Chastity Orgasm Denial Games: How To Leave Your Chastity Slave Frustrated

Orgasm denial is one of the best things about chastity. It's so much fun controlling if AND when your sub will be able to bust his load.

But this blog post will focus specifically on the denial side of chastity, including:

  • Chastity orgasm denial games to leave your sub frustrated and blueballed
  • How to exercise orgasm control and denial in your female led relationship
  • Naughty ideas to control his orgasm schedule
  • The best and most cruel ways to achieve male orgasm denial

Sorry guys, but this blog is going to cause a lot of blue balls :)

1. Bondage + Chastity Teasing

The best way to tease your chastity slave is to tie him down first! This way he won't be able to do anything to resist you. And I find that really hot :)

Personally, I find that tying him spread eagle (i.e. with his wrists and ankles tied to the bed posts) is one of the most vulnerable positions.

Alternatively, you can also hogtie him, but that can be painful for longer tease and denial sessions.

Anyways, once he is tied down, you can edge him in his cage over and over again. This takes chastity orgasm denial to the next level!

By the time you are finished, he will be covered in a pool of his own precum :)

2. Peg Him

One of my favorite chastity orgasm denial games involves pegging. After all, they say a man NEVER forgets the woman who took his anal virginity!

Plus, stimulating your chastity slave's prostate is a great way to edge him without actually touching his cock :)

They don't call it the male g-spot for no reason, right?

So bend him over, and peg him until you feel he is about to cum.

Then, completely deny him even the most frustrating sissygasm.

What do you think about this orgasm denial game? Would you like to play?

3. The Pillow Humper

This is one of my favorite orgasm denial games because it's just SOOOOOOO humiliating!

Allow your chastity slave the honor of humping a pillow while you whisper naughty things into his ear.

Whisper naughty things to him like:

  • You'll never get pussy again
  • Don't you wish you could fuck me?
  • There's no way I'm going to let you cum!

Let him get 30 seconds to fuck the pillow (aka his new girlfriend) for every week he has been locked in chastity.

When the timer is up, he will be completely denied and frustrated.

Now, if you sense he is about to cum BEFORE the timer is up, be sure to intervene! After all, the name of the game is complete male orgasm denial!

4. Numbing Cream Mindfuck

Okay this orgasm control game is really, really funny and may be the cruelest one on this list!

So here's what you are going to do....

Unlock your slave from chastity and then lather up his cock with some numbing cream.

You can buy lidocaine at your local pharmacy in most places and it's not very expensive.

After the numbing cream has started working (usually takes up to 10 or 15 minutes) allow your cuck to hump something (i.e. your legs, a fake pussy, his pillow, etc).

Watch him squirm while humping as hard as he can knowing it is no use.

The numbing cream is too powerful and he won't get enough stimulation for an orgasm!

Lock him back up and then laugh at how you denied his orgasm so cruelly.

Chastity Orgasm Denial Games: 8 Ways To Leave Him Frustrated

5. Chastity Blowjob

Another fun orgasm control idea to try in your FLR is the dreaded "chastity blowjob"!

The best thing about this is that he won't be able to feel much with the cage on.

He can imagine what a blowjob used to feel like, but that's pretty much it.

Let him live out his fantasy for a minute or two of pleasure. After you get him nice and hard in his cage, deny him right away.

After all, orgasm denial is all a cuck deserves, right?

P.S. I find that a chastity blowjob is most effective when he's wearing a steel cage.


Well, the hard metal cage will REALLY dig in against his hardon, causing even more frustration :)

6. Chastity Handjob

Before giving your slave a chastity blowjob, something else you might want to do is give him a chastity handjob!

Lube up his locked up cock and balls with plenty of baby oil or lube.

Then, begin teasing his balls with your fingers and nails.

Get him nice and hard and leaking in his cage. Ideally, you want his skin digging hard into the cage as he tries to burst out.

Then, take his locked up cock and stroke it in the cage.

Let him imagine what it would feel to fuck a pussy again!

After a few minutes of this, he should get super horny and weak. And this is when you absolutely deny him the orgasm he so desperately wants!

7. Remote Control Orgasm Play

One of my favorite orgasm denial games is using a remote control anal toy (like a vibrating butt plug) on your slave.

The great thing about a toy like this is you can use it anywhere!

You can use it at dinner on date night or in the privacy of your own home or while walking in the middle of the street.

But I find that using it in a public setting makes the teasing a lot more intense and naughty!

Use it to make him leak in his cage. Try to see if you can make a wet spot appear on his pants while out in public!

The great thing is you can control when he receives the stimulation from the toy so you can control how close he gets to an orgasm.

8. Watch Cuckold Porn Together

Another way to tease your chastity slave is to allow him to watch cuckold porn while locked up!

Inform him that he must watch 20 minutes of cuckold porn every day while in his cage.

Not only does this get him to associate orgasm denial with pleasure, but it'll also condition him to be a better cuckold!

You can also watch porn together and play with his balls or pinch his nipples while in bed.

P.S. making him watch your cuckold sex with other men is also a great idea!

Orgasm Denial Games For Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Overall, male orgasm denial is something that should thoroughly be explored in your FLR.

It's super fun and naughty to be able to control ALL of your partner's orgasms.

This level of power control is its own aphrodisiac!

So...which orgasm control idea from this list do you want to try the most?

Let me know in the comments :)


  • My Mistress has a game: I myself choose a card from a deck spread out like a fan. I don’t know what card it is. Shirt up. Mistress orders to choose the color of the card: “red” or “black”. If I guess right, I’m allowed to masturbate once…
    I don’t know how my Mistress does it. I NEVER WIN!

  • I am a male who lives in permanent chastity according to the wishes of my Mistress. She made it very clear 5 years ago that I will live caged this way and that she will never permit me an orgasm. Never. At first it was difficult to obey but it was really just a mental thing. Once I fully surrendered my mind and soul to Mistress’ desires for her slave, it became much easier. And truth be told, my Mistress knows best anyway. I am now a very happy slave. I have been caged and chaste for over 5 years. I love it and I love my Mistress.

    My lovely Mistress occasionally removes the cage and allows me to edge. Maybe three times a year. I am not allowed to request such gifts but they are granted whenever Mistress desires. Mistress enjoys watching her slave edge knowing that he will never cum. Sometimes I am allowed to edge for 30 minutes. Sometimes for 5 minutes. It is up to Mistress. it is really irrelevant to me how long I am allowed to edge without cum. The only thing that matters is that I obey and please my Mistress.

    I am very happy and my life is full beyond my imagination

  • When I am in orgasm denial I will submit to anything my lady wants!
    She keeps me this way until I am almost in tears & begging. Right now I’m 10 days with no release & im a mess. Hard to do anything!


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