Fufu chastity clip for sissies
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Pink fufu chatity clip for clitty tucking
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Pink fufu clip
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Purple Fufu chastity clips 2 piece set
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Resin fufu chastity clip

Fufu Clip: Chastity Clip For Sissies (2 Piece Set)

Cuck In Chastity
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✅ Tuck That Little Clitty Away Like A Proper Sissy

✅ Easily Fit Under Your Panties To Hide That Bulge

✅ Lightweight & Nearly Invisible Under Your Clothes

Embrace your feminine side with the Fufu clip!

No more letting that little "dick" run free. Tuck it in securely with the Fufu clip and turn it into a pretty clitty for Mistress.

The Fufu clip is extremely lightweight and designed to be nearly invisible under your panties/clothes.

Designed as a chastity clip, it will securely hold your clitty in place throughout the day.

With the Fufu clips, you'll be able to become the prettiest sissy in the room!

Each order comes with 2 clip sizes.

*Please check the product photos for the dimension size of the clips*

Material Resin
Colors Pink and Purple
Clip Size Please See Product Photos For Dimensions