How To Use the Male Masturbator In Your Female Led Relationship

What's up kinksters. Today, I want to do something a little different from the blog posts I normally publish.

Specifically, I want to talk about how to use the Cuck Stimulator in your female led relationship. 

The Cuck Stimulator is a great male masturbator.

But it's usefulness doesn't just extend to solo masturbation play.

So I want to highlight some of the ways it can enhance the fun in the bedroom for your wife led marriage!

What is the Cuck Stimulator?

Well, the Cuck Stimulator is one of the new toys on our site.

It's basically two toys in one. It has the typical penis/cock sleeve that you'll find in many typical male masturbators.  

It is made from an advanced silica gel that feels very skin like - basically as close as you can get to skin without cloning someone!

But it's also unique because it comes with a small bullet vibrator that attaches to the top of the penis sleeve. 

You can cycle through the bullet vibrators 9 different vibration modes to pick the right one to bring you over the edge. 

Now,the combination of penis sleeve and bullet vibrator is a deadly combination with it comes to naughty play in your relationship. 

So I'm going to highlight some ways in which you can use the Cuck Stimulator to elevate your sex life.

P.S. to check out the Cuck Stimulator, click here!

1. Leave it running...

One of my favorite uses of the Cuck Stimulator is using it to tease your slave husband. 

I think it's super kinky to tie him down on the bed spread eagle so he can't move.

After that, you'll lube up the Cuck Stimulator, turn on the vibrator, and just leave it running on his manhood until the battery dies out. 

I mean...can you imagine him just lying down on the bed while the vibrator keeps on humming along for the next few hours? 

And since he's tied down, there's nothing he can do to stroke his own cock haha!

I'd suggest turning the vibrator on one of the lower settings so you don't have a little accident. 

So, what can you do while you tie him down and turn on the vibrator? 

Well, maybe you can do some internet shopping with his credit card while sitting next to him on the bed. 

Or maybe you'll have a girls night out with your girlfriends. 

Or maybe you have a sexy dick appointment with your bull. If that's the case, go ahead and place your wet panties on his face to further tease him!

The possibilities are pretty much endless. But one thing is for sure: leaving your slave tied to the bed for a few hours with the Cuck Stimulator on is super hot.

2. Tease and denial session

This little idea is a little similar to the last one.

You will still tie down your cuck slave to the bed and turn the Cuck Stimulator on his manhood. 

However, you instead of leaving him in that helpless position for a few hours, you're going to stay and cruelly tease his cock. 

That's right, you're going to turn on the vibrator and then go to town teasing him. 

What are you going to do? 

You're going to play with his balls a little. Grab them, squeeze them, and roll them around your fingers. 

Then you're going to play around with his nipples. Pinch them softly with your fingers and then twist them around. 

And then you're going to kiss him. Lick his lips, suck on his earlobes, do anything wet and nasty to get his dick even harder in the sleeve. 

And if he has a foot fetish, you'll put your feet on his face and make him worship them while you toy around with the different vibration settings. 

If you sense him getting too close for comfort, either turn off the vibrator or switch it to a lower setting. 

By the end of the tease and denial session, his big blue balls will be hurting pretty bad!

3. Numbing cream fun

Do you have your cuckold husband locked in chastity? 

If you do - first I need to say congratulations! You've done something most women have only dreamed of doing. 

Now, I'm a firm believer in rewarding your chastity slave once in a while. I mean it wouldn't be fair if all you did was punish him, right? :)

So once in a while, giving him a little reward is nice. 

And allowing him to fuck the Cuck Stimulator is one of the rewards you will give him. 

But like always, there will be a small catch. You see, you are going to slather a gracious amount of numbing cream on his cock/balls BEFORE you allow him to fuck the cock sleeve.

You'll need to wait 10 - 15 minutes for the cream to start working. But once it does, unleash your slave onto the Cuck Stimulator!

Give him 1 minute to fuck his favorite toy for every week he has been locked in chastity and see if he can cum. 

If he can make it by the countdown, then he's earned it hahaha!

But if he can't you will lock him back up and try again in a few weeks. 

Sounds fun, right? :)

4. Post Orgasm Torture

One of my favorite femdom activities is post orgasm torture (POT). 

I just love it. There's nothing like making a man regret cumming hahaha

So, how are you going to do it? 

Well, after you allow your cuck to cum, you will put the Cuck Stimulator on his dick on the highest setting. 

And make sure he is tied down too. I find that when you are doing Post Orgasm Torture, it's best to make sure he can't move. 

This is because his muscles will naturally spasm when he's being "tortured" like this. It's kind of like being tickled. Your body will naturally flay around. 

Anyways, after he cums, his cock will be SUPER sensitive (especially near the head). 

And that's exactly what you want! Turn on the vibrator to the highest setting and start stroking his cock with the sleeve. 

It won't be long until he starts begging you like crazy to stop the stimulation!

5. Ruin his orgasm

If post orgasm torture isn't your thing, you can also try to ruin his orgasm as well with the Cuck Stimulator.

Now, ruining his orgasm is a bit harder because you really have to pay attention to his body patterns.

What do I mean by this? 

Well, pay attention to his breathing and the way his cock moves. 

What you want to do is bring him really close to the edge and past the point of no return. 

However, you also want to remove stimulation at that point. 

Basically, you want to turn off the vibrator when he's at that point of no return. And then you'll watch as his cock twitches around for a few seconds before he "cums." 

It's not really like an orgasm because the cum really just dribbles out. 

However, it's incredibly frustrating. 

The art of an ruined orgasm takes a little bit of practice, but you'll be able to do it like a pro!

If you're interested in trying some of these games in your femdom relationship, click here to check out the Cuck Stimulator!

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