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Tease And Denial Games: 100 Ideas To Tease, Torment & Deny Your Slave (eBook - PDF)

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✅ 100 Naughty Tease & Denial Games For Your FLR

✅ Kinky Ideas To Give Him Constant Blue Balls

✅ Mind Fuck Your Slave & Turn Him Into Your Bitch

Looking for more ways to tease, edge, and deny your slave in the cruelest way possible?

There's nothing like leaving your slave a wet mess with blue balls after you totally mind fuck him into submission!

Tease and Denial Games is the book to follow for the most intense femdom ideas to dominate your slave.

Here's a sample of what kind of games you can expect in the book:

  • Cruel tease & denial games
  • Edging techniques to drive your slave insane
  • Naughty CBT ideas to bring a little pain
  • Evil mind games to fuck with him
  • Humiliating cuckold ideas
  • Pegging and anal play
  • ...and much more!

Note: this is a digital book (PDF). The download link will be emailed to you directly after purchase via Fetchapp. Page length is 27 pages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great book if you want your wife to take more control. I got and we tried a lot of the ideas this weekend. We really loved the ideas that involved chastity as she just locked me up not too long ago.


My wife have been in the game for longer than I'd like to admit. So I was surpised by some of the new ideas in the pdf. A must buy if you are into the lifestyle like we are


I foolishly bought this book for my wife for my birthday. She's been using it on me like the Devil's book. It's crazy effective and we've had to stop a few times because of my intense blue balls. I LOVE THIS BOOK.


Can't wait to try this book on my husband. I just ordered this book and began reading it at work. I've been looking for something like this for so long and it's perfect. I want my hubby to have the worst blue balls so my palms are already getting sweaty thinking about what i'm going to do to him...


My wife ordered the Tease and Denial Games a few weeks ago and it's been a total roller coaster. I've feel so denied and frustrated…yet so happy. Thank you so much for this book. We tried maybe 10 or 12 ideas so far and it's been incredible.