Chastity
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✅ Pussy Shaped Chastity Cage To Remind You Of Denial

✅ Extreme Inverted Micro Cage For Extreme Frustration (-10 mm Cage Length)

✅ Perfect Cage For Betas, Sissies & Cuckolds

The Resin Clitty Dungeon is the perfect cage for sissies, betas, and cuckolds!

This extreme inverted chastity cage will remind you of what you’ll never have: a woman’s touch!

Experience frustration and denial like never before as you leak and strain against the micro cage for weeks and months on end.

The Resin Clitty Dungeon is extremely small and perfect for shrinking that “manhood."

Only true betas will be able to fit into this cage.

Note: Each order comes with 5 ring sizes (43 mm, 46 mm, 49 mm, 51 mm, and 55 mm) to ensure a good fit.

Material Resin
Colors Available




Ring Dimension (diameter)

Every order comes with 5 rings:

43 mm (1.69 in)

46 mm (1.81 in)

49 mm (1.93 in)

51 mm (2.01 in)

55 mm (2.17 in)

Cock Cage Dimension

Length: -10 mm (0.39 in)

Diameter: 41 mm (1.61 in)