How To Convince Your Partner To Lock You In Chastity

Wondering how you should convince your wife/partner to lock you in chastity?

Well, you aren't alone! Bring up your kinks and fantasies (even in long-term relationships) can be a bit nerve-racking.

After all, what if they say no? What if they think it's weird? What if you get embarassed?

Well, don't worry!

Today I am going to share when and how to bring up chastity in your relationship and get your wife/partner jumping to lock up that little "dick" of yours.

So, let's start with how to bring up the idea of chastity in your relationship...

When to bring it up?

When do you bring up the fact that you want to be dominated and locked in chastity?

Well, it really depends on the timing - you just kind of have to "feel it"

Now, there are certain times that are great in general like: after sex, during foreplay, etc.

So I'm going to share some great times to discreetly bring up chastity with your partner to make sure the conversation isn't weird or forced.

1. After sex

One of the best ways to bring up chastity (or any kink really) with your partner is directly after sex - when you are in bed and cuddling next to each other.

This is a great time because you are both relaxed and have your guards now. Plus, since sex was just on her mind, she'll be more receptive to something you want to try.

Anyways, you basically want to start off with something like:

  • "Hey, I was thinking we could try this..."
  • "Hey babe, have you ever hear of..."

Something along those lines - you get it.

This is when you bring up "the talk" with her. You might be nervous, but my best advice is to be honest. If she's really in love with you, she'll want to share in your naughtiest fantasies.

2. During foreplay

During foreplay is also a great way to bring up chastity in your relationship.

For example, you can bring up elements like chastity such as:

"I'm not going to cum until you say so."

"Tell me when to cum babe."

"I want you to tease and deny me tonight."

Foreplay is a great way to bring up power exchange (and experience it in real time) while you are both horny! And both partners will be more receptive to this when engaged in the thick of the action.

3. I read about this online...

One of the best ways to bring up chastity is to say something along the lines of "Hey babe, I read about this online..."

It's a great way to casually bring up chastity with your partner.

Why? Well, it builds her intrigue.

She will wonder about what you read online and the mystery will pique her interest.

P.S. having her read our blog is the perfect way to warm her up to the idea of chastity and the female led relationship!

How To Convince Your Partner To Lock You In Chastity

How to convince her to lock you up...

Now that we covered when to bring up the "chastity talk", let's talk about how you can really convince her to go on this wild journey with you :)

1. Best advice? Be honest!

The best piece of advice I have when it comes to talking about your fantasies with your partner is to be honest.

There's nothing better than being direct with your partner. Don't beat around the bush. She is NOT a mind reader.

Even if you are shy, you need to be direct and honest and tell her what you want to try. Trust me, being honest is sexy. Plus, she should want to experience your biggest fantasies together.

Don't skirt around the issue. Tell her exactly what you want to try together!

2. Be patient after the talk

One of the best pieces of advice when it comes to getting your partner to agree to chastity (or try something kinky) is be patient.

After all, no one likes it when someone is constantly nagging them to do something!

So be patient after you have "the talk" with her. Answer her questions and handle her objections, but don't push her too much.

You want her to convince herself that this is something she wants to try too! After all, if both partners aren't into something, it's not going to be fun for either person.

Be loving and caring with her and she'll come around eventually...

P.S. after you have the talk with her, she will probably want to do her own research into the whole chastity thing. Guide her through this process. Show her your favorite blogs, sites, cages, etc.

3. Watch porn together

Another thing that is helpful to convince your partner to lock you in chastity is to watch porn together (i.e. before having sex).

This is a great way to watch "new content" with her in order to ease her into the idea of chastity.

Not only this, but it really allows her to see how fun it really is!

So select some videos ahead of time that you think would be helpful to illustrate how fun chastity can be in your relationship.

Another similar thing you can/should do is send her articles (like from our blog) on how chastity can re-ignite that spark in your relationship!

P.S. there are a lot of FLR couples who have OF accounts. It would be a great way to support their content by subscribing to their account and perusing it with your wife.

4. Do little things to experience power exchange

Since chastity is all about power exchange, you can start slow with the whole idea of her locking you in chastity and controlling you.

For example, she can give you little errands and tasks to do. For example - going shopping for her girlfriends, doing her dry cleaning, or something else.

Another thing she can easily do is tell you when to cum during sex. Not only is this fun, but you'll feel great knowing you only came after you satisfied her.

She can also tell you what clothes you are allowed to wear for the day (like say panties...)

There are so many little things she can do to "control" you in your daily lives to build up the erotic nature of power exchange.

Eventually, she will be addicted to controlling you and chastity will come next!

5. Practice "mental chastity"

You don't necessarily need a chastity cage in your relationship to practice chastity!

Sure, having a cage is great and a lot of fun, but if your partner is still hesitant about using it in your relationship, try what I like to call "mental chastity."

This is basically practicing chastity without the cage. This means you won't stroke or cum without her permission.

Why do this at all?

Well, a chastity cage may be too kinky for some people especially if they have no prior experiences in this world.

As a result, you want to ease someone in slowly.

Practice power exchange in your relationship where you aren't allowed to cum or stroke without her permission. Basically pretend it's like real chastity.

Doing so will get her addicted to the power exchange...and she'll come around soon enough!

How To Convince Her To Lock You In Chastity - Final Thoughts

Overall, convincing your partner to try chastity in your relationship is a big deal. But it doesn't have to be a big roadblock!

If you follow the tips in this post, I'm confident you'll be able to enjoy the joys of chastity soon enough. The hardest part if just having the conversation with your partner :)

Good luck and we hope to see you locked up in the near future!

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  • I have been wanting my wife to take control and to lock me up for quite a while now. She knows of my desire but she is very….. docile is the only word I can think of that will accurately describe her. She comes from an incredibly vanilla background and sex life. She doesn’t seem to have a dominant bone in her body. Is it possible for me to get her into this lifestyle? I know that an flr is the best life for so many reasons. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my wife to see that too?


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